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The dark side of Sunday
FTLComm - Tisdale - Sunday, November 24, 2002

Each day the sun makes its appearance further along the southern horizon and each day by noon it is only a short distance up the sky as we are now less then a month from the shortest day of the year.

But with this low profile peek-a-boo sun we get extraordinary long and very harsh shadows.

This Sunday morning the sky was completely devoid of cloud and the cold air above us providing a very think atmosphere the ground and every thing was marked with strong dark shadows. Like the tree in front of the Sweet Aroma cafe almost projected onto the building's face.
Where ever the sun could get at the ground last week the snow has all but gone but as you can see where ever there are shadows the snow remains just as in our backyard which is still totally white.

These trees (above and right) are in the front yard of Phillip's Seeds just West of town and the weeping birch, like those in town still cling to their frozen leaves.

despite the clear skies the streets in town were deep in the dark shadows of morning and even as early afternoon arrived most East / West streets did not see much sunlight this Sunday.
Most "C" band receive dishes have long departed from town. But this was still stands aimed out into space on the North end of main street.

These pictures were taken between 9:30 and 10:30 and though there were worshipers at Tisdale's churches the streets seemed very quiet. A few merchants were at their shops downtown putting out displays and some highway traffic was passing through it would not be until after noon that the temperature came up to -10º and folks began going for walks and with the ice mostly gone from the pavement it was safe for one fellow to venture forth on his bicycle.

Timothy W. Shire




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