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August 31, 2009     August 28, 2009     August 27, 2009  
  Those looking after the late Michael Jackson's daughter made sure no one got any of the 11 year-olds hair in Las Vagas yesterday. It is clear that the celebrity thing is way off the rails as this story unfolds.     Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman in the New York Times explains to Americans that the huge national debt is good for them and without spending now they would have the opportunity to re-play the 1930s.     Researchers were surprised to discover that kids today enjoy school more. But one oddity is the attitude toward school exhibited by students of Christian Private schools which is quite different then others.
August 25, 2009     August 20, 2009     August 19, 2009  
  From the London Times comes a report on research that shows that British doctors don't know the symptoms of the fifth most deadly form of cancer. Ovarian cancer is 70% treatable in early stages but few are detected.     Suspecting manipulation of the market prosecutors have raded the headquarters of Porsche which is with the country Qatar in the process of taking over Volkswagen. The take over bid looks fishy.     Delivery of the new CH-148 helicopter from Sikorsky was to begin this November but is two years behind schedule, away over budget, over weight and can only fly for 150 minutes before running out of fuel.
August 18, 2009     August 17, 2009     August 14, 2009  
  Outside the United States people are amazed at the absurdity of some of the arguments and claims being made. Equally strange is the behaviour of the American media who seem to be just as crazy.     Palestinians have been refugees for 60 years so why haven't they left? The simple reason is Palestine is away better than all of its Arab neighbours in every measuree all because of aid from UN, USA and Arab countries.     Despire the Prime Minister and his government's innitial reaction to all things being basic right wing dogma, they are learning on the job and we have seen a gradual moderation of their hard line to adaptability.
August 13, 2009     August 12, 2009     July 30, 2009  
  BC helicopter companies that train pilots are considering criminal checks on students to try to prevent training potential smugglers. Drug smugglers are going after pilots to work for them.     We measure personal debt this way so it is a good check to see how countries are doing. The amount of debt compared to amount of income. Canada is at 64% and Australia 15%.     More people in China access the Internet then there are American citizens. 92.5% of Chinese villagers have access via telephone and the number of users grows at 40 million an hour.
July 28, 2009     July 27, 2009     July 23, 2009  
  June 30, 1908 something exploded over 7 km above the surface of Siberia. Just what happened is still a mystery and research was conducted this summer to consider the possibilities.     As the moon mission capsule hurtled toward earth the Guam communications antenna needed to keep in touch with them failed. It was fixed by 10 year old Greg Force whose small are fixed the damaged bearing.     Though we know driving and talking on a cell phone is a dangerous practice we were not informed as to just how dangerous. Now it is known and we also know why. New York Times Op-Ed.
July 22, 2009     July 21, 2009     July 20, 2009  
  Taleban bomb makers are using little or no metal in their weapons and are killing most of the NATO soldier lost in the war. British Captain Shepherd a true hero, was killed this week.     Its not the cost of dying that is rising is the ability Los Angeles people have to pay for the death of family members. The recession and the accompanying unemployment is the main factor.     World wide the affects of the baby boom after WWII and the extended life span of humanity is crossing a dramatic line so that by 2040 more than a billions will be over 65.
July 16, 2009     July 13, 2009     July 3, 2009  
  Moscow consented to a 49 year least at a mere one ruble a square metre for rent to the fast food chain Mcdonalds. Pravda reports that they are trying to arrange a better deal.     Australian and US researchers have discovered the culprit. A chemical given off by fat cells called PEDF that causes insulin resistance in other cels and thus the cause of type '2' diabetes. So far work only with rats.     The unemployment figures continue rise at a steady rate and the United States is looking at deflation as wages drop. Nobel winning economist Paul Krugman is recommending more stimulus to the economy
June 30, 2009     June 29, 2009     June 25, 2009  
  Nothing about the late Michael Jackson is surprising and that certainly is true of the linage of his three children. This story even claims their birth mother was only a surogate.     Stony Rapids woman suffered broken leg requiring surgery in Saskatoon after being taken into custody by RCMP. Left to lie with broken leg all night on the floor. RCMP transfer leg breaking cop.     Paramedics were called to the rented Los Angeles mansion of Michael Jackson and found not breathing in cardiac arrest his was taken to hospital and pronounced dead on arrival.
June 24, 2009     June 23, 2009     June 22, 2009  
  The highly respected billionaire is not optomistic about the recovery. He said he sees no signs of improvement in the economy and it is going to take a while. He does not like the idea of "cap and trade".     While we in Canada have lamented the cold June of 2009 the folks in Arizona have enjoyed not having to deal with temperatures of 100ºF and higher. The absence of a strong high pressure area has made things "nice."     A Dutch mugging victim found an image of himself and his to attackers on Google's street view. Amsterdam police obtained the unblurred image from Google and the bad guys were caught.
June 19, 2009     June 18, 2009     June 16, 2009  
  Keeping up the tradition of Conservative smear tactics, Winnipeg Conservative MP Vic Toews has put out a flier that alleges that the Liberal leader is an elitist Russian disdaining Ukrainians.     Belgian 18 year-old Kimberley Vlaminck falls asleep while getting 3 stars tattooed on her face and wakes up to see 56 of them covering half her face. Her father is sueing the tattoo artist.     The American President and his safety require that they have two customised Boeing 747s that cost about $67,000 a nour to operate. These costs do not include limos, helicopters and Secret Service.
June 15, 2009     June 12, 2009     June 11, 2009  
  Flint Michigan now has less than half the population it had only a few years ago and the same is true of countless cities that once depended on munufacturing. It looks like they will have to devolve.     With the federal government claiming it is getting out of the business the Premier says the whole idea got its start here and is worth considering.     While in Saskatoon the mother was out of the house and neighbours complained of noise and the police responded somewhat energetically. Police say action taken the Nipawin family are not so sure.
June 9, 2009     June 8, 2009     June 5, 2009  
  Canadian and Australian cities hold six of the top 10 slots in Economist Intellignce Unit's liveability poll with Vancouver as number one. It is followed by Melbourne, Toronto, Perth, Calgary, Helsinki and Geneva.     Manitoba has 25 people in hospital with severe forms of the H1N1 virus most of them are from First Nations communities. St. Theresa Point has hundreds of cases and is unable to deal with the numbers.     This dangerous infection has not disappeared just moved from the front pages and TV screens. It was expected to fade away like other flus but it is multiplying right along. Large number of cases reported in Regina.
June 4, 2009     June 3, 2009     June 2, 2009  
  The science fiction of the past seemed almost to be what we should expect for a future. The problem is it just hasn't turned out that way, or has it. The problem with technology is that we just never know where it will go or be applied. This CNN story does some reality checking.     In 1985 when rules were changed to reinstate aboriginal women of their rights after marrying non-status men, most people realised the rules were simply wrong. Now the courts agree and the government is going to sort it out and fix the situation.     Both US and Canadian governments are big on talk about high speed rail systems but they are both putting their money into bankrupt car makers. Canada and the US each at one time had functioning passenger rail systems and still need them.
June 1, 2009     May 28, 2009     May 27, 2009  
  A 42 year old woman from Scotland astonished television viewers with a truly rremarkable singing voice on a British TV talent show. She captured world wide attention and admiration as well as amazing numbers of viewers on YouTube.     There seems to be a direct connection between intelligent behaviour in life forms and the texture of the fingers. Other primates also have fingerprints but humans more so and the patterns vary according to race and the may even be a link with behaviour.     The Dutch have a problem every country would love to have, lower crime rates. They now have 2,000 more spaces for inmates then they need and planning to close eight prinsons and lay off 1,200 staff members. Belgium is short of space so they may make a deal.
May 26, 2009     May 25, 2009     May 22, 2009  
  Since this man took office as chief of his banh of only 432 people their many businesses contribute 40 million to the local economy. He points out that his ancestors had to work and now so do we and the time for blaming the government is over.     Even those with natural talent of speaking to a crowd have in one way or another been trained in the skill. It is one of the most feared things by most people but it really is not that difficult and if you follow these principles you can be very good at it.     Like so many other presidents before him US President Obama's hopes to solve his country's disgraceful medical care crisis is positiviely doomed. The insurance industry a greed in general will continue to leave more than 50 million Americans without medical insurance.
May 21, 2009     May 20, 2009     May 19, 2009  
  If you feel a certain nostalgia from the days of the Vietnam war this story is a head shaker. US ammunition and weapons are being used against US and Canadian by the Taliban. The weapons and ammunition seems to be coming from Afghan forces.     In 7 years the US government demands that vehicles get 35mpg. All sorts of hybrides and electric alternatives have been suggested but check this out. A powerful sports car that gets 48mpg. Diesel produces less polution and outstanding mileage per litre.     The massive displacement of people in Pakistan's Swat Valley has occurred as government forces have attempted to gain control over the area from the Taliban. Between half and one million people are now refusgees from the fighting.
May 15, 2009     May 14, 2009     May 13, 2009  
  Here it is the Victoria Day long weekend and we have temperatures near freezing and much of Saskatchewan has been dusted with snow with more expected on Monday. Though it seems odd for May Saskatchewan has a normal of about 2.2 centimetres each year.     Chrysler and GM announced massive cuts to the numbers of franchise dealers across the United States today. Dealers estimate the lose of up to 200,000 jobs from this action by the two auto makers. This should cause liquidation of new vehicles onto the market a low prices.     Women make up 60% of people in university but only 13.5% of the Kingdom's workers. A Saudi woman can not drive a vehicle in Saudi Arabia and can not go to work without the permission of a male relative. Islam is not the problem it is the culture.
May 12, 2009     May 11, 2009     May 7, 2009  
  The history channel has a remarkable series on ice road truckers in the Northwest Territories. The web site on Inuvik is fascinating and filled with facts about this remote acrtic community where the sun doesn't shine in December and January.     There is nothing new about this story few high school principals allow a report card mark between 45% and 51%. It just makes sense that a student clearly get a pass or a fail. The actual reason is not for the student but to smooth things out with parents.     This deal has been in the works since 2007 when the sawmill in Carrot River and the plywood mill in Hudsons Bay closed. Now with the assurance from the Saskatchewan government for lumber rights the deal is a go.
May 6, 2009     May 5, 2009     May 1, 2009  
  Not only is the sun the coolest it has been in a very long time but sunspot activity is almost non-existent.Though this is a significant fact the amount of reduced heat to the earth is really insignificant compared with the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere.     John Wasik explains the massive lose to the wealth of Americans by their housing crisis. Surprisingly part of the cause of the glut in housing relates to the aging of the baby boomer generation. This story pretty much expalins the situation and the gloomy outlook.     Here are a series of articles from CNN that critique those vehicles that Chrysler has been missing the mark with; Chrysler 300C. Caliber, Jeep Commander, Nitro, Sebring and the Ram. Cheap interiors, poor handling and being not as good as competitors.
April 30, 2009     April 29, 2009     April 28, 2009  
  Many TV celebrities and news networks think that Twitter is the greatest thing since the Internet was established. But Jeff Bertolucci is a little less than impressed with the whole business of social networking and points out that he is definitely not the only one.     This is an article from Melbourne Australia's The Age newspaper. It is interesting to see the Australian view of the conflict in Afghanistan as the story discusses their contribution to the conflict and loss of 10 soldiers so far. The opposition parties do not endorse the participation.     The Royal Bakokeng nation in South Africa is the wealthiest tribe on the continent and consists of 300,000 people who share their land income and mining resources. Most income comes from Platinum but it was their historic actions that put them in their position today.
April 27, 2009     April 24, 2009     April 23, 2009  
  Though Americans seem remarkably unaware of what they have done by interferring dirrectly in the free market economy, it really is Marxism. This Russian article points out what the United States is doing and it speaks with experience.     Yesterdaay the Taliban took control of an area in Pakistan only 60km from the capital. But the government arranged a cease fire and they have witdrawn to the Swat Valley. This report by the Guardian gives you a first hand look at what its like there.     The US government is very unsettled by the Taliban taking over a big chunk of Pakistan. To get a much better understanding of the situation here is a long but thorough interview with a Governor of one of Pakistan's four provinces. Read this and you will be an expert on the Afgan/Pakistan conflict.
April 22, 2009     April 21, 2009     April 20, 2009  
  The Supreme Moto Lodge in Palmerston North will no longer book guests from Wainuiomata. It seems that during rugby games the guests get way out of hand and the owner Steve Donnelly and Manager Malcolm Glen have had enough.     Kenya is one of the few democratic countries in Africa but this story tells of tribal brutality that truly makes one wonder if any progress is being made. 30 people from a village were killed by up to 1,000 Mungiki sect people in a village near Mount Kenya.     It makes a good deal of sense but perhaps if your a thin guy you have never thought about it. Being over weigh consumes a lot more energy than being thin and by keeping obescity in check mankind could go a long way in reducing green house gases.
April 17, 2009     April 16, 2009     April 15, 2009  
  Today's report on the outbreeak of Listeriosis which killed 21 people last year condemns the Federal Government's Public Health Agency and its failure to communicate and playing politics with a deadly disease outbreak.     This story is from Toowoomba Australia and reports on a European study that found over an eight year period the eating of fruits and vegetables by smokers increased their incidence of colon cancer. The bottom line, quit smoking.     United Arlines has set out a criteria including the necessity for a passenger to need two seats or the inability to do up a seat belt with an extention to warrant charging the passenger twice the fare in order to board one of their planes..
April 14, 2009     April 9, 2009     April 8, 2009  
  Though science fiction has predicted the process of humans leaving this planet and travelling through the gallaxy the really is that the distances are so great and our present abilities with speed in space are so limited that such travel is only a dream.     American labelling laws showing country of original have produced a de facto trade tarif as US meat packers don't want to re-label Canadian products and the result is a dramatic drop in exports to the US and a drop in price for Canadian producers.     With so much unemployment in California (highest rate in country) it is no wonder that many are having a go at panning for gold especially with it being worth more than $800 an ounce. New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd takes us on an expedition.
April 7, 2009     April 3, 2009     April 2, 2009  
  Jiverly Wong age 41 was the man responsible for the deaths of 14 in Binghamton New York on Friday. He had lost his job and having lived in the US for many years was not an accomplished English speaker. The man loved guns.     In a very small South Carolina community a 72 year-old woman died and her bodty and that of her dog were not discoverred for 18 months. During that time her car was parked in front of her house, power cut off, and the house sold for back taxes.     The organisation that campaigns against seal hunting and eating meat slaughters 95% of the animals that come into its care. Out of 2124 pets it killed last year it placed on 7 in adoptive homes yet it has an annual budget of $32 million.
April 1, 2009     March 26, 2009     March 24, 2009  
  A study based in Hamilton Ontario and Bangalore India has found that a single pill taken once a day lowers heart attacks and strokes by more than 50%. The pill consists of three types of blood presssure medication something for cholestrerol and baby Aspirin.     Plasma storms have occured in our lifetime and only produced fancy northern lights but the high voltage transmission system is extraordinarily vunerable to catasrophic failure with a major plasma pulse from the sun.     For 2,000 years archeologists have been searching for Alexander the Great's final resting place, without success. Now in the northwest Australian coastal community of Broome has a cave with a possible tomb of the great one.
March 23, 2009     March 20, 2009     March 19, 2009  
  If you want to know what Americans think about Canada go to the bottom of the page sited and watch this Fox video as a panel ridicules the Canadian effort in Afghanistan. This was done the day that four Canadians were killed in action.     The benefits of eating fish have been widely touted by health and diet experts but it seems were people to heed the recommendation there are simply not enough fish. Over fishing the ocean has greatly depleted world stocks and over 100 species are extinct.     The much acclaimed movie and Broadway actress and wife of actor Liam Neeson died this week of a head injury after a ski accident. This story from London's Daily Mail outlines her remarkable background and difficulties in her family.
March 18, 2009     March 17, 2009     March 13, 2009  
  It seems it happens to some poeple all around the world but the reason it happens is a mystery. Seientists have taken a look at the problem and it was odd to discover that the causes seem different from culture to culture.     Here is a report from Belfast, in Northern Ireland about today's St. Patrick's Day parade. Given the recent tension regarding the violence in Northern Ireland it is interesting to see that today was a day of celebration and fun.     On long high altitude flights the Boeing 777 is suseptible to its fule system blocking up from ice build up causing a loss of power. This happened with a Delta aircraft and with the British Airways 777 that crash landed at London's Heathrow.
March 12, 2009     March 11, 2009     March 10, 2009  
  More fatalities in the current drug cartel fighting in Mexico than in Iraq and Afghanistan combined. There are more than 100,000 Mexicans engaged in a civil war of sorts that is spilling over the Texas and Arizona border with Mexico.     In the world of space exploration there have been many who have become household names but the first one, the original Cosmonaut of them all was the cheerful Yuri Gagarin from Smolensk Russia.     Though not extinct the once common rsty-patched bumble bee is now found only rarely in Illinois. This variety of bee is neccessary for the pollination of tomatoes and peppers and scientist are unable to explain the rapid decline in their numbers.
March 9, 2009     March 6, 2009     March 5, 2009  
  Saturday violence flared once again in Northern Ireland where two soldiers and a pizza delivery man were shot by a radical wing of the IRA. The soldiers were about to board a flight that would take them to be deployed in Afghanistan.     We should not be confused about the hold the sport of cricket holds on the people of Pakistan, it is little different than the Canadian obsession with hockey. This excellent Guardian stories explains the situation.     Harper is talking election again over $3 billion he want parliament to okay as a descressionary amount trusting the government to spend where ever it wants starting in April. Opposition is balking and the election sounds are being made.
March 3, 2009     February 27, 2009     February 26, 2009  
  This is the PBS web site for an indepth television programme that probes the cause and nature of the present economic crisis. You can view the 56 minute programme or check out the interviews and timeline. Loads of analysis and the chance to interact available.     An integrated device that lets a person send a text message from anywhere on the planet and establishes the exact location of the sender within 20ft. Using both the Emergency locator satellites and GPS you can have your family track your trip anywhere.     Resort and RCMP ignored four reports of SOS signs in mountain snow indicating the lax attitude about international destress signal. Rescue of the sole survivor only happened when he stood waving by the SOS. Mounties must have thought he had a stapler.
February 25, 2009     February 24, 2009     February 20, 2009  
  The Su-30MK is the export version of the SU-27 Flanker but can carry the most up to date weapons available. Purchased by India and China US aircrafts are not a match in combat with this machine with a range of 3,000 Km without refuel.     It is remarkable how different cultures are around the world. This serious story appeared in today's Deccan Chronicle in Hyperabad India. Clearly it would be easy to offend people in India with a gesture that might seem warm and genuine in North America.     GM shares fell to below $1.77 today and experts agree that the shares are actually worthless. The company does not have enough money to make it into March and asked Ottawa and Ontario for $5 billion today. Its shares are at lowest value since 1928.
February 18, 2009     February 17, 2009     February 13, 2009  
  All around the world governments are increasing the spending in science and scientific research, all but Canada. Canada has dramatically cut back university research funding and placed in jeopardy promising scientific advances.     When the economy of a country shrinks by 10% it is no longer a recession but is economically in a depression. Japan's economy has contracted by 12.7%. This story from Australia, a major trading partner of Japan's notes how serious the situation is.     He is four foot tall and lives with his mother, father, separated is a tow truck driver but Alfie is at 13 the father of a baby girl. His 15 year old girlfriend Cjantelle gave birth to their 7lb 3oz daughter Maisie and she lives with her parents and 5 brothers. They are o n welfare.
February 12, 2009     February 11, 2009     February 10, 2009  
  As you know the Hindus of India consider the cow as a sacred animal. Oddly enough the drinking of cow urine is considered medicinal. A company is about to market bottled flavoured cow urine.     Satellite digital radio is not free. Listeners have to pay a monthly subscription to listen to the mind boggling array of stations that are available. Yet, the company is in serious financial trouble, so much so that they are getting themselves ready to file for bankruptcy.     It appears as though the Taliban, the force Canadian Forces are having to fight in Afghanistan is new and improved. Better trained and more religiously motivated the new version of the Taliban is less well linked to the local population and thus more dangerous.
February 9, 2009     February 6, 2009     February 5, 2009  
  Keep in mind that it is seven hours earlier in the day then we in Tisdale (5:30 in the afternoon here is 10:30 in the morning there) This web site has a web cam showing the atmospheric conditions at Mount Beauty at Wodonga Australia.     Born in 1882 photographer Doris Ulman collected a great number of outstanding portraits of people from rural South and Appalachia of the US. The collection of images is now online and easy to enjoy from Columbia University.     A New York State employee has been "tucked away" in a job with only a title and no work. It seems that Randy Hinton made waves and to get rid of him and solve their problem they just shelved the aboriginal man from the Passamaguoddy people in Maine.
January 30, 2009     January 26, 2009     January 23, 2009  
  CITIBANK has obtained $45 billion from the US government to bail itsell out of trouble yet it is now buying a $45 million twelve passenger executive jet while is already has several aircraft two similar only ten years old. US taxpayers not impressed.     This very disturbing stry from the London Daily Mail graphically discusses the full extent of the poverty and way of life in the 20 million population of Mumbai. But this story also describes the horror of maiming helpless children.     If your interested in the earth or have students around the house needing a superior resource on the planet check out the Smithsonian Institute's site. It has a beautiful multimedia version and a print version with details of the solar system and geology.
January 22, 2009     January 21, 2009     January 20, 2009  
  Since 1948 there has been violence, open war, with death and destruction common everyday stuff. This solution is suggested in today's New York Times by the head of Lybia. Simply put put Palestine and Israel together and peace will be the outcome.     With so many bad movies this past year it was tough selecting the worst. Today the nominations for the 2008 Razzie awards were announced. The Razzies are the opposite of the Oscars. Mike Meyers' Love Guru is leading the nominations for worst picture.     The political landscape has changed and Stephan Harper and his government are going to have to adapt and adapt quickly or they, like Bush will be history. The pressure is already on with a number of issues.
January 19, 2009     January 16, 2009     January 15, 2009  
  Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey writing for the Russian news agency Pravda treats George W. Bush pretty harshly as he identifies the remarkable shortcomings of his presidency and the affect they had on the world.     This is a much less than charitable view of the outgoing president of the United States. This Pravda, Russian view point is pretty harsh but when you think about the man's behaviour without the filter of US media this may be an accurate view.     You will find there are various weather radar images online and a few weather satellite images. This one shows weather over Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. In the images from this view you can see the clouds and their direction from upper level winds.
January 14, 2009     January 13, 2009   Worlds's first flying car prepares for take-off   January 9, 2009  
  Pravda is a Russian news agency and its take on the direction George Bush has taken America is very interesting. In this story the writer points out that the country has moved into the realm of a theocracy and is dominated by the military past and the same for Obama.     Its not cheap at more than $200,000 but it works. A two seater aircraft that in seconds folds its wings and wisks down the highway and into your garage. Uses a 100hp engine for both flight and ground propulsion and 60 people have already placed orders.     According to the latest available statistics 34% of American adults are obese and 33% are overweight. The rate of obesity has more than doubled since 1980. For Children the numbers are 32% overweight and 11% obese.
January 8, 2009     January 7, 2009     January 6, 2009  
  Continued and growing protectionism particularly in the beef industry has been a difficult issue for Canadian producers prompting a change in labelling regulation even though the rules are not mandatory.     The Buffaloes in use for search and rescue are over the hill and the plan was for Ottawa to buy Italian upgraded Spartans. Viking of Victoria can build updated versions of the Buffalo for a substantial saving plus work spin offs.     Expensive fuel cells that use natural gas to produce hydrogen which is then converted to enough electricity to power up a household and the heat by-product is used to provide the home with hot water. The fuel cel and hot water heater are leased.
January 5, 2009     December 31, 2008     December 30, 2008  
  For decades California has had standards of electrical consumption for major appliances now with home electronics using 1/4 of household power they are about to impose restrictions on Flat-screen TVs.     Things in the Afghanistan war are looking pretty bleak for Canada having lost the most troops in a single month and the Taliban able to rest and relax in Pakistan with total impunity. The US surge expected in the spring will bring an Iraq style war to the area.     Considered the most deadly epidemic of all time the flu of 1918 swept around the world killing 2.5% of those who got the illness. Researchers in Wisconsin have discovered the genes that made the flu so deadly causing pneumonia.
December 23, 2008     December 22, 2008     December 19, 2008  
  In keeping with the Queen's high tech approach to communications this year's Christmas Message includes video clips from the time Prince Charles was a baby as the Queen emphasises the importance of family in her annual message.     The last time a prime minister named this many senators in one day was in October 23, 1867. At least John A. MacDonald had the confidence of the house when he did that. Among the new senators are Pamela Wallin, Mike Duffy and Nancy Greene Raine     Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser is the most popularly used application to use the wealth of information on the world wide web. A flaw in the programme allows a hackeer to take your identity and anything else you have on you computer. Don't use it.
December 18, 2008     December 17, 2008     December 16, 2008  
  This CBC story tells us on MOnday night a man came into the Tisdale 7-11 and threw a live chicken at the fried chicken display then went up to Wicks and tossed in two live chickens in the back door of the convience store. Chickens were not harmed.     Chinese archeologists have shut down a dig in an ancient tomb that was believed to have been undisturbed yet to their amazement they have discovered a very small Swiss watch attached to a soil covered coffin. the watch is stopped at 10:06.     Ernest is a 15 year old cat and he is almost totally blind from an illness which involves the eye lids rolling leading to inflamation and hinders his sight. Ernest was injured in a car accident 13 years ago and lives on the Isle of Wight. Now he wears contacts.
December 15, 2008     December 12, 2008     December 11, 2008  
  Leland Freeborn a former Mormon who is now a prophet says that a radical group in Russia will take control of the military and launch a missilie attack on American at Christmas time this year killing 100 million Americans.     Often considered just a gimick for a city to make money on traffic tickets, this study from El Paso, Texas shows that the presence of the cameras has shown a dramatic 30% decrease in collisions. In 2007 El Paso issued more than 13,000 tickets.     It looks like advertising in North America has taken on a new trend to follow politicians and negative advertising. In Seattle the home of Starbucks Mcdonalds has billboards close to Starbucks stores advertising Macdonalds expresso.
December 10, 2008     December 9, 2008     December 8, 2008  
  As the recession deepens and lay-offs continue pushing up unemployment in the United States the barrel price of crude oil is expected to move below $40 and retail prices in the US could fall as low as less than $1.00 a gallon. Some predict $25 / barrel.     It looks like it is common practice for people who complain or protest to be put away in mental hospitals in China. The practice seems most prevailent in province cities and the mental hospitals really have no alternative but to take those brought to them.     The company that owns the Chicago Tribune, LA Times and KTLA TV plus several other newspapers is insolvent. Real estate investor Sam Zell bought the company and despite massive layoffs it is sinking in debt.
December 5, 2008     December 4, 2008     December 3, 2008  
  The Museum housed in Washington D.C. has this remarkable online feature that involves the voluntary participation of hundreds of newspapers around the globe. Each morning the page is updated with the new pages.     This is a small book with four clever stories about wizrds and such plus some intersting stuff called Dumbledore's notes. The book is really intended for the die hard Harry Potter fan and all of the proceeds from the sale of the book go to charity.     Here is a remarkable story from today's Evening Post in Notingham UK about a young woman who married an American soldier. He survived the war and was awaiting her to join him when he learned of her illness.
December 2. 2008     December 1, 2008     November 28, 2008  
  This excellent report comes from the Lagos Nigerian Guardian and tells of an attack inside Pakistan on a NATO convoy to Afghanistan. There were also car bombings and armed attacks by militants.     Swedish researchers using genetically modified mice have discovered a link between the type of fat associated with fast food and a genetic inclination seems to be linked to the incurable common condition known as Alzheimer's     This Australian story reports on a study about reducing the amount of stress a mother experiences during the first trimester of a pregnancy and how this reduced stress translates into having a very contented baby.
November 27, 2008     November26, 2008     November 25, 2008  
  A study published in Lancet claims that by testing every male over 15 in countries with high levels of HIV infection then vigourously treating those who test positive the disease would simply vanish in a remarkable short time.     In the early morning hours in Mumbai India terrorists struck with automatic weapons and grenades the most popular hotels, restaurants and a train station. As many as 80 killed in the attacks and hundreds injured. Hostages taken.     Fighting between protestors and various government supports escalated from rock throwing to shots fired. Thailand is a relatively ordered society and depends so much on tourism. These political protests are considered bad for business.
November 24, 2008     November 21, 2008     November 20, 2008  
  As the economy continues to look grim the Minister of Finance Jim Flaherty prefers to call the situation a "technical recession". He says the government will not hand money to the auto industry unless there are signs the US will sort out the problems of the big three.     Though unable to establish actual proof this remarkable study shows how influencial food decisions affect children and by so doing directly impact on their health. A ban on commercials would reduce obesity by 18%.     The recent hijacking of a Saudi supertanker took place 450 miles off the ocast of Somali. Despite NATO and other warships patrolling the gulf of Aden the pirates seem to operate with few problems and in Somali call themselves 'coast guard.'
November 19, 2008     November 18, 2008     November 17, 2008  
  General Motors has fallen in value below that of toy maker Mattel. Two Chinese auto manufacturers SAIC and Dongfeng both partly government owned are considering buying up GM and Chrysler. This would allow these Chinese companies to sell globally.     The whole realm of climate change seems to be inhabited by extremists on both sides of the issue so that this story points out a glaring error by NASA's Goddard Institute which simply blew it on its pronouncements on October temperatures.     Saskatoon's Nutana Collegiate is considering dropping the whole concept of giving marks below 50%. The school is concerned that low failing marks can be a blight on the student limiting potential and they want to do what they can with the drop out rate.
November 14, 2008     November 13, 2008     November 12, 2008  
  Quebec is the only province to make winter tires manditory but by doing so the awareness across the country has made motorists want to get their vehicles equipped with safer tires for the winter season. Supplies are tight.     Though Californians have been aware of the hazards of air polution they have not known the cost. 2,521 people died in traffic accidents in 2006 in the San Joaquin Valley but 3,812 died from respiratory problems.This is an remarkable study.     Just when things werre looking bleak for Leno and Letterman it has been announced that President Elect Barak Obama is having his 71 year old mother-in-law move in with the family at the White House.
November 11, 2008     November 10, 2008     November 7, 2008  
  In some cave taken in battle in Pakistan battle plan maps and other documents show a much higher level of sophistication and preparedness then formerly thought of the combined Taleban and al-Qaeda forces.     The former Soviet leader says that for the past 8 years the US has been following misguided course of George W. Bush and needs badly to restructure itself to overcome financial crisis and restore balance in the world.     Mr. O'Neill who took off with a Cessna from Scotland suffered a stroke on his way to Colchester Essex and lost his sight. He issued a "may-day" and an RAF pilot flew up to him and guided him safely to a runway.
November 6, 2008   Crisp's school plan programming for students on dangers of technology   November 5, 2008     November 3, 2008  
  The Barrie Ontario high school were the 15 year old Brandon Crisp was a student is planning a program to help students who are becoming overly dependent upon video and computer games. Crisp's body was found yesterday by hunters.     Barak Obama's grandmother and family live in Kogelo Kenya. This is the report of the celebrations from a Nairobi newspaper, The Standard. As a consequence of Obama's victory the village is getting electrical power and police.     With October behind us and no snow on the ground perhaps its a good time to check out the Farmer's Almanac crystal ball. Kevin passes on the forcast that makes things look mild for us and miserable for the folks down east.
October 30, 2008     October 29, 2008     October 28, 2008  
  A Romanian man has advertised his 25 year old wife for sale in the used cars area of for sale web site.Though there is some suggestion that this a put on it still seems pretty unsettling. You can see the ad at this web site.     This report is from a Karachi Pakistan business news paper that tells about the large number of people killed in the seven villages destroyed by a modest quake last night. Because the houses are mud most of the victims were women and children.     University of Saskatchewan researchers have discovered a link between the production of hydrogen sulfide in the gas mice pass as being involved in the regulation of bood pressure. This will prove helpful with humans.
October 27, 2008     October 24, 2008     Octoberr 23, 2008  
  I was confused about this whole issue particularly because of American TV ads but this site Kevin found clears the whole matter up. The end of regular TV broadcast is August 31 2011. Check out the site for details     This is how one of London's notorious tabloids covered a recent sighting of strange objects that were filmed over Istambul Turkey from May to September of this year. High interest in UFOs in England with official reports lately revealed.     The American government appears to be keeping its word in not allowing huge payments of bonus and compensation to the executives of the failed AIG company. This story outline the amazing amounts doled out to the CEO and other top execs.
October 22, 2008     October 21, 2008     October 20, 2008  
  An altercation on the Campus of Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green led to the campus being locked down after their were reports of gunfire. As it turned out there had been no shots fired or weapons involved but it was a tense time in Kentucky.     This story appeared in Kampala Unganda's Daily Monitor today and discusses the abduction of thousands of children in Northern Uganda and condemns the LRA leader Kony who is reported to have 60 wives of selling the children.     Though applying CPR to cardiac arrest patients increases their survival rate by three times the problem is that most people have trouble doing the procedure correctly. So here is the cue do it to the beat of the Bee Gee's song "Stayin Alive" and it will work.
October 17, 2008     October 16, 2008     October 14, 2008  
  This story appeared in a Sydney Australia newspaper today as the paper noted that the price of fuel and the price of oil per barrel just no longer makes sense. In this story you will notice that the Australian dollar has taken a greater licking then our own.     Three men have been charged with credit card theft and fraud after they attempted to recover a laptop comupter after Wal-Mart gave them an empty box. Thinking they were pulling a scam Wal-Mart people ccalled the police.     The television news and sports shows did not report this part of the story. They showed Vice President hopeful Sarah Palin dropping the ceremonial puck at a Ranger Phillie game but this did not carry the sound track of the crowd booing.
October 10, 2008     October 9, 2008     October 8, 2008  
  A Chicago Sheriff is refusing to carry out eviction notices to apartment and other renters. Many have been keeping up their payments and their landlords are being foreclosed evicting the tenant through no fault of their own.     This story from the English Beijing paper China Daily describes the events of today from the Chinese perspective adding historical explanations to the Dow's tumble day after day and the failure of all measures to stem the fall.     A realatively simple thing to include in modern computerised cars, Ford has introiduced in its 2010 line up a Key that will curtail the car's speed, activate warning for no seat belt and deal with traction. "you can have the car but. . ."
October 7, 2008     October 6, 2008     October 3, 2008  
  Professor Luc Montagnier discovered the AIDS virus 25 years ago and has been awarded the Nobel Prize for medicine. He predicts a therapeutic vaccine for victims of the illness will be developed in four years.     The international financial crisis stemming from the American system has moved the world's economic situation into possible free fall. Prime Minister of France Francois Fillion points to the the irresponsible system created by the Americans.     Though the Russian stock market has been severely punished forced to stop trading three times the Russian leadership feels that the world financial crisis heralds the end of America's domination of the world's economy.
Ocotber 2, 2008     October 1, 2008     September 30, 2008  
  The forced take over of the Wachovia bank by Citibank was caused by depositors worrying about its strength and they began withdrawing money. So much so the bank's failure was imminent. This is the background story as to how the failure unfolded.     AIDS was identified in 1981 and it was believed to have transmitted from other mammals only a decade or so earlier now a study has revealed that that transmission took place as early as 1884. Small population in the Congo prevented spread.     The National Do Not Call List (DNCL) is designed to reduce the number of unwanted telemarketing calls and faxes Canadians receive.You can register on the list at this site.
September 29, 2008     September 26, 2008     Sepember 25, 2008  
  Former Tisdale man has built a large 2,900 square foot house in Buena Vista with rreclaimed lumber from 35 wood grain elevators including some material from torn down Tisdale elevator. The impressive house is now up for sale and listed at more than $1,000,000.     Every device connected to the internet is assigned a distinctive number. The original 4.2 trillion numbers have all but 14% been assigned and the originator of the Internet, Vint Cerf has proposed the adoption of a bigger address system moving from 32 binary digits to 128.     Not all honey but some tested by the University of Ottawa appears in tests to be far more powerful than any known antibiotic. In their lab test they discovered that specific types of honey could defeat strains of bacteria that resist all other antibiotics.
September 24, 2008     September 19, 2008     September 18, 2008  
  Last Thursday the New York Stock exchange was as close as 500 trades from complete meltdown. It was triggered by half a trillion dollars in sell orders before trading and was only prevented by the US Federal Reserve providing $105 Billion in liquidity.     This website provides very thorough coverage of the airline industry. With over 13 sections of commercial and other aviation it is a wealth of information as well as picture galaries and loads of video. So if you are interested in flight of any kind you will find something on this site that is of interest.     NASA celebrates its first 50 year with a superior multimedia web site with music and pictures that tells the story of the American space agency. The tour of the site is conducted by a friendly robot and music from all eras of the past five decades. Need high speed access to enjoy site.
September 16, 2008     September 15, 2008     September 12, 2008  
  This amazing collection of famous and ordinary Canadians has more than four million images. Many of them extremely rare like this one of Pierre Elliott Trudeau by Yousuf Karsh. You can look around or search specifically for an individual but all in all it is a great part of our heritage.     A British town has decided to print its own money to encourage its people to shop at home. Promotions like this have been carried out in most Saskatchewan communities at one time or another but rarely does such a project get such wide attention as this one in East Sussex UK     Author Robert Gonzales did an indepth study of how people react in extreme disasters and discoverred that there was much more than luck involved in what was responsible for some surviving and dying. This article identifies some of the surviving things and spots the reason for failure.
September 11, 2008   Old Farmers Almanac: Global cooling may be underway   September 9, 2008     September 8, 2008  
  With reduced sunspot activity the predictions are for things on earth to get a lot cooler. The Old Farmers Almanac says without human activity things would be even cooler. A colder than normal winter for the United States but a mild winter for the northern prairies.     This web site has an interesting list of the scandals engineered by the Harper Conservative government. Some serious and some down right illegal. Yet this was the government determined "it said" to provide accountable and clean government.     According to Japanese Korean expert, Professor Toshimitsu Shigemura the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Il actually died of complications from diabetes in 2003 and since then has been seen in public and negotiations represented by one of as many as four impersonators.
September 5, 2008     September 4, 2008   Shopping centre bans youth hoods and hats   September 3, 2008  
  Its been over a hundred years since there was a month with no sunspots but it happened in April and scientists are predicting they will become extinct in five years. The sunspots are associated with solar flares and when they do not occur the sun is running a little cool and could have affects on earth.     The Tweed City shopping centre in northeastern Australia has banned young people wearing hats and/or hoodies. Their seccurity people and the security cameras in the shopping centre can not be used to identify someone who is essential disguised so they are banning such attire.     Late night talk show host David Letterman expressed his concern over NBC ending Jay Leno's role on the Tonight Show this coming May. Letterman, in a Rolling Stone interview said he wants to keep on going beyond 2010 and reflected on some of his interviews.
September 2, 2008     August 29, 2008     August 28, 2008  
  Massive amounts of land in Russia is simply being left fallow as the collective farms have crumbled and owner operated family farms are not developing. This has prompted entrepeneurs to buy large amounts of Russia land to develop factory corporate farms.     Kevin found this revealing web site that casts some strong light on some of those informercials that seem to be a steady diet of modern cable television. Not only are the scams identified but there are real complaints from those who have had bad experiences with them.     After 19 years this famous group put on a London concert this past December. Now three members of the band are working on a new album as they are plowing through new material in a London studio but without their lead singer Robert Plant.
August 27, 2008     August 26, 2008     August 25, 2008  
  Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is the creator of Sherlock Holmes and this fabulous web site tells all there is to know about the famous author but also has the full text to all of the Sherlock Holmes books, novels and short stories. Essentially this is a complete library online.     Check out this tutorial video that explains the free instruction media available from Apple's iTunes store. From University to elementary course ware its there and can easily be accessed on your computer, downloaded into your iPod or iPhone. MIT and and other institutions are putting their courses online.     This Orlando TV station story from last week tells of the massive rainfall that Tropical Storm Fay has dumped on the area with subsequent winds and tornados it would seem this is a serious storm situation. On Sunday the White House declared Florida a disaster area.
August 22, 2008     August 18, 2008     August 15, 2008  
  A highly suspicious fire broke out early Wednesday morning in Nipawin's Post office resulting in disruption of mail service and an eleborate police investigation. This Nipawin Journal report suggest that other acts of vandalism may have been related.     With some qualifications teachers in the small independent Texas school District of Harold will be able to carry consealed guns during their working day. The school is about a 30 minute drive from the local sheriff's office and the school board thinks it appropriate for the teachers to protect themselves.     If you are not confused about the Russian attack on Georgia you haven't been paying attention. The problem is historical and messy and from this Russian report it looks less than positive as the way it will play out with Russia basically ignoring the sovreignty of Georgia
August 13, 2008     August 6, 2008     August 5, 2008  
  A flash presentation of NASA images of earth that express the overwhelming beauty of our little planet. Kevin suggest you turn up the volume and put on a head set to enjoy the music that goes with the accompanying images.     Statistics Canada has put together some interesting charts that describe the population of Canada. The charts are based on regional divisions but you can get some interesting information from this 2006 set of facts and figures about the people of this country.     Claiming to protect their country from terrorism US officials can without cause or suspicion seize a Laptop, iPod, cell phone or an electronic or paper device for examination for an undefined period of time. This does not just include foreign visitors but American travelers themselves.
July 28, 2008     July 24, 2008     July 23, 2008  
  During its last refit the Qantas 747 / 400 that developed a major hole while cruising over Indonesia and was forced to descend and land had been shown to have major amounts of corrosion throughout the airframe. This story speculates that the level of corrosion contributed to the development of the hole.     Dr. Ronald B. Herbman director of the Univerisity of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute urges his staff to act out reasonable caution and not wait for studies to definitively determine the safety of cell phone use. He is particularly concerned about children using the device.     GM hasn't turned a profit since 2004 and though Ford is not quite as bad off it too is in serious cash flow situation. The measures GM has taken to develop more capital to stay afloat appears not to be working and the folks on Wall St. are giving both companies a 46% chance of going broke in five years.
July 22, 2008     July 21, 2008     July 18, 2008  
  This article by economist Christopher Laird posted on the Market Oracle takes the 'what if' scenario of a massive devaluation of the US dollar and explains what effects that will have on the US and world wide. He is talking about a ten to 20 year depression.     Talk show host and stand up comedian Jay Leno retires from NBC at the end of the 2009 season. What then for a vigourous and busy man. Well each day Jay spends time at his garage which is really about three aircraft hangars full of remarakable cars. This story tells about the collection.     With little warning that it was a dramatisation CBS broadcast Orson Wells doing the story of earth being invaded by Mars October 30th 1938. The broadcast caused panic as millions of listeners thought it was the real thing. Check out the broadcast at Soundboard or download it.
July 17, 2008   Parents learn the ABC's again   July 16, 2008   Banks hit by fallout from the crisis at IndyMac   July 9, 2008  
  This story is from the northeast coast of Australia where the department of education has decided to provide assistance to parents with literacy problems to upgrade as the research shows that parents with higher literacy levels have children who do better in school than those with low levels.     This story filed yesterday explains how thousands are trying to get their money from a failed bank. Those with deposit insurance can get their money if they have less that $100,000 over that amount they are just getting a portion. Their problem then is where to find a safe place to deposit their cash.     Well, not exactly, unless you live in East London South Africa. Here is the listing from the East London Newspaper, the Dispatch which lists several of the available channels and what is on. It is surprising to note the huge amount of North American TV on these listings.
July 8, 2008   Kabul bombing a vicious warning, says leading daily   July 7, 2008   Sliced bread 'a world first'   July 4, 2008  
  At least 40 dead and more than a hundred injured by a car bomb outside the Indian Embassy in Kabul Afghanistan. The Afghan government accused Pakitstan's Intelligence agency of organising the attack. This story from Delhi India shows restraint but a degree of alarm at the escallation of violence in Afghanistan.     It may have hit the US market on July 6, 1928 but it was decades later that we first saw sliced bread on the store shelves in small town Saskatchewan. Funny how this remarkable invention is taken for granted today and unsliced bread is now a novelty or something quaint.     Chinese medicinal remedies are based on at least four or more thousand years of practical trial and error treatments but little is known about the actual ingredients and many of them are banned substances for competing Olympic atheletes. China itself is very strict about banned substances.
July 3, 2008   Merrill says GM bankruptcy possible   June 30, 2008   Recording Industry Decries AM-FM Broadcasting as 'A Form of Piracy'   June 27, 2008  
  With loses mounting General Motors is in a tight spot with the need to borrow $15B to have the cash flow need to stay afloat. They have been closing plants, laying off workers and taking other cost cutting measures but their shares continue to go down dramatically. Bankruptcy is now a real threat.     This story from Wired magazine shows just how desparate the recording industry has become as it now is engaging in a conflict with radio broadcasting the very instrument which has been the vehicle for record sales for decades.     The apparent folk song Waltzing Matilda is Australia's unofficial national anthem. The lyrics were written by poet Banjo Paterson and the music by Christina Macpherson based on a Celtic traditional tune. The story in the song was based on an authentic time in Australian history and a story of the 1890s.
June 26, 2008     June 25, 2008     June 24, 2008  
  A 47 year old Australian grandmother and mother of five has just given birth to three identical sons. The birth took place a week ago in Brisbane. Janelle Perry has four adult children from her first marriage and two grandchildren and a four year old from her marriage to crane operator Robert Perry.     Scottish Parent Teacher council is blaming inaccuracies in Wikipedia and other online sources from which students borrow their material for higher than usual failure rates. They point out that Internet plagiarism is a major problem and the consequences are causing students problems.     Comedian and writer Jerry Seinfeld discusses the importance of the work of the late comic George Carlin. He explains that Carlin honed each joke with enormous skill and when a comedian came up with what he thought was a great idea he would discover that Carlin had already done it.
June 23, 2008   World has enough oil supplies for 'many decades': Nuaimi   June 20, 2008   When Builders Go Broke   June 19, 2008  
  Though world oil consumption is rising the global oil supply is rising faster. The Saudi Oil minister Ali al-Nuaimi said on Sunday that the existing known oil supplies will last at the prresent rate for decades. He said the Saudi production levels will rise to 12,5 million barrels a day.     The collapse of the US housing industry was not only something that affected mortgage lenders and home owners but the developers and construction companies have been also run into the ground leaving many home owners in partly developed sites or worse.     Not a simple problem, knights preferred left side of road so that their sword arm was meeting a possible adversary. French wagon drivers perferred the right side to avoid collisions. The traditions go back to the middle ages in Japan but here is the whole story.
June 18, 2008   Yes, we will have no bananas   June 17, 2008   Doctors per capita up, nurses down   June 16, 2008  
  With gas the price it is how come bananas are 66¢ a pound at Extra Foods here in Tisdale. Well, here is the explanation and a warning that the Cavendish variety we are used to eating is in real trouble with an advancing fungus in Central America. This is a comprehensive New York Times article.     In Australia the number of GPs and medical specialists has almost doubled in the past decade while at the same time the numbers of nurses has been slightly lower or just holding their own. Remember that most Australians live in very large cities and in the rural areas the doctors are scarce.     As living conditions and rising prices make life in the UK less and less attractive there is a strong movement of people immigrating to the Gold Coast area of Australia. With the sale of their house in the UK they have lots of capital to buy a new house and start businesses.
June 12, 2008   Obama on the Nile   June 11, 2008   Smoking linkedd to mid-life memory loss: study   June 10, 2008  
  This New York Times editorial discusses the positive things about American Democrats having selected in the Primaries Barrack Obama as their presidential candidate. The writer feels that it shows that Americans are able to look beyond the horizon and peacefully choose a better course of action.     A European study has found strong links between smoking and cognitive and memory problems later in life. They found that quitting helped as ex-smokers were less likely to have cognitive deficits in memory, vocabulary and verbal fluency. The study pointed to continued smoking increased the progress toward dementia.     Due to low investment in the past two decades refinery and distribution infrastructure in the petroleum industry has pushed things to capacity despite demand changes and large amounts of available supply. The things combine with loose capital going into speculation.
June 9, 2008   Water-Starved California Slows Development   June 6, 2008   Celebrity foreclosure: Jose Caseca loses Encino home   June 5, 2008  
  There is legislation in California that prevents land development without water for the property for the next twenty years. As a result many new developments are stalled or in some cases cancelled because the water just is not and will not be available to make the property successful.     The lose of homes in foreclosures in not confined in the United States to the poor but is spreading out with prominent celebrities like Ed McMahon and now baseball great Jose Canseco losing his house in the Los Angeles suburb of Encino. Canseco owed his bank $2.5 million on the 7,300 square foot mansion.     A massive study of children and the age of their fathers has produced some startling results. Almost twice as many children die before adulthood if their father is over 45 years old. Congenital defects are more common but they also suffer from a higher rate of accidental death.
June 2, 2008   Shocked! How the oil crisis has hit the world   May 30, 2008   Canceled! A scorecard of canceled TV series and shows in danger   May 29, 2008  
  Around the world the dramatic rise in oil prices has had catastrophic effects as the wheels of business are twisting out of shape with the price of transportation becoming an uncontrolled monster. Protests, strikes and deprivation are only the beginning.     Like it or not the major US networks decide what they will present to the public and this year with the writers strike mixing things up it is a verable slaughter as so many promising and popular shows have bit the dust. Here is a list.     Constantine Michigan 19 year old achieved perfect attendance and in keeping with a promise made by her father , Tim Baker, bought his daughter Andria, a new Pontiac G-6 with the license plate "0 DAYS"
May 28, 2008   Mindfulness meditation: Lotus therapy   May 27, 2008   Perry Cross miracle: I can breathe again   May 26, 2008  
  From a Paris newspaper comes this remarkable but critical consideration of one of the newest forms of psycho-therapy being used by counsellors and psychologists. Based on an Indian form of meditation and related to Bhudism the patient considers things as they are without imposing change.     Australiian quadriplegic Perry Cross went to India where he received stem cell theropy and has regained the ability to breathe on his own. This treatment is not permitted in Australia, the US or Canada but Dr. Geeta Shroff has gained a reputation as a medical maverick works in India.     A United States study on earthquakes has established that surface waves move around the globe and can be responsible for triggering quakes in other parts of the world. It seems that only magnitude 7 or greater quakes cause this to happen and so far they are puzzled by after shocks.
May 23, 2008   Eight more years of petrol pain   May 22, 2008   High gas prices drive farmer to switch to mules   May 21, 2008  
  This Australian report shows that the price of oil will continue to increase until 2016 at least. Australians can expect to pay $2.00 Australian a litre by the end of this year. This is scary news as the Australians who's dollar is close to our own in value will be paying $1.70/ litre within the next two weeks.     The rising farm input costs have forced a small farmer in Tennesee to park his tractor and use a team of mules for chores and raking hay. He said that the rising price of gas with the equally high fertilizer prices have made his farm operation all but impossible to be profittable.     The city council in Canton Ohio has received so many complaints about people not cutting the grass on their property they are considering raising the offence to a misdemeanor that will include a hefty fine and could include up to 30 days in jail. Above 8 inches is to tall and needs cutting
May 20, 2008   US soldier refuses to serve in 'illegal Iraq war'   May 16, 2008   Thoughts on Shania Twain's divorce   May 15, 2008  
  A 24 year old career soldier in the US Army has been to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan and now is refusing to go back because he no longer can accept the actions of his country and the sort of war that he has been participating in. He is not alone in his opposition to the conflict as a growing number share his feelings.     It was announced yesterday that Shania Twain and Mutt Lang are ending their 14 year old marriage. This music writter with the LA Times points out Shania's love song to her husband "you're still the one" changed though whole direction of the sad nature of country music into one of hope.     On Tuesday in Jaipur a group calling themselves the Indian Mujahdeen set off eight bombs killing 80 people and injuring 200. This report is from the Bangalore, Deccan Herald and details the progress in tracking down the bombers. Other stories indicate this was to hit tourists and discourage India from support of the US.
May 14, 2008   4 bad-habit makeovers for your little ones   May 13, 2008   Angry motorist saws clamped car in half   May 12, 2008  
  It is pretty easy with a family with small children for there to be some difficult problems and parents though meaning well often they have created the problems which rob them of sleep and sanity. This is a neat set of remedies of four common problems that develop with toddlers.     A British car owner left his Ford Fiesta two inches on a walk way and a clamp was put on it and he was issued a charge of about $400 to have the clamp removed. He was unhappy with the trreatment and took a metal saw and severed the vehicle into two parts inviting them to take away the offending piece.     The folks in West Virginia are very sckeptical of Barrack Obama and support Hillary Clinton but if she does not get the nomination they will vote Republican because John McCain is a "real" American. Though it sounds racist it is actually more related to confusion over religion and beliefs.
May 9, 2008   Taser parties a growing US trend   May 8, 2008   Dementia threat 'is greater for short people', say scientists   May 7, 2008   Clinton vows to continue campaign
  Like Tuppereware and Avon products the personal protection Taser is now being sold at parties to women for self defence. They sell for about $350 and one lady who holds the parties is selling about one a day. They come in stylish colours and print patterns to look neat in a woman's purse.     Statistically significant findings show that dementia and Alzheimers in later life is reduced in those people with longer arms and legs. The speculation is that poor nutrition in early life produces shorter arms and legs and that this factor could be involved in mental decline in old age.     Hillary Clinto squeaked a win in Indiana but lost in North Carolina in primaries last night but says she's in the race until a winner is decided. Many feel the candidate for the Democratic party will be decided by the superdeligates at the August convention
May 6, 2008   Aid blockade   May 5, 2008   For the elderly, being heard about life's end   May 2, 2008   Notes From the War on Terror
  Thailand was the first to get aid into Rangoon with a C-130 transport and is ready to ship 40 tonnes of food and medical supplies but there is no way of getting aid from the Rangoon airport. The UN is frustrated with the situation and in Bangkok the Burmese embassy actually called a holiday.     A senior citizens community associated with the Dartmouth Medical School in New Hampshire has put into practice a far more humane way of treating elderly people by being less aggressive with medical treatment and considering the quality of life.     More than a year the US Congress has been trying to get a hold of the documents used by the administration to justify breaking the Geneva Convention. They have the documents now but in a censored version that brings forth more questions than answers
May 1, 2008   Earth's magnetic field could cause suicide                
  Incredible as it seems a Russian study has discovered a remarkable correlation between peaks in the earth's magnetic field and the incidence of suicide. Other studies are showing similar findings in other parts of the world.