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This page has the various stories that involve trucking, trucks or have pictures of trucks.
Motor Madness Weekend
Saturday, June 7, 2003
by: Timothy W. Shire
The weather was a little less than exciting but Tisdale and its visitors are determined to make the best of 13º temperatures and cloudy skies.
Automated round bale handling
October 12, 2002
An Alberta manufacturer is turning out equipment that allows the pickup of those huge bales fright from the field and then set them in the farm yard.
Yellow Pickup - 1999 Dodge Sport 4 x 4
September 29, 2002
A Yorkton resident from Tisdale stopped downtown Thursday just after noon and his sharp pickup caught this photographer's eye.
Yellow Ford Pickup
July 17, 2002
A super little classic mid fifties Ford pick up in shiny yellow paint who could imagine a better ride.
Travel Storage
June 10, 2002
Remember the saying that you can never have to much closet space, well the same is true when you go camping with a pickup, you can never have to much storage space.
The Struggle
May 19, 2002
With determination farmers are planting the crop of 2002 but nature is showing extreme indifference to the process.
The Belated Spring of 2002
April 3, 2002
Ride along on a road to Regina from Tisdale Tuesday as we see drought and a late spring arrival.
Prairie Producer Car Shippers Association
February 18, 2002
A new farm support organisation is well on its way to becoming a positive entity as this press release announces their upcoming meeting in Swift Current.
Student Driver
February 14, 2002
Once again its time for a full heavy truck driving course in Tisdale.
Shifting Economics
January 26, 2002
What makes money one place loses money somewhere else as we see the alfalfa dehydration industry radically altered.
Bins - Hopes Unfulfilled
December 6, 2001
With winter here the prospects of a new crop year loom ahead as many turn their thoughts toward spring. Here is one opinion on what we might expect.
Old Ford Pickup
November 10, 2001
A look at the classic design of a pickup truck more than sixty years old.
To The Bumper
October 15, 2001
Just a bit of rain and a vehicle falls through a recent excavation.
A Hunting We Will Go!
October 14, 2001
Mechanised hunting expeditions have become the norm as sportsmen set forth on their annual trek into the woods. From the look of the machines the dangers to the hunters far exceed any threat to the moose population.
Biiiiiig Trucks
September 21, 2001
Bow Mar Sales Ltd. In Tisdale has expanded its stock of heavy metal. This story also has been set up so you can listen to it if you wish.
July 5, 2001
Northern Steel Industries ships six large tanks at once to Airdrie Alberta.
Sweet Chevy - 1972
June 24, 2001
GM got in right with the early seventies pick-up, this 1972 is the essence of a great truck.
Greenwater Report For February 23, 2001
February 23, 2001
Actually Gerald Crawford made the report last Sunday but it was lost in our email problem and we were unable to post it until today. This report tells about a truck accident, fishing observations, comments on casinos and the metal in our coinage.
Filling a Vacuum
January 23, 2001
With talk of attempting to form a wheat marketing cartel grain selling nations are a long way removed from helping the plight of Saskatchewan farmers attempting to make a go of it growing the once crown of cereal grains.
January 5, 2001
A reasonable farm truck of its day when a long haul was five miles.
Little Clipper
December 20, 2000
An Alberta Clipper roared through the Southern prairies yesterday but treated us gently.
Saving $11 on 3¢ Worth
December 12, 2000
Farmers reduce their costs by shipping grain themselves as two farms load malting barley in Tisdale.
The Greenwater Report for December 4, 2000
December 4, 2000
Gerald Crawford tells about the wind, birds, mysterious surveying, new snowmobile trail, Joe Clark and ice fishing.
Just Checking
August 23, 2000
Saskatchewan Highway Transport Patrol goes to work on three sides of Tisdale today screening trucks.
Wood Lots
August 19, 2000
As farmers harvest trees from wooded farmland to create more cultivated land we need to think about deliberately creating wood lots on marginal farm land.
Big Motorhome
August 15, 2000
Heavy metal comes to the RV world with a large tractor unit being used as the base for a motorhome.
Custom Pickup
July 22, 2000
A photo essay in praise of a pretty pickup.
And the Trucks Just Keep On Coming
July 19, 2000
And coming and coming, we are being overwhelmed with "B" trains and then some. Stories like this have been told before but must be told over and over again for us to realise the consequences of in-action.
The Greenwater Report for June 26, 2000
June 26, 2000
Gerald Crawford keeps us posted on rain fall the golf course, camp grounds, a trip to Cranbrook and where to get big pants.
White Light'n
June 3, 2000
Three Nipawin fellows stopped to refuel in Tisdale on their way to the Dundurn mud races this weekend.
Peeking Through The Cracks
May 21, 2000
Rock damage and cracks scar the viewing surface of a pickup truck.
Demoted House Leaves Town
May 4, 2000
Replaced house leaves town this morning. We documented the construction of the new house as it was built, now we see the old house make its departure.
Monday's Loadin' Day
April 17, 2000
Long haul trucks converge on Northern Steel every day of the week but Monday is special.
To the Mountains
April 2, 2000
Stopped at Wakaw to refuel a trio of Hudson Bay snowmobiliers are on their way to BC to find some snow. This story and more will be posted just after noon today. Thanks for dropping by.
Round Wood
March 28, 2000
Not completely unique for odd loads but this truck of cores is an interesting load spotting in Tisdale Monday.
The Heat Goes On
February 27, 2000
Tisdale Dehydration plants runs all year round this year. As bails are being processed around the clock in this busy processing plant
To Market
February 23, 2000
Private custom trucking operations provide needed services to livestock producers.
Sylvan Lake Tanks
February 9, 2000
Northern Steel ships first of contract to Alberta Oilfield. This article has a sequence of pictures showing the loading process.
Lean on Me!
February 3, 2000
Small fork lift decides that it is better to drive then be carried.
Daily Grind
February 1, 2000
The loads of grain, lumber, manufacturing equipment and sundries rumble in and through the community around the clock.
Bottom Out
January 20, 2000
Truck driver discovers limitations of ice bridge on his way to Yellowknife.
Pressing On From Houston to Hudson Bay
January 11, 2000
Two massive industrial loads stop over night in Tisdale on their way to the new mill in Hudson Bay.
Build, Finish, Ship
December 14, 1999
Monday was the day for the trucks to haul away production from Northern Steel.

Today marks a minor anniversary, this day a year ago Ensign began posting the weather each day and now by clicking on the weather log you can go back to a year ago today to see what it was like.
The Pickup
December 8, 1999
A look at a mid sixties pickup truck.
Yukon Denali
November 20, 1999
We take a look at General Motor's best vehicle, the "Denali". $63,000 SUV.
Following Up
July 26, 1999
Keeping up to date on stories from this past week.
To Baffin Island
July 24, 1999
Earlier this week we told you about trucks starting to haul off the first four of the eleven tanks made for the Department of National Defence. Today we take a look at the second set to begin their journey.
Jet A-1 Tanks Go East
July 22, 1999
Eleven tanks start on their way to Northern Quebec and Ontario. Northern Steel Industries establishes marketing foothold in Eastern Canada.
Big Gas Truck
July 15, 1999
Ensign takes a look at the movement of fuel.
Gravelled Streets Get Treatment
June 2, 1999
The Town of Tisdale had a big truck out applying anti-dust treatment this morning.
Bee Moving
May 27, 1999
Part of the process of alfalfa production is dealt with as we see a field just before it is to be worked up.
"They Think It Was the Truck"
May 2, 1999
Dziadyk family of Alvena loose their house to a fire just about a month ago.
To Winnipeg
April 3, 1999
Time for a little travellog, here are some pictures taken along the way between Regina and Winnipeg on the Transcanada Highway.
March Light
March 2, 1999
Come along on a ride to Saskatoon and back on Monday afternoon, take in the sights and perhaps gain some insights.
Delivery Day
February 17, 1999
Another day and another two tanks, big ones, ship from Northern Steel Industries. This innovative and hard working company continues to make 'em and ship 'em.
Logging Trucks Southbound
January 28, 1999
Curiousity arises from the flow of more logging trucks through town these ones coming from the North.
Truck Driving School
January 23, 1999
Each year course are conducted to train prospective drivers to handle the big rigs that cruise around, what's left of Saskatchewan's road system. Courses in air brakes and actual tractor operation are ongoing in Tisdale at this time.
Saw Logs From McKague
January 23, 1999
Last week the question about where the logs were coming from came up and today we have the answer.
January 15, 1999
A photo-essay of a sample of trucks met at the 4-way stop at the junction of highways 35 and 3 at Tisdale.
Hay, Where You Goin'?
December 19, 1998
West of Melfort a "B" train of cattle feed heading West.
Safety Is Their Business
December 19, 1998
Near Birch Hills we see the Saskatchewan Department of Highways and Transportation doing their work as they stop a truck for a routine safety inspection.
And Then Some
November 26, 1998
More then enough bails and then some as the Tisdale Alfalfa stock pile grows and grows.
About Town Saturday Afternoon
November 22, 1998
Here is some follow up to stories posted earlier in Ensign plus some pictures of some developments.
October 15, 1998
An oversized load makes its way through town on its way to Northern Steel's plant.
Time Marches On
September 29, 1998
Abandoned farm buildings and their purpose raise questions about the speed of change in the agricultural scene of today and the future.
Best Year Since 86
September 10, 1998
Chupa Trenching & Excavation enjoys summer of steady work as they develop a host of basements in and around Tisdale.
Harvest Valley
August 22, 1998
The pace is hectic at the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool's Tisdale facility with deliveries and shipping in the midst of harvest.
In Search of the Wonders of Old
Thursday, Jule 2, 1998
A chance encounter with some old trucks on a flat bed at a truck stop poses some interesting questions.
Mobile Homes! -
Thursday, June 11, 1998
Movement of houses and building on the prairies is considered in this short article.