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With the snowfall over much of the province Sunday Monday’s storm is expected to bring up to 30 cm of additional snow to the southeast but watch for updates as this one is moving quickly and conditions will change.
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Developed by the University of regina and the University of Saskatchewan researchers have created a synthetic antibiotic that is now undergoing animal testing.
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Here is how Canada’s First Nations people can and are coming to terms with making things better for themselves. This is about a school north of Prine Rupert and its first graduating high school class.
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With the new year there are many changes to various costs. SaskPower, SGI, workman’s comp and new laws for drunk driving and cellphone use behind the wheel.
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Scientists have always been sceptical about cold blooded dinosaurs this discovery in an amber shows how they did it, they had feathers. This amber even has indications of soft tissue and blood so it is a valuable time capsule.
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Facing a growing deficit the provincial government is looking for ways to save money and since education is one of the major expenditures it seems logical to start there. One plan is to reduce the number of school divisions but one expert says that will not save any money.
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For Rider fans the 2016 season has been one repeated 20 gamble schedule of exhibition games with over 100 different players and mostly loses. Glenn Reid sums up the abysmal showing last night in Regina in this story.
October 7, 2016, Reuters, Asia times
Gilmore, Scott, Maclean’s magazine, posted here September 23, 2016
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This is one of those stories that is almost intended to be confusing. US job growth is slowing and the expected increase in the base interest rate after the election is now considered unlikely.
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Politicians from the distant past to the present speak as though Canada’s North is a reality but it is grossly underdeveloped, neglected and not defended in any way.
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Not counting Saskatoon there were more than 300 drivers charge with driving while impaired. It is hard to explain why something to simple and so deadly is so common place.
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It was not until well into the 70s that there was acceptance of a wide variety of immigrants into Saskatchewan and even the productive Ukrainian farmers were shunned during both wars.
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The Texas company that owns the port of Churchill and the railway has decided to shut it down laying off all of its workers. This is a national and strategic part of Canada and its claim to the arctic.
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While the rise in house prices in Vancouver and Toronto continue at ridiculous levels they declining slightly in Quebec, Halifax, Calgary and Edmonton.
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Ottawa’s crowded downtown became even more confusing with the series of marathons scheduled for Saturday and Sunday. However the heat nearly cancelled the event and race times were changed.
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A 26 year old Winnipeg man with epilepsy was taken into custody for drinking. Refused the drugs need three times a day to prevent seizures he had an episode was restrained and died. Essentially he was executed for his alcohol problem.
April 30, 2016, Deaton, Jeremy, Popular Science
April 18, 2016, Dinh, Victoria, CBC News
April 6, 2016, Vagianos, Alanna, The Huffington Post
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This amazing article in Popular Science explains how wood construction is about to replace steel and concrete in high rise structures. More environmentally friendly, lighter and faster to construct.
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It is ‘almost’ a surprise as the building and construction trades are really beginning to feel a slow down in new projects have more than a decade of boom.
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18 year old Game of Throne star Maisie Williams points out that we are all human and those who are in need of a label are the ‘sexists’.
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Saudi Arabia shares a border with Syria but official has not taken in any refugees. It thanked Canada for doing so and gave Canada a cheque for just a little more than a dollar a head, a cheque for $31,000.
March 20, 2016, Broomfield, Matt, The Independent
MARCH 12, 2016, Aleksandra Sagan, the Canadian Press, CBC News
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A regular United States Marine sergeant was killed on Friday in Iraq as his unit were involved in direct action with the ISIS forces. Hints from Washington indicate that there will be more involved joining more that 3,600 already in the fighting.
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Food science is rapidly moving so that within five years milk, meat and poultry products will be grown directly no animals involved.
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On December 14 without advising Canada the USA closed its air space to Canadian civilian aircraft by issuing a NOTAM declaring all their airspace a defence zone.
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One month after two teachers shot dead and two still in hospital the staff will be going back to work on February 22 with classes expected to resume in early March.
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No question the world’s economic out look is in a colossal rut, There are fears of recession around the world and central banks and all the experts are at a loss as to what to do. Japan is even going to try negative interest rates.
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If you have been socking money away in RRSPs you can use that money without paying taxes on it for the purchase of a house or education provided you pay it back. You can borrow the money from yourself.
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The economic downturn of 2008/9 did not have a renewal or rebound because of world government’s softening the blow for the banks. But, for things to change maybe we are going actually hit rock bottom.
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Surveying the history of the stock market and how the beginning of year goes has a high correspondences with how the rest of the year will go. This year is not looking good.
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CBC business analyst Don Pittis identifies some serious issues that could confront the Canadian and the world economic situation in the coming year.
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The type face or fonts we use are an important part of the whole communications world. This new font has been created to encompass the elements that make up Canada and be an national font..
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With oil continuing to fall the Canadian dollar and the Toronto stock exchange are both in serious trouble. Food prices and nearly everything else will cost more and more.
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CBC’s distinguished correspondent Joe Schlesinger gives us his outstanding perspective on the contributions that can be expected from the Syrian refugees that will so be arriving in Canada in big numbers.
November 19, 2015, Friscolanti, Michael, MacLean’s magazine
October 23, 2015 - Neil MacDonald, CBC News
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This came as a surprise to me, refugees coming to Canada have to repay the cost of their airfare. This story from MacLean’s magazine examines the whole business of refugees coming to Canada and having to start paying for their flight 30 after arrival.
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A rash of 40 or more incidents of whooping cough in Southern Manitoba with only two of the victims having had any immunisation for the preventable disease. The real terror is this is a fatal illness for infants since even if immunised they will not have immunity to the disease.
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A really big study on dieting using 68,000 people discovered that there was no benefit from following a no fat or low fat diet. Apparently portion size is the best guide and works a bit, though most diets fail.
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In talking about his days reporting on Margaret Trudeau CBC reporter Neil MacDonald gives us a rare and personal view of the background and nature of our new prime minister.