The Week of June 21 - 27

The Time of Your Life - TMSS Grad 98
Saturday, June 27, 1998
Tisdale's first graduating class from their new school go out in glamour and style.
Storm Clouds
Saturday, June 27, 1998
With pictures to demonstrate this article explains the workings of these bullies of the skies.
Start Your Engines
Saturday, June 27, 1998
Tisdale's race cars clean up in Nipawin and this week challenge the Prince Albert track
The First TMSS Grad - 1998
Friday, June 26, 1998
Grads prepare the Auditorium for today's celebrations
TMSS New Playing Field
Friday, June 26, 1998
Gordon Gray works on surveying TMSS playing field for work to begin Tuesday on major landscaping undertaking.
Time to Tilt
Friday, June 26, 1998
Hot damp growing conditions threaten barley crops and farmers respond with aerial application of the fungiscide, Tilt.
Big Turn Out June 24 Sale
Thursday, June 25, 1998
Three sales trucked work through the day. This story has a great QuickTime VR panorama.
Keep to the Right
Thursday, June 25, 1998
Tisdale's cyclists are endangering themselves needlessly by riding as though no other vehicles ever used the streets.
Auction Sale
Wednesday, June 24, 98
Major sale brings bargain hunters to Tisdale.
New Osgoode, Gone But Not Forgotten
Wednesday, June 24, 1998
Pioneer village all but gone except for the memories and memorials of what was.
Tuesday, June 23, 1998
Come along on a tour of the village of Pleasantdale.
(This story has nine pictures and will take a few moments to load.)
Ducks and Golden Skys
Tuesday, June 23, 1998
Photo-essay from near Pleasantdale enjoying the scenery and the sky.
Kinistin's New School To Open This Fall
Monday, June 22, 1998
Kinistin young people look forward to their new K - 12 school opening in August.
First Day of Summer a Wet One-
Sunday, June 21, 1998
Water in fields and on a road in Valparaiso area. Weather maps and pictures.
Father's Day
Sunday, June 21, 1998
If you tuned into Ensign this morning this is the page that greeted you. One of my sons highjacked Ensign and replaced it with this page. Thanks Andrew.