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Besides the fascinating part cars play and have played in the history of our part of the world they make good pictures and from time to time we have recorded some exceptional examples and posted them to the web site. This page is intended to let you find them either by make and year with the right hand column or when we posted the story from now into the past.
Barneys 1940 Plymouth
January 17, 2004
by: Barney Caufield
British Columbia: Because this site is visited frequently by various search engines people often find things they are looking for within the site. Over the years it has been cars that seem to attract a lot of interest and two owners of 1940 Plymouths have recently been in touch with us about their beloved cars.
Van versus wheel and tire
December 23, 2003
by: Timothy W. Shire
Rose Valley : Trip from Winnipeg nearly complete when a wayward tire torpedoes van early this morning.
October 30, 2003
by: Timothy W. Shire
Naicam: Ford sets out to match and exceed the imports and has redesigned the Windstar. The changes are so significant that it warranted a name change.
Plymouth Fury, 1958
Wednesday, July 23, 2003
by: R. W. Shire and Timothy Shire
What kind of world must it have been for there to have been a time when someone would design a car that looked like this one. Definitely makes one think about the exuburance and enthusiasm of the 1950s.
The Convertible syndrome
Thursday, July 17, 2003
by: Timothy W. Shire
In a country where there are years when the weather is not good enough to find a day to put the top down the idea of a topless car is like forbidden candy or like winning the lottery dreams.
Grad Car 2003
Sunday, June 1, 2003
Each year we have picked out at least one car and showed it on this site, this page has links to past years.
Nest of birds
Tuesday, June 3, 2003
by: Timothy W. Shire
An unusual discovered of a couple of vintage cars parked side by side on an abandoned farm.
1963 Pontiac Parisienne
Sunday, May 18, 2003
by: Timothy W. Shire
What a car, the 1963 Pontiac, durable and attactive, sensible and safe. This one is still going strong as these pictures were taken yesterday at the Tisdale Mall.
MG - Top Down
Wednesday, May 21, 2003
by: Timothy W. Shire
We had this car on this site last year but here it is again, it is definitely worth a second look.
Heavy Metal
Tuesday, April 1, 2003
by: Timothy W. Shire
The monsters of the 70s look like a huge April fool's joke now compared with the vehicles we seen in the parking lot with this one but alas at one time this was the SUV of its day.
Hummer H2
Wednesday, February 19, 2003
by: Timothy W. Shire
Reports from the auto scene claim that the SUV is a long way from being dead with the hottest vehicle being General Motors civilian version of the American military four wheel drive ultra SUV. This one was spotted in Tisdale on Tuesday.
Neat Car - 1956 Plymouth
Thursday, February 13, 2003
by: J. Stanley
The writer did not tell us where he is from but he included a picture and a plea for assistance so this one is for car enthusiasts to take a look at and perhaps someone will know and answer to Mr. Stanley's problem and give him a suggestion.
To Go or Not to Go
Sunday, February 2, 3003
by: Timothy W. Shire / Sandra McIntyre
Kevin McIntyre's picture taken yesterday between Nipawin and Carrot River brings to the forefront the whole process of reasonable risk and when it is with in your limits to travel.
Dodge SX2.0 Sport
December 28, 2002
Daimler Chrysler Canada has had its replacement for the neon on the market for more than two months and its time to take a close look at this new compact.
1950 Ford Custom sedan
October 19, 2002
On October 29 this car and several other classics will be sold at auction but first here is a look at this fifty-two year old car.
Our new car
October 18, 2002
The RCMP has put some Chevy Impalas to work as police cars ending the domination of the rear wheel drive Ford Crown Victoria.
Inflation calculator
September 22, 2002
Ken Styan spotted an interesting web site that will figure out what something would cost new today when you input the cost at its vintage date.
Red Cadillac
September 2, 2002
Detroit was the centre of the car making universe and 1959 was perhaps their finest hour. Elvis liked his pink, Afro-Americans preferred while but for everyone else the cadillac of cadillacs was red.
The pretend auto business
August 27, 2002
Back in May of this year we did a story about the expensive SUV version of the US military Hummer. Here is the story of how we got this one wrong.
1956 Plymouth
August 8, 2002
Chrysler made a major design change in 1956 this story tells about the setting and atmosphere of the time.
In Praise of the 57 Chevy
July 11, 2002
Perhaps one of the best cars made as its popularity and influence remains unchanged through the decades.
Cruisin' Sunday Night
July 8, 2002
A mating ritual, a kind of parade to determine pecking order, perhaps all of that and more determined for each individual who is there to drive, ride and look.
Swift Current Motor Madness Weekend
June 16, 2002
Across Saskatchewan several communities celebrate the coming of warm weather with automotive festivities. We take you to a car show at Swift Current's Wheatland mall.
Team Randall In Final Preparations
June 12, 2002
Its been a long haul but Rendall Automotive of Tisdale have nearly finished their stock car to participate in this year's season of racing.
Grad Car 2002
June 9, 2002
Another year, another batch of grad cars. This year they look better.
H1 AM General Hummer
May 27, 2002
The ultimate SUV, the civilian version of the American military utility vehicle.
SilverTown Speedway Begins the 2002 Season
May 26, 2002
Miserable weather Saturday for drivers and fans alike and though it is sunny today the wind remains well over twenty knots so its going to be another dusty day at the track.
1963 Ford Thunderbird
May 15, 2002
Far more than transportation or just a machine, the Ford Thunderbird has served throughout its history as an icon for design and the way Detroit thinks the consumer sees the world.
MGB Roadster
May 12, 2002
Best sign of spring to be seen, a read roadster on a parking lot with the roof down.
Team Randall Readies 2002 Car
May 2, 2002
Though it seems like summer is a long way off the 2002 stock car season will begin soon and when it does Randall Automotive will have their Penzol Special ready to roar around the track.
Western Development Museum - Moose Jaw
April 21. 2002
The Moose Jaw museum of transportation has been completely renovated and here is your chance to tour some of the exhibits with Bert Shire.
Lexus - Transportation !
April 4, 2002
Very impressive car with its on board GPS navigation computer but worth the same as a house, hmmm!
Dramatic Rise In Gasoline Prices
March 29, 2002
Tisdale has been marching to a different tune for some time and Thursday gasoline prices took a leap.
Flip Night
March 16, 2002
Four upended vehicles from Tisdale to Prince Albert last night as drifting snow turned the highway surface to invisible ice patches and traps for unexpecting drivers.
Does Your Car Need an Oil change
February 3, 2002
Here is some valuable information about automobile engines and the maintenance of the whole vehicle.
Take A Deep Breath
January 6, 2002
Winter can be danger and deadly if you have a bad exhaust system on your car.
Regina has the highest automobile theft rate in North America: Mr. Larry Fogg fogs the social problem with his numbers
January 4, 2002
Just because SGI spends more money on road killed deer than the two thousand stolen cars in Regina each year is irrelevent when it comes to considering the enormous social problems in that city.
Tort Option for Motorists Leaves Too Many Questions Unanswered
November 15, 2001
The Saskatchewan Coalition Against No-Fault voice their concerns about the announcement yesterday by SGI in changes in distant future to Saskatchewan insurance policies.
1960 Ford Thunderbird
September 29, 2001
This car series set the trend and standard for more than a decade as Ford designers captured the elegance and flair that caught the driver's taste of the era.
Provincial Stock Car Races
September 22, 2001
Its team versus team this weekend at Silvertown Speedway with over forty competitors from all over the province.
September 15, 2001
Hunting season takes to Saskatchewan roads.
1962 Cadillac
September 13, 2001
Almost out of dream, the 1962 Cadillac is an "ultimate" car.
1955 Meteor Victoria Hard Top
August 24, 2001
A choice black beauty from another time.
Get Up and Go
August 9, 2001
Cruising has its fine points and its ups and downs, this Firebird has both.
59 Fairlane Hard Top
July 16, 2001
When it comes to car design nothing has ever matched the fabulous fifties and this red and white hardtop is what yearly designs was all about.
Sprint Racers Take To Silvertown Track
July 14, 2001
Edmonton's Sprint races are in town this weekend for racing this afternoon and tomorrow at the Silvertown Speedway.
Custom Car
June 19, 2001
Wesley Parkvold on his last day on the job as a work experience student puts together a customised car and gives it a nice black paint job.
Crude and Rude Fuel Pricing
June 9, 2001
Kevin McIntyre points out some incongruenties that we need to consider. Be sure to follow the links on Kevin's stories.
Grad Car 2001
May 31, 2001
A classic paint job this year as the first grad car of the year shows up on the streets of Tisdale.
Stock Car Race Season Begins For Second Year
May 27, 2001
SilverTown Speedway had its first race of the new season yesterday and this afternoon at 2:00 its rumble and spin time.
The Tisdale Mall Parking Lot
March 9, 2001
Here is a involving snap shot of this moment in time as you can do a complete 360º look around the front of the Tisdale Mall in a QuickTime VR panorama, taken around five Thursday. The streaming panorma is around 600KB.
Thar She Blows
February 10, 2001
Whale of a problem for motorists with poor antifreeze.
Salt Cake
January 25, 2001
A reminder to keep your vehicle clean as salt on the highways saves lives but is hell on the vehicle's finish.
Olds To Disappear
January 24, 2001
What will the affects of General Motor's decision to end production of the venerable Oldsmobile be locally and in this province?
Excellent Timing
January 8, 2001
"Look mom, the front wheel fell off!"
Normal Winter Driving
December 30, 2000
The Department of Highways refer driving conditions as "Normal Winter Driving" conditions. Its a fact of Canadian life.
Perhaps a Packard
December 15, 2000
While restoring some pictures for a customer we came across this remarkable car.
November 29, 2000
Here is a look at Pontiac's new Aztek sport utility vehicle with an attitude.
What A Let Down
September 19, 2000
A front wheel came off a car as it was driving along the road to the amazement and consternation of the driver.
Harvest Model "A"
September 18, 2000
A truly beautifully restored model "A" Ford seen at the harvest demonstration Saturday South of town.
1935 Chevrolet Master
September 17, 2000
Wow, what a great vintage car, feast your eyes on this perfectly restored Chevy.
Those Were The Days
September 17, 2000
How my uncles would have shock their heads in wonder at people coming out to watch grain being thrashed.
Mud, Metal and Tires
September 10, 2000
Today's feature article let's you look behind the scenes to appreciate the lore of rural stock car racing as race teams from this part of Canada go fender to fender at the SilverTown Speedway in Tisdale this weekend. This story contains a QuickTime VR and a lot of pictures. Additional pictures and details are found on the "Second Page".
Off To the Races
September 9, 2000
Over forty cars expected in today and tomorrows action at SilverTown speedway.
August 29, 2000
A Red roadster,"remember the feeling when you were sixteen and first got your license, behind the wheel of this you feel like that all the time."
A trend in Tort Reform laws: No-fault, no individual freedom and no responsibility
August 15, 2000
Mario deSantis explains the fundamental principles of common law and how the lack of the ability to sue infringes on our personal safety and liberty.
Wonderful Time Wish You Were Here
August 8, 2000
No you are seeing it right, Monday afternoon Andrew filled his Jeep and the price was 54.9 for regular unleaded.
August 6, 2000
The special originally equipped car remains the ultimate statement of personality.
Merged Metal
August 6, 2000
A fender bender on Ness occurs as FTLComm happens along and we share the evening spoiling event with you.
Race Day
July 1, 2000
Silvertown Raceway is open for business this afternoon with races starting at 6:00
Summer 2000
June 29, 2000
Second warm day in a row, school ends, grad over gas prices up, Yup, must be summer.
Engines Roaring Mud Flying
June 18, 2000
Tisdale Stock Car Club have initiated their first invitational Race Saturday. See some of the action and a Quicktime VR panorama of the scene.
No-Fault is not an administrative matter, it is a politcal matter, it affects all of us
June 11, 2000
Mario deSantis explains the ramifications of the government and SGI's stance taken insupport of this widely criticised system of dealing with accident victims.
Plymouth 1948
June 11, 2000
Here is a brief story about a 1948 Plymouth about to be restored.
The Grad Car Tradition Continues
May 30, 2000
Today we have some pictures of this years "grad cars".
May 15, 2000
A chance meeting with a black wonder prompts a lip-liking page on this Cadillac.
Are We There Yet?
May 15, 2000
A bit heavy for a Monday morning perhaps, but today we consider the markers that we observe as we proceed this existance of ours.
PT Cruiser In Speedy Creek
April 27, 2000
The full picture we had for you in our Sunday article did not do justice to this vehicle so here is a better look.
PT Cruiser
April 23, 2000
This Easter Sunday we take a look at one of the most unusual cars to be introduced into the market in a very long time.
A"Salt" Victim
March 11, 2000
Northern highways are loaded up with salt and this article discusses some concerns about this practice.
The Price is Right!
March 8, 2000
This morning we consider the price of gasoline and speculate about its future.
March 3, 2000
"In spring a young man's fancy turns to ---" Yes we usually thing of "love" in that phrase but spring is the season people like to turn over their cars, trucks, vans and SUVs.
This Won't Last
February 18. 2000
Gas prices rise in Melfort and Tisdale after being five cents lower the Prince Albert and Saskatoon for a week.
Business Is Slow
December 9, 1999
Not a good year so far for tow trucks and service station jumper trucks.
Ford's New 2000 Cars
November 10, 1999
Let's take a look at Ford's new 2000 model economy car that has been introduced to replace the Contour and the Escort.
Mini DB Drag
October 9, 1999
Marquis Sound in Prince Albert have put together a great demonstration sound car.
The 4th Quarter
October 3, 1999
A simplified look at the last financial quarter of the last year of the last century of the second millennium
Getting Ready For Winter
October 2, 1999
Here is a check list for getting your car ready for winter travel.
September 11. 1999
Here is a marvellously customised street rod Studebaker.
The New Car
August 19, 1999
A 1928 Model "A" Ford might not be everyone's new car but for one Tisdale car restorer this one will join his collection and in due course it will become like new.
58 Chevy
August 18, 1999
Here is a look at a great original car from the golden age of automobile manufacturing This article has been updated Aug 21/99
Saskatoon Car Show
August 4, 1999
Join Michael Townsend at the Saskatoon Car show, this beautiful collection of images takes a while to download but it is worth the wait.
Post War Pontiac
July 31, 1999
Here is an eligant look at a 1948 Pontiac that has been on the street in Tisdale this past week.
Narrow Street Ruins Beautiful Afternoon
July 12, 1999
If there were only two vehicles on a street in any town the potential for them running into one another is remarkably high.
Sculptures With Wheels
June 26, 1999
A glance at some images of some old cars.
Old Timers Make Come Back
June 19, 1999
Melfort is the scene of a serious resurection process as aging cars and trucks of all kinds take up their positions on the street.
Grad Car 99
June 16, 1999
A time honoured Tisdale tradition for grad is the construction of a special grad car. This is one of many of this year's variety.
May 6, 1999
There back, once again the specs with legs and wings are out and about.
63 Ford Hard Top
March 31, 1999
Here are some pictures of a car that is thirty-six years old. I have touched up the rust spots on it and the chrome of the sixties lives again on the pages of Ensign.
51 Dodge
March 12, 1999
My favourite colour, blue and this blue beauty is an eye full. The owner has just taken it out of storage because he needed the room and this machine is for sale.
Vintage Machines
February 18, 1999
Not the fancy museum pieces here are some pictures of some old cars as they were photographed when they were considered old cars.
Locked Out
December 19, 1998
Can happen to anyone anytime but the onset of weather and very low temperatures increases the chances of a driver locking his car with the keys inside the car.
Plymouth Forever
December 11, 1998
This is a real 1950 Plymouth unlike th e1952 model we mislabelled back in November. This is our fourth article on various versions of this remarkable car still around and still in great condition.
Plymouth Mania
November 17, 1998
The recent article on old Plymouths has increased our awareness of these machines here is a view of a 1940 version.
My 1950 Plymouth
November 10, 1998
Lanny Knutson's letter prompted me to check up on my own 1950 Plymouth and indeed I had miss-identified the vehicle in the article last week. So here is mine.
1950 Plymouth
November 2, 1998
A nostalgic look at a classic 1950 Plymouth still in use in Tisdale.
Mission Classic Drag Races
September 14, 1998
Michael Townsend takes us on a personal tour of the culture revolving around classic cars, their restoration and racing. This is a car lovers article, with some great images of some special vehicles.
Ruined Vacation
August 6, 1998
SUV and camper flip on Transcanada.
Smoky's New Wheels
Sunday, July 12, 1998
Prince Albert RCMP Highway Patrol get new 98 Camero
Kit Roadster
Thursday, July 9, 1998
Homebuilt cars are not a thing of the past, check this one out.
Metal, Motors and Money
Wednesday, July 8, 98
This week's editorial considers the car culture of North American
Melfort Car Show
Wednesday, July 8, 98
Here is a look at last year's car show
Pictures by Matthew Shire

Crunch - Victoria Avenue and Ring Road

Tuesday, June 30, 1998
Summer travel brings the dangers of the activity to the forefront as we consider the acceptance the public has for continued road mayhem.

Start Your Engines

Saturday, June 27, 1998
Tisdale's race cars clean up in Nipawin and this week challenge the Prince Albert track