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1400 Thursday - Overcast cumulus 2,300, overcast strato-cumulus 6,100, overcast stratus 7,300,
Ceiling 2,300, visibility 15, 1 ºC, wind 8 knots at 200º, altimeter 29.89


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Main street in Ridgedale at 4:09 Friday, March 5th. Ensign will not post until Monday March 15th.
Ridgedale in March
March 11, 2010
by: Timothy W. Shire

Ridgedale: Elevators gone or closed, school closed, a community that one might think of as in retreat but in many ways still a viable community and clearly still the home and work place for a good number of people. Here are some pictures taken last Friday of the community and some interesting aspects to what can be see just driving around in Ridgedale.

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Today in Ensign
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Tim's Tip of the Day

Sometimes its bad planning sometimes its just bad technology, there is always an excuse but no matter what mistakes are made. Most are insignificant but but perfection is simply not one of the main features of human existence. (Click on thumb nail to see full size.)

Find of the day

Montmartre School student wins $75,000 Weston Loran Award Scholarship
A 17 year-old whirlwind of activity having spent time in both the Arctic and Antarctic doing research and lving a more than full life in Montmartre has won a scholarship over four years to Simon Fraser.

Happenings In Tisdale:

Grain bin assembly
March 10, 2010
by: Timothy W. Shire

Tisdale: One of the sure signs of spring is the Beeland Co-op's yard starts become active. Bases had been delivered earlier now its time for this year's crop of bins to be put together.
Spring's progress
March 9, 2010
by: Timothy W. Shire

Tisdale: It only slipped slightly below freezing last night and by mid afternoon the overcast vanished to reveal a blue sky and the temperature zoomed upward at the same time the puddles are growing bigger and bigger.
Hutchison's general store
March 9, 2010
by: Mr. Hutchison

Leacross: Leacross is one of the several now abandoned communities in the Tisdale area. I visited there in April of last year and after posting the story received an e-mail from a former resident but it was not until Friday that I was back to get some more images.
The Greenwater report
March 8, 2010
by: Gerald Crawford

Saskatoon: It is possible that Gerald has spring fever. He went to the boat and leisure show then went and checked out his motorhome and is already looking forward to the first camping trip of the season. We do not recommend changing those snow tires just yet Gerald.
Miles of grain cars
March 4, 2010
by: Timothy W. Shire

Tisdale: Strings of grain hauling "B" trains have been making their way through and by town all day today. Upon visiting four of the closest inland grain terminals to Tisdale I discovered three of the terminals each had more than a mile of rail grain hopper cars spotted awaiting loading at each terminal. Upon visiting each terminal I had to pull over to the side of the road for trucks arriving and departing from those terminals.
Run off beginning
March 4, 2010
by: Timothy W. Shire

Tisdale: With the temperature just around the freezing mark each day water is forming and making its way to the natural drainage system and we are beginning to see water on top of the ice in the streams and turning the snow to slush.
First taste of spring
March 2, 2010
by: Timothy W. Shire

Tisdale: Our streets are melting, there are puddles, no one seems to be able to stay inside and the long days with great sunshine are just getting longer. Yes these are signs of spring and they are welcomed by everyone after what has to be a very mild winter. This story shows some of Tisdale this afternoon.
The spirit of the 2010 Olympics
March 2, 2010
by: Timothy W. Shire

Tisdale: Despite the politicians and the corporations who tried so earnestly to use the Olympics for their own purposes Canadians came through. They and their athletes made the games a success and we need to be proud of the way Canadians came together with the games and how our athletes deserved the support their received.
The Greenwater report
March 1, 2010
by: Gerald Crawford

Saskatoon: A couple of interesting wild life pictures this week in the report and Gerald tells us about his reaction and involvement in the Vancouver Winter Olympic games.
Pedation of preditors
February 26, 2010
by: Timothy W.. Shire

Porcupine Plain: The actions of government are almost always political and rarely based on scientific research or even common sense. The $20 bounty on coyotes is a remarkable example of poorly thought out government action to satisfy a few vocal ranchers. As far as we know there are no sheep ranches in the Porcupine Plain area but there are thousands and thousands of rodents in urgent need of control.
Parkland Photography Club February meeting
February 24, 2010
by: Darlene McCullough

Tisdale: This month's meeting brought the club up to date on on going projects and it was time to judge two theme shoots. Dramatic images for "lines" and "mundane". But the club is also proud to share with you Jenny Fritshaw's knock out picture of a coyote eating a frozen crab apple.
Did you know that watches once ticked?
February 23, 2010
by: Timothy W. Shire

Tisdale: Many rural roads are blocked waiting for spring to melt away the winter's snow. But each day is a little longer and soon each day will be a little warmer as February turns to March and we can experience some real storms.
One Canadian's view of the games in Vancouver
February 22, 2010
by: Michael Townsend

Kamloops: The hype of the Olympics asside, when it comes right down to it the Canadian medal winners demonstrated outstanding sportsmanship and what Canadians are proud of in being Canadian. This story also reports on and refers to an interview that was heard on CBC Radio's Q programme where American broadcaster Brian Williams pretty much puts the negative views of the Vancouver Olympics to bed. The composite image at the top of the page "Figure skating rocks" was created from CTV's live coverage online of the event.
The Greenwater report
February 22, 2010
by: Gerald Crawford

Saskatoon: This week we have a note from Greenwater to catch us up on some of the departures and arrivals and Gerald tells us about the Flea Market and model train show he visited and then mentions a book launch on Porcupine Plain's famous parolympic athlete.
This is embarrassing
February 17, 2010
by: Kevin McIntyre

Carrot River: Bad planning, glitches, bad weather and an underlying bad money grubbing attitude seem to be making the Vancouver 2010 Olympics an embarrassment to all Canadians and are giving the country a black eye in the way Canada is being portrayed around the world. The death of the Georgian Luge racer occurred on a dangerous track and the organisers blamed the victim then put up barriers to prevent a reoccurence of the incident. This story includes three excellent references.
The Greenwater report
February 16, 2010
by: Gerald Crawford

Saskatoon: After skipping the last two weeks Gerald explains his hectic schedule has kept him from getting off his weekly column to us all. So this week's report involves an item by item account of what he has been up to as the winter wears on and on.
Olympics because of the love of sport
February 16, 2010
by: Ken Styan

Tisdale: Ken Styan takes the editor of Ensign to task for his negativity toward the Vancouver Olympics pointing out that after all is said and done it really is for the atheletes themselves to make the event a success. Kevin McIntyre gets his two cents worth in and adds a couple of interesting references that are really worth checcking out.

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