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March 5, 2017
If you have a choice for a connecting flight between Edmonton and Calgary, make Edmonton your choice. Calgary International is 100% construction zone.. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
January 28, 2017
There is no doubt about it the change of the american president has and will continue to upset the applecart. News and the public are fixated on the issues but the time has come for us all to smarten up and recognise "Canada First" is our one and only issue. Worry will not change anything.. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
December 9, 2016
After 7:00 last night I drove around town to try and capture some of the houses and their christmas lights. I was surprised to discover the small number of them turned on. Lights in place but not lit up. Simple solution get a timer. They work well and save you money and waste.. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
November 17, 2016
With the arrival of winter a significant amount of of the crop of 2016 is still out in the fields, mostly destroyed. If farmers have trouble getting their crop seeded in the spring and have problems with harvest, where is the efficiency of having large acreage farms?. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
October 30, 2016
The grotesque condition of the flags at Tisdale's Museum and the Municipality of Tisdale are a blight on the community. This absurd demonstration of disrespect is unacceptable.. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
October 7, 2016
The Sweet Cup in downtown Tisdale is a very nice place with an extensive menu but no decaf coffee . (Click thumbnail for full size.)
September 23, 2016
On Wednesday it was summer, today it is fall. Here is an easy prediction, next thing you know it will be winter. Let's stop kidding ourselves there really are only two seasons in Tisdale, mosquitoes and non-mosquitoes . (Click thumbnail for full size.)
August 25, 2016
Guilty as charged, I sleep far to much and its time to go to a smaller plate and walk a block or two a day. . (Click thumbnail for full size.)
August 13, 2016
Fodd is a precious commodity and it is wrong to was food. Each year crab apple trees produce remarkable fruit and people for whatever reaso lit it fall to the ground and waste those outstanding fruits. This year, pick your trees if you don't wat to process the fruite give away but it makes incredible jelly and pies. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
July 26, 2016
Be it East or West if you ant to see the country, enjoy the scenery and grasp the nature of our country stick to the rural highways. Four lane expressways are for speed, rural highways are for soaking it in. . (Click thumbnail for full size.)
July 3, 2016
All across the country I saw examples of body work being done with duct tape. Bumpers, air-damns and back bumpers , plus the occasion tail light all held in place, sort of, with duct tape. Some company ought to market auto body repair tape, would sell well.. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
May 11, 2016
A person needs things in their lives that they can count on and know that without fail they will do their best for you each and every year… Tulips are something you can count on.. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
April 30, 2016
Its a simple process, first we build something then we upgrade and refurbish. It is a sign of real progress as businesses step back and redo their establishment.. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
April 18, 2016
The adventures you have with your children will last them a lifetime and beyond. For life is made up of the things you have done and know you are capable of doing. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
April 6, 2016
Long line up waiting to get into the Saturday afternoon matinee for Zootopia. Great to see the support for the theatre and the ability to appreciate a movie in your own home town. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
March 26, 2016
Nothing in our world is as relentless as time and with it change. All things and situations are temporal, even the words we use to describe reality are caught in the web of time.. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
March 20, 2016
We all knew it was great stuff but now scientists are saying that maple syrup is a possible preventative treatment for alzheimer's disease.. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
March 12, 2016
It is one of those things about humans, they like to arrange and organise things so that similar things are seen together. We like thing in order and disorder is unsettling.. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
February 21, 2016
Wax up those cross country skis a nice trail has been laid out around the Tisdale Golf course. With lots of fresh snow conditions for skiing are ideal. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
February 8, 2016
We are suffering through yet another inordinately mild winter. For the next six weeks we can expect practically any and all forms of winter weather as we are about to enter the storm season. . (Click thumbnail for full size.)
January 28, 2016
If you drive or operate aa vehicle you need a CAA membership or another roadside assistance service like ESSO or Canadian Tire. You wouldn't drive without insurance so don't drive without a rescue policy. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
January 18, 2016
Fantasy, superheros, booze, bad language and gun violence that's what's on American TV and people are watching it for "entertainment". No wonder the broadcasting industry is in serious financial trouble.. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
January 10, 2016
The loonie is looking like it is going to stay well below American dollars so this year save your money and have a "staycation" here at home or in Canada. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
December 31, 2015
Water vapour and cold air make frost but it never ever happens the same. So it is with life each experience it unique unto itself to make each of us what we are, each our own unique crystal of life. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
December 20, 2015
As of Wednesday the shadows will begin to grow shorter and the days longer but don't get excited about digging out your short pants, we still have a long way to until spring. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
December 6, 2015
As we move through each day of December Christmas and all that it involves seems to dominate our lives as so perhaps it should. Just try to get things to fit together. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
November 20, 2015
On the northwest corner of Coburn Crescent in Tisdale you will find an excellent children's playground called "Ronnie's family park". A quiet low traffic area. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
November 8, 2015
Tisdale continues to grow and evolve. A new road is under construction at the north of the community and there is a new house well underway in that same area of the town. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
October 23, 2015
In 1953 some suppositions were made about milk and saturated fats. This produced a fad toward no fat and low fat products. Studies now show the fad was a mistake. Milk fat lowers risk of diabetes and has other benefits. Butter is better for you that margerine. Whole milk is not only safe to eat it is better than low fat alternatives. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
October 6, 2015
As the election campaign drags on perhaps now would be a good time to think very seriously about just what sort of Canada do we want to live in. What do we individually and collectively want for a country and how might we make it better for us all. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
September 22, 2015
There are many good reasons for banning cell phones from waiting rooms and public places. The phones convenience is also its most negative aspect, we just don't need to know your personal business. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
August 31, 2015
A person likes to keep their yard looking nice and will spend a lot of time and money to accomplish this goal. So it is that good communities do the same by making sure their place looks good and is a nice place in which to live. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
August 22, 2015
If you have a charming furry visitor in your yard who likes to eat your garden. Do not call Elmer Fudd, just get a cat and the "wasckally wittle wabbit" will find some other place to spend his summer days.. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
July 31, 2015
Good manners make for a civil society and that certainly include the way a person drives and parks their vehicle. Every visit to a parking lot will expose you to and idiot who disregards his or her responsibility as a civilised person. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
June 22, 2015
It seems so obvious yet we still need a scientific study to tell us the remarkable value of unstructured play outside. Parents, please, just let your kids play. There may be danger but the damaged to kids kept in a cocoon is many times worse (Click thumbnail for full size.)
June 11, 2015
Be they in your front yard or not wild animals are still wild animals and need to be treated with respect. Only in the most dire situations should you begin a feeding programme. It just isn't fair to the animal and in most cases will endanger its life.. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
June 1, 2015
This year's crop is emerging and could use just a bit more moisture. In one way or another we all depend on that crop but the roads that pass by those fields are shared by everyone. Farm trucks need to respect stop signs and traffic needs to slow down and give farm equipment a wide berth.. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
May 24, 2015
Outstanding camp ground, fabulous fishing and easily accavlew. Heard north of Carrot River to the Campbell Dam and you will find Thunder Rapids one of the best camping spots in Saskatchewan.. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
May 9, 2015
Tisdale's St. Paul's United Church has a fairly extensive web site. Beside pertinent information for members the site includes each Sunday's sermon by Sharon Ferguson-Hood. The site and the sermons are definitely worth your attention. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
May 2, 2015
Save gasoline and time and effort by shopping online. Many of the retailers you go to the city to visit have online services with free shipping and outstanding quick service using Canada Post. Just Google up the product and find a Canadian supplier. Simple and safe way of shopping. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
April 26, 2015
A formation of six see gulls were flying circuits at the Co-op parking lot. Please don't interfere with this fabulous fliers their role as a constant clean up crew is very important. Just remember to keep you mouth closed when they fly overhead. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
April 18, 2015
Tisdale DQ grand opening with Weston Dressler on Friday, April 24 from 2:30 to 5:30. But, if you happen to be in Regina the best ice cream in the province is at Milky Way on Victoria Ave. just east of Winnipeg St. However, DQ is outstanding but sweeter than necessary. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
April 12, 2015
Geese are pretty remarkable creatures, sophisticated experienced travellers with a solid family based social system and no apparent difficulties with budgets,watching to much TV or posturing for elections. They know about the weather, invest heavily in education and almost never spend any time advertising. . (Click thumbnail for full size.)
March 25, 2015
One can understand an individual taking chances with their own safety but when it comes to driving a car you share the road with others and simply cleaning off the windshield seems like a small price to pay for that privilege. . . (Click thumbnail for full size.)
March 20, 2015
On this the first day of spring it is safe to say that this part of Saskatchewan will experience a modest spring runoff. Moderate temperatures are slowing the quick melt and early melts during the winter put ice under the late winter snow. We can expect seeding to commence earlier than the last few years in 2015. . (Click thumbnail for full size.
March 14, 2015
Oil prices are down and it affects Saskatchewan's bottom line but hold on a minute, don't forget for a minute the solid year after year efficiency of Saskatchewan's farmers they are the one who put the bread on our tables and governments at all levels need to recognise that.. . (Click thumbnail for full size.
March 7, 2015
If you pay attention to our terrified Prime Minister best known for hiding in closets, you my have lost sight of who and what we are. But, Canadians we are not trembling cowards we defend and believe in our freedom and our democracy and don't you forget it. . (Click thumbnail for full size.)
February 27, 2015
If you want you child to need to depend on you or someone else all of their life do everything for them. But, if you want an independent self operational person you will have to pay the price with patience and the opportunity to make decisions and mistakes. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
February 12, 2015
Getting stuck is a part of winter driving, getting out is matter of using your head. Don't get injured or injure others pushing. If its not to bad clear the wheels with a shovel and rock a bit but seriously, use your auto club and get a tow. Safer and the best way to go. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
January 30, 2015
Even if it takes a little longer do it right the first time. Having to repeat a task more than once just to get it right is not just wasteful it is incompitance. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
January 24, 2015
Not exactly at bargain at $650,000 this four bedroom 4,700sq/ft house on 40 acres seven miles south of Tisdale is a very nice property. It is listed with Renaud Realty (Royal LePage) (Click thumbnail for full size.)
January 17, 2015
Illusions are what we often mistakenly call reality. It seems absurd to see a man in shorts on a January day until a close look at his jacket reveals he is from Australia where it is the middle of summer.. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
January 8, 2015
You live in Saskatchewan, it gets cold here sometimes but that is no reason to become house bound. Set an example for your kids and get outside and enjoy the weather, no matter what it's like. There is more to life than pixels. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
January 1, 2015
Only 364 more days left in this year so do your very best to make the best of every single one of them. Treat yourself with respect and treat others as you would like to be treated. But all in all take time to be happy, you are in charge of your attitude toward your life. (Click thumbnail for full size.)

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