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1600 Thursday - Scattered cumulus 4/8ths 3,300, Overcast stratus 1,300, ceiling 3,300, visibility 8, -10ºC, wind 5 knots at 190º, altimeter 30.08, light snow

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December 2, 2010
by: Timothy W. Shire

Tisdale: Little amounts of snow have been drifting down from the sky each day and on Wednesday night there was fog which of course resulted in the usual coating of frost on the trees and fences. Since the wind was from the south the frost was most noticable on the south side of the trees. Almost all of the pictures in this group of twenty-eight are shown here in black and white.

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Tim's Tip of the Day

Outstanding idea! Lots of study has gone into this issue and it has been concluded that you would need to start and stop a diesel pickup 30 time in order to use as much fuel as is used by letting one sit and idle. Modern gasoline fuel injected cars are far better shut off then left idling. Evem for just a minute or so shut if off and save fuel.(Click thumbnail to see full size.)

Find of the day

Streaming video could strain Internet's capacity

The dramatic move of Television and movies from cable to the Internet and the pourchasing of streaming boxes like xBox, WII, iPad and Apple TV is endangering the Internet. Though the main trunks can handle the streaming and downloads your local provider can not.

Happenings In Tisdale:

Maritime autumn
December 2, 2010
by: Ken Jones

Halifax: Last year on December 1 Ensign posted a remarkable set of pictures from Halifax of autumn. This year's set of pictures is much smaller but the dramatic images are have just as much impact. The photos have been combined into a QuickTime movie and may take a little time to download.
Political distaste
November 30, 2010
by: Timothy W. Shire

Tisdale: This is a discussion about some unsettling trends in our Canadian society and in this story the point is made that we are slipping toward an unquestioning and unreasonable form of political reality. The introduction of a one sided news channel is a serious matter for this country and does not produce balance but rather heads us toward the abyss of one minded, one acceptable ideology for all.
Winter is like dust
November 25, 2010
by: Timothy W. Shire

Tisdale: The ducks and geese fly south and some of us Canadians make a quick dash for a holiday in the sun but for most, the trees, the grass, the ravens and the majority tied to their work and lives here, winter is to be endured and perhaps even enjoyed for indeed it certainly makes us appreciate the non-winter portion of the year.
Parkland Photography Club meeting report for November
November 24, 2010
by: Darlene McCullough

Tisdale: The monthly meeting of the Parkland Photography Club took place on Tuesday night and this report gives you a snap shot of the clubs many activities. They are getting a slideshow together to be used at various senior citizens homes and the club members are getting ready for submissions to provincial competitions. The involvement in shows and competitions pushes each member to seek out the means to create better and better images.
Give them a one month time out
November 24, 2010
by: Eugene Parks

Victoria, British Columbia: North Korea's unprovoked artillary attack on a South Korean island killed two soldiers and two civilians while pushing China and United States into a confrontation over their client states. This is serious stuff and there is a definite need for some cooling off before steps toward a war are taken.
The Greenwater report
November 22, 2010
by: Gerald Crawford

Saskatoon: Gerald and Doreen enjoyed Sunday's game and were out to the theatre a couple of times. Looks like Greenwater Lake has not yet frozen over but it is getting there. Meanwhile the Crawfords are getting the miles in at the Field House.
1960 Chevrolet Impala
November 19, 2010
by: Timothy W. Shire

Tisdale: Looking at this fifty year old car reminds us how conservative automotive design has become especially when you consider that the 1960 Chevrolet was considerably toned down from the over the top 1959 version. At the time the GM cars were all much less flamboyant than the Chrysler machines with their huge vertical fins, torsion bar suspension and push button transmissions.
Technological overload and the iPad
November 18, 2010
by: Timothy W. Shire

Tisdale: Regular readers of this web site will have noticed that in the last two month we have reduced the number of weekly posts to two or sometimes only one a week. Two factors have contributed to this situation. The first is the editor's insatiable appetite for world news and the second is the remarkable tool for exploration of the world's media, the Apple iPad. There just isn't enough time to read it all and still get an Ensign issue posted.
Winter has settled in
November 16, 2010
by: Timothy W. Shire

Tisdale: it has been -7ºC for all of today and off and on there has been just a light dusting of snow. Interesting but the robot of Environment Canada's station in Nipawin did not notice the snow, but it was about an inch and a half during the day. This is winter, with snow and ice everywhere.
Remembering the future
November 10, 2010
by: Timothy W. Shire

Tisdale: Each November we wear poppies on the left lapel of our jackets and the news media tells war stories and talks a lot about ultimate sacrifices. But Remembrance Day gets caught up in the attempt by everyone who thinks about it as we try to find a way to celebrate a part of life that really and truly is more about regret and incredible waste of lives. At the same time, we force ourselves to try to get a glimpse into the mindset of those who serve.
Parkland Photography club October meeting
November 8, 2010
by: Darlene McCullough

Tisdale: The fifteen housing start of 2010 is looking like it only needs the final finishing touches. With two more months left in the year it will be interesting to see if any new winter project will be launched. House number 16 has its basement finished and work is proceeding on finishing up the floor.
The Louvre
November 8, 2010
by: Michael Townsend

Paris, France: This is the seventh and final photo essay Michael Townsend is sharing with us and it is truly inspiring. Once the palace of France's monarch this magnificient structure is in the centre of the city and has been turned into one of the world's grandest art collections. As you click through these 127 pictures you will see things that you might remember from an art class or a history book.

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