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Neil Macdonald: Too big to jail, Washington's new line on Wall Street   Experts find Irish state oversaw Catholic laundries for 'fallen' women; premier avoids apology   Bloody battle of Stalingrad remembered 70 years on
February 12, 2013, Neil Macdonald, CBC News   February 6, 2013, Shawn Pogatchnik, Associated Press, The Saskatoon Star Phoenix   February 2, 2013, Karen Pauls, CBC News

This story by CBC Washington correspondent Neil Macdonald clearly tells the story of the financial meltdown of 2008 and the US government's donations to the cause of the trouble, the banks. Now it seems the accomplice was the rating agency Standards & Poor who are going to get off with a modest fine for plugging worthless paper.   From 1922 until 1996 young Irish women were forced into a slave system run by the Catholic church. They were placed in the laundry operations by priests, courts, their parents and schools. Amazing for a seemingly civilized country.   Germany's attempt to take the oil fields of southern Russia ended with a devastating defeat at Stalingrad. Many see it as the turning point the beginning of the end for the Third Reich as its reversals piled up after that.
From Alberta to China with nine kids in tow   Canadians payuing down debt faster, Equifax says   The Second Amendment was Ratified to Preserve Slavery
January 31, 2013, Licia Coreella, Calgary Herald   January 25, 2013, CBC News   January 17, 2013, Thom Hartmann, Truth Out

A remarkable Bragg Creek family are going to spend the next nine months in China learning Mandarin and soaking up the culture. Mom, Dad and nine children ages 15 to 10 months. They will teach English to prospective north american nannies and develop a tourist business for Chinese to come and experience Canada.   We keep hearing that with low interest rates Canadians are carrying to much debt. Well here is the good news, they are borrowing but they are paying off those debts fast. Credit card balances are shrinking and the rate of people falling behind by 90 days is only 1.19%. Not onoy that there is an 11% decline in people acquiring new debt as they tend to stick with the lines of credit and limited number of cards.   The ridiculous preaching about upholding their constitution by Americans is somewhat confusing. In this article by Thom Hartmann we get an explanation as to why after the rebellion against Britain Americans were allowed to carry firearms. It wasn't for a good cause.
Dangerous air pollution forces Beijing residents indoors   Scientists explore the illusion of memory   How to fund the awesome things in life
January 13, 2013 -CBC News   January 4, 2013 -CBC News   December 30, 2012 -CBC News

At 500 PM2.5 particulates its time to stay inside but Beijing has had recent readings of up to and over 800. Coal fires, home heating and concentration of people make the situation in China's capital unbreathable. Other Chinese cities are also in trouble and during winter there is no hope in sight.   We all know about the transience of memory but in this CBC story discussing the findings of Dr. Eric Kandel. it would seem each time a memory is recalled it is restored but slightly altered each time. In addition scientists are working on methods to expunge a memory entirely.   Each month Edward Ocampo-Gooding
and nine other Ottawa high tech people contribute $100 to the "Awesome Foundation" then give the $1,000 to a project they like with no strings attached. The movement began in 2009 in Boston and has spread to 50 other places worldwide all funding "awesome" projects.
Neil Macdonald: Death and delusion in a nation of assault rifles   Dave Brubeck: Take Five jazz pianist dies   A law professor for the ages
December 21, 2012 -Neil Macdonald, CBC News   December 6, 2012 -BBC   November 30, 2012 - Jeanette Stewart, Saskatoon Star Phoenix


CBC's Washington correspondent discusses the ridiculous situation the United States finds itself as any person angry or unbalanced can so easily get weapons and slay people, in this case children. Amazingly many Americans think what is needed are more guns.

  One of the first recordings my wife and I bought was "Take Five" and we have cherished it and the magnificent performance ever since 1968. Dave Brubeck's contribution to music and life in general is outstanding. He would have been 92 today.   Jeanette Stewart of the Star Phoenix tells an extremely interesting story about one of the University of Saskatchewan's law professors. This multi-talented and multi-disciplined teacher is also a historian and a powerful advocate for Saskatchewan history. In addition is a remarkable role model for aboriginal students as she has forged ahead and encourages others to do the same.
Saskatchewan to allow partial stripping in bars   ABC's "Scandal': Women in Washington, Political Power and Holly Petraeus   The incredible image that reveals how the Eath's oceans plunged the planet into a catastrophic big freeze
November 21, 2012 -CBC News   November 17, 2012 - Alyssa Rosenberg, The Daily Beast   November 9, 2012 - Damien Gayle, The Daily Mail of London

Only Saskatchewan does not allow striptease in its bars and the government has decided to change that and 72 other regulations related to liquor sales in the province. In addition they want to lower the drinking age and make liquor stores private. One wonders about the priorities of this government. Remember what your mother said "just because everyone else does it doesn't make it right."   If you have watched the series "Scandal" or even "One Life to live" on television you have good grasp of scandal and soap opera combined. But the remarkable scandal in Washington that has resulted in the resignation of the head of the CIA is just as complex as any fiction and even less believable.   A remarkable discovered coming about because of increased computer power has discovered that the dumping of the really big Lake Agassiz into the arctic ocean dropped the world's temperature for 1,000 years. This has implications for our situation today.
Stricter smoking bans tied to more health benefits   Two million to be moved in one of the largest relocations in Chinese history   Market Crash "Could Hit Within Weeks," Warns Analyst
November 3, 2012 - CBC News   November 2, 2012 - Tom Phillips, The Telegram   October 27, 2012 - Terry Weiss, Money Morning

Though it seems obvious the hard facts are in the restrictons on smoking in the work place and public places is paying off with substantial savings in health care costs. Not just a little saving but a drop from 15% to 24% on the numbers of people hospitalized for cardiac issues.   China is in Canadian news a lot lately and with good reason. But while we are aware of the growing spread between rich and poor in our country the difference between urban and rural Chinese incomes is a serious matter and one that the Chinese government is hoping to address. This story gives you a look at the problems.   A team of experts have spotted an unsettling trend that suggests the market is about to collapse but also food, energy and government services. Unsustainable debt and factors created by governments world wide have move the world to the brink.
Toronto Police Fugitive Squad nabs businessman with ties to Jason Kenney, John Baird   What the NDP are scared of: Justin Trudeau   Teen smoking linked to earlier death
October 26, 2012 - Stephen Maher, National Post   October 12, 2012 - Gerald Caplan, Toronto Globe and Mail   October 4, 2012 - Reuters

As Jason Kenney continues to proclaim his duty to keep bad guys out of Canada a Conservative contributor and associate Nathan Jacobson was arrested today in Toronto for failing to appear for a sentence hearing in San Diego.   Young and candid Justin Trudeau is going after Canada's youth and has the star quality to pull it off. The Liberal leadership race will be decided by the general public not just members of the Liberal party. Young Trudeau is alining at a populist wide spectrum of Canadian voters. He is ignoring traditional Canadian politics.   No surprise here but the statistics on this huge study of 10,000 people are alarming with solid numbers to back up the warns we have heard for years. One surprise is that despite these hard facts only about 3% of smokers actually quit each year.
Brian Stewart: The growing cabal of English-speaking nations   'Wife of Jesus' reference in Coptic 4th Century script   Adult killer whales need their Mamas too
September 28, 2012 - Brian Stewart, CBC News   September 19, 2012 - BBC News   September 14, 2012 - Elizabeth Pennisi, Science Now

CBC's Brian Stewart has some considered analysis of the growing and strengthening ties between the English speaking countries of the world as they seem more and more to be acting in concert with one another.   Harvard professor authenticates papyrus fragment with a reference by Jesus to his "wife". Scholars have for centuries suggested that would have been highly unlikely that he would not have had a partner by the time of his death. Theologians are very tense about this one.   Other than humans, killer whales and pilot whales are the only known species to experience menopause. Studying 600 West Coast whales scientists have discovered the remarkably important part mothers and grandmother whales in the success of their offspring.
Race to the End   Mountie's work on drug case earns eagle feather   Putting pro-gun theory to test, man shoots himself in backside
September 7, 2012 - Tom Hundley, Foreign Policy   August 31, 2012 - CBC News   August 16, 2012 - Editorial staff Los Angeles Times

This is a chilling article that spells out the dramatic build up of weapons by Pakistan and India. With four China developed reactors Pakistan is churning out huge amounts of weapons grade material. Pakistan is developing battle field tactical nuclear weapons. Tom Hurdley's story explains the terrifying gravity of the situation.   Constable XXXXXXXX of the Tisdale RCMP detachment was awarded an eagle feather by the Kinistin Saulteaux First Nation on Thursday, August 30, 2012 for his work in arresting two drug dealers on the Kinistin reservation.   This editorial from the Los Angeles Times considers the absurdity of the position so many Americans are taking about individuals owning and carrying guns. On Tuesday at a suburban theatre near Reno Nevada a 56 year old man accidentlly shot himself in the buttocks.
Return of the Dust Bowl   Droughts show global warming is 'scientific fact'   Den Tandt: Young Pierre Trudeau and the creeping decay of Canadian democracy
August 11, 2012 - The Independent / David Osborne   August 5, 2012 - Associated Press / CBC News   Ju;ly 9, 2012 - Den Tandt, Montreal Gazette

The farming practices of the 1920s combined with a serious drought created the "dirty thirties". Modern continuous cropping and abnormal high temperatures could lead to a similar situation as 70% of US counties have declared an emergency from drought.   NASA researcher's report simply points out that no other explanation covers the phenomena now occurring world wide. They were predicting 9 days in Washington DC above 35ºC each year, this year there have been 23 days of such temperatures.   Before he became Justice Minister and the prime Minister for sixteen years, in 1958 Trudeau wrote some amazingly insightful essays about the nature of democracy and what the limits of government should be.
Are we leaving too much information online?   AP's 'napalm girl' photo is saviour, curse for survivor of attack in Vietnam 40 years ago   No swimming at the Saskatchewan Riviera: Sandbar magically appears on Prairie rive, but having fun is a crime
June 15, 2012 - Nora Young, CBCs   June 1, 2012 - Margie Mason, Associated Press   May 24, 2012 - Joe O'Connor, National Post

The host of CBC radio program "Sparks" Nora Young has been seriously researching the amount of personal information computer users are sharing online. This is important info for FaceBook and Twitter users.   June 8, 1972 Nick Ut took the Pulitzer prize image of a naked nine year old horribly burned with napalm. The image had a profound affect on ending the conflict. The girl, Phan Thi Kim Phuc lives in Toronto with her husband and sons.   Saskatoon has a beach right in the middle of the city but the city government has decided not to develop or sanction its use. Legal worries and the strong current of the river have made their response to put up no swimming signs and not provide any services.
Old Age Security affordable without changes, watchdog says   'Goodbye to China, country of contradictions'   Banks go $114B from governments during recession
May 18, 2012 - CBC News   May 11, 2012 - Melissa Chan, Al Jazeera   May 1, 2012 - CBC News

Canada's old age pension was designed to cope with the large numbers of baby boomers who are now becoming senior citizens. For political reasons the Harper government is changing the eligibility age to 67 from 65 but the House of Common's budget officer Kevin Page says that there is no need to do so. The programme is sustainable and in 2007 a report was given to the government but has been made top secret and never released to the public.   Al Jazeera has been kicked out of China but the reporter Melissa Chan gives a parting glimpse of what she has learned about the culture its social conditions and the many contradictions she saw while working in various parts of China.   About $3,400 for every person in Canada went to prop up Canada's banks during the recession. This was and is being kept a secret but it looks like for that much money we could have nationalized the banks. So it would seem the free enterprise free market system is almost completely reliant upon tax payers putting money in the pockets of the corporations.
Federal scientiests closely monitored during polar conference   Fake flood evacuees in Manitoba about to lose benefits   First man arrested with drone evidence vows to fight case
April 25, 2012 - CBC News   April 20, 2012 - CBC News   April 10, 2012 - Jason Koebler, US News

Scientist who work for the government are not permitted to talk to the media about reports and articles they have published in journals without supervision by political commissars. In a recent polar conference scientist were told they could not talk to the press without a "media relations contact" present. This sort of supervision was common in the USSR and Communist China but unheard of in Canada until now.   Last year's flood made 800 people homeless on Lake St. Martin reserve. Since then they are still in Winnipeg hotels only they number 1,300. About 500 folks from Winnipeg from the reserve claimed homelessness as they came originally from Lake St. Martin.   Some cows wandered onto Rodney Brossart's farm near Grand Forks North Dakota. When the Sheriff came to recover the cattle Rodney and his sons drove them off with hunting rifles. He was later arrested with the help of a Homeland Security border surveillance drone. Rodney thinks that's illegal.
Denver 911 apologizes for deadly instructions   Opposition claims Myanmar's Suu Kyi wins   Signs of Supreme Court activism worry Reagan administration lawyers
April 5, 2012 - Coleen Curry, ABC News  

April 1, 2012 - Yangon, Daccen Chronicle

  March 31, 2012 - David G. Savage, Washington Bureau, LA Times

At 4:00 AM on a Denver highway a passenger in a car report a case of road rage. The 911 operator send the car back to where the incident took place for police assistance. They did as told and Jimma Reat, 26 was shot and killed. No arrests or suspects in the case.   After being held in house arrest of more than two decades winner of the Nobel Peace prize Suu Kyi has won the election in Myanmar, the cointry that used to be called Burma.   Though this situation is related to the American Supreme Court we have similar cases developing here in Canada as conservative and moderate ideology becomes are part of the legal process. Political bias seems to now be part and parcel of legal opinion.
Obama urges 'soulpsearching' after Florida teen's death   Arizona bill could require reason for birth control   Robert Fisk: The fearful realities keeeping the Assad regime in power
March 23, 2012 - CBC News   March 17, 2012 - Paul Davenport, Associated Press   March 8, 2012 - Robert Fisk, The Independent

This amazing story illustrates the remarkable racist situation in the United States of America. KKK and lynchings now replaced with gun welding vigilant who simply shot and killed a 17 year old wearing a hoody and talking on a cell phone.   In Arizona and perhaps some other US states it may well be for a woman to have contraceptives covered by her medical plan she will have to give an approved reason for the prescription. So much for the land of the free and the home of the brave.   In this report by award winning journalist Robert Fisk there is a complex explanation of the nature of power in Syria and why the present civil war is not a big deal for the ruling family. Not only area they holding on to power outside interference would likely make things even worse.
Robert Fisk: The regime calls it 'cleaning', but the dirty truth is plain to see   American Manufacturing could be in bigger trouble than we all thought   32 senators call for 'no containment' strategy for Iran
March 2, 2012 - Robert Fisk, The Independent   February 23, 2012 - Jordan Weissmann, The Atlantic   February 16, 2012 - Josh Rogin, Froeign Policy

Middle East expert Robert Fisk who writes for the London Independent points out that the rhetoric used by Syria to describe its actions in the civil war in the country is a form of genocide practiced by other governments in the past with other polished names.   In the past decade even though American skill workers are paid many times over what their counterparts in the rest of the world are paid. American workers are still considered to amazing productive. The real truth is that productivity is accomplished by outsourcing work and hiring temporary workers.   The sabre rattling continues as Israel and the United States express increasing concern about the bluster of Iran and its nuclear programme. Sanctions imposed on Iran by Europe and other countries have increased tension and the US presidential election makes this a particularly volatile time with Iran backing the government side in the Syrian civil war and the Gulf states worried about a possible Iranian nuclear threat.
Curing Diabetes: How type 2 became an accepted lifestyle   Israel ranked second most educated country in the world, study shows   Soldiers and Pilot recognized for valour for actions in Afghanistan
February 9, 2012 - John-Manuel Adriote, The Atlantic   February 2, 2012 - Haaretz   January 26, 2012 - Winnipeg Free Press

This story by John Manuel Andriote in the Atlantic today is pretty shocking. Since type 2 diabetes is one of biggest many makers for medical practitioners and the pharmaceutical industry there is no incentive to cure the condition and a lot of profit in just treatng the condition. It appears as though the condition is part and parcel of todays environment and its victims grow in number every single day.   Haaretz is a national paper in Israel and reported this story yesterday. Since Israel is number two it might interest you to find out who is number one. Check out the story and see the list in the last paragraph.   Thursday morning, January 26, 2012 in Ottawa Captain William Todd Fielding and six soldiers were recognized for their heroism in combat in Afghanistan. Captain Fielding landed a burning Chinook helicopter without injury to the soldiers on board.
iBooks textbooks for iPad   Shooting for truth   How to: Make and receive phone calls with your iPad
January 19, 2012 - Apple web site   January 12, 2012 - by: Jenn Sharp Bridges, Saskatoon Star Phoenix   January 4, 2012 - by J. GLENN KÜNZLER, MasTrast

The iPad is everywhere and schools are putting them in the hands of every student. Now there is something to see for the student on the iPad. Textbook publishers, teachers and students will make use of the new software announced today that could revolutionise the way classroom education is done.   Nayan Sthaankiya is a talented and creative free lance photo journalist who has cover the natural disasters and war stories of this era. He is based in Saskatoon but tells the world it's stories   If you got an iPad for Christmas or you already had one here is a simple way to turn your iPad into a telephone. Using Google Voice and two apps for a total of $2.99.
Dickens: Nightmare before Christmas   The Great Compression: How war and taxes made us all middle class, and why that's changed   Wealth gap widens to 30-year high
Deceember 21, 2011 - Justin Cartwright, The Independent   Deceember 15, 2011 - Mark Gmein, Bloomberg Buisnessweek   Deceember 7, 2011 - CBC News

Charles Dickens' father actually served time in debtors prison and the young Dickens himself began work in a factory at age eleven. But he loved Christmas and in many ways left the legacy of his feelings about Christmas in the minds of everyone who has been touched by "A Christmas Carol" This story is by writer Justin Cartwright.   In Bloomberg Businessweek this insightfull articly by Mark Gimein explains the creation of the middle class and how the recent changes that have sent North American society back to the earning differential of the 1920s.   Though we are concerned about the disparity between rich and poor in Canada the problem is world wide and getting worse. We have gone from 8 - 1 to the wealthy earning 10 times more that those at the bottom. In the U.S. that ratio is 14-1.
Why fish is good for your brain: study suggests it can make Alzheimer's far less likely   My love affair with nicotine   Keystone XL Pipeline delay: Were fears of a 'North American Union' behind opposition?
November 30 2011 - Sadie Whitelock, Daily Mail   November 25 2011 - Michelle Sager, Toronto Globe and Mail   November 16, 2011 - Daniel Tencer, Huffington Post

There are always stories about why this or that is good for you but this one is based on solid scientific research and the results confirm that oily fish twice a week will sustain your mental ability.   Surprisingly enough there are still some people who smoke and many teens each year give it a try. Michelle Sager of the Globe and Mail explains why she started and the epic struggle to quit.   Daniel Tencer of the Huffington Post suggests that the delay of the pipeline was not really about the environment but more about the 'Tea Party' and their fears of encroachments on American souveriegnty.
Afghanistan mother and daughter stoned and shot dead   Canada delivering Keystone XL pipes to U.S.   Poverty leaves its mark on DNA researchers find
November 11, 2011 - BBCNews   November 8, 2011 - CBC   November 2, 2011 - CBC

It is easy after such a long conflict to forget why Canada became involved in the Afghanistan war. It was from Afghanistan that the people who carried out the attack on 9/11 were trained. The place is still uncivilised and a blight on the face of the earth.  

Though the U.S. government has not yet officially approved of the huge pipeline intended to deliver oil from the oil sands area of Alberta to the refineries on the Texas Gulf coast, the pipe for the project is being spotted in North Dakota.

  Some amazing changes have been found by British researchers who have found that the early life of an individual can actually alter that person's DNA so much so that health issues in later adulthood can be traced to these conditions.
EU banks failures will crash Wall Street - again   American's child death shame   Barriers on the road to redemption
October 26, 2011 - Paul B. Farrell, Wall Street Journal   October 20, 2011 - Michael Petit, BBC   October 14, 2011 - Laaura Stone, Post Media News

This story appeared in the Wall Street Jounal last week but explains the close tie between the "occupy" movement and the economic misbehaviour that led to the 2008 collapse and is about to contribute to the potential disaster arising out of Europes financial chaos.   American children are three times more likely to be abused or killed in the United States then in Canada. With in the country the data is startling. The lack of a social safety net in Texas means that the drop out rate in high school is twice that of Vermont, four times more likely to be in jail and twice as likely to die of abuse and neglect. Not only is the situation bad but it is getting worse.   Though this is a long article it is definitely an important subject and Laura Stone tells the story of women's prisons in Canada well. There have been improvements but it looks like the system is now moving backward and losing sight of rehabilitation of offenders.
iFixit   Scale of Greek default would be unprecedented   Particles found to break speed of light
October 7, 2011   September 29, 2011 - CBC News   September 23, 2011 - Robert Evans, Reuters

It is the cardinal rule of all things. . . most things break. When they do we can either replace them with a new product or get somebody to fix the broken one. Here is an alternative, check out the manuals available to help you fix what ever you need fixed yourself.   In 2001 Argentina could not meet its obligations the result was catastrophic for the country. But it this happens to Greece the results will be far more damaging especially since The Greek debt load is five times greater than that which caused Argentina's troubles.   Enstien's theory of relativity has been considered an absolute rule in science circles and that means nothing goes faster than light. Scientists in Switzerlandf at the CERN lab have been clocking neutrinos over the speed limit for the past three years.
Number of poor hit record 46 million in 2010   Swiss National Bank acts to weaken strong franc   Fake breasts aged four?
September 14, 2011 - Reuters   September 6, 2011 - BBC   September 1, 2011 - Sadie Whitelocks, The Daily Mail

This story was reported in several sources yesterday pointing out the increase in the numbers of Americans living below the poverty line. Also the growing number of Americans who have no health care coverage. Shocking news about a country that declares itself the land of the free and home of the brave.   The Euro is in serious trouble and that is causing financial woes for Switzerland as their currency has been going up and up so that Swiss exporters are in danger of going out of business. The Swiss are taking drastic measures to devalue the Franc such as buying up Euros and now they are threatening to peg the Franc at a fixed value.   The television cable network TLC airs a show called "Toddlers and Tiaras" one contestant will appear on the show with fake breats and an enlarged behind. The child is four years of age. The whole concept of the show and the events its broadcasts is questionable but this makes many say it is way over the top.
Japan monster quake rattle upper atmosphere: Scientists   Bank of Canada faces interest rate dilemma   U.S. health-care system less efficient:study
August 17, 2011 - Deccan Chronicle   August 12, 2011 - CBC News   August 5, 2011 - Sheena Goodyear, Toronto Sun

That massive magnitude 9 earthquake that damaged the Japanese coast in March disrupted the atmosphere up to 200 miles above the earth's surface. It was a surprise to scientists that the affects of the Tsunami were detectable in the ionosphere.   The often wise and cautious head of the Bank of Canada Mark Carney planned to raise Canadian interest rates in September to deal with inflation in Canada's stable economy. Economis Michael Hinka is extremely critial of the bad idea in the U.S. to keep interest rates almost at 0% for two years thus discouraging Americans from saving.   A study by the University of Toronto has been able to identify why health care in the United States cost much more than health care in Canada Doctors and medical workers spend a sizeable portion of their time dealing with paper work for insurance companies instead of working with patients. While only providing care to 85% of Americans where Canadians are all covered with health care.
Putin says U.S. is "parasite" on global economy   Home lightning detector online   Israel sues 34 Bedouin for cost of repeated demolitions of their homes
August 2, 2011 - Maria Tsvelkova, Reuters   July 29, 2011 - Kevin McIntyre   July 27, 2011 - Jack Khoury, Haaretz

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is on the campaign trail and on Monday addressing a large gathering of young supporters he pointed out that the United States and its economic policies take un unfair advantage of the world because of the reliance the world places on the US dollar.   Kevin Mcintyre in Carrot River discovered this remarkable web site that shows real time storm cell activity. Though this unit is Regina it paints accurate picture of lightening here in the Tisdale area. There are others in Saskatchewan and elsewhere with these set ups. The Reginsa fellows set up is described on this web page and here is a link to the equipment.   So far the Israeli government has knocked down the same village 27 times because the Bedouins keep squatting on the property that has been established as government land and the Bedouins have houses elsewhere.
Michigan woman faces 93 days in jail for planting a vegetable garden   Ten facts you may not know about Afghanistan   Afghan leader pleadges to protect Taliban from US
July 14, 2011 - Colleen Vanderlinden, TreeHugger   July 6, 2011 - BBC News   June 30, 2011 - Ben Farmer, the Telegraph

Sewer repairs dug up the front yard of an Oak Park Michigan front yard. The owner planted some garden vegetables and the city is coming after her threatening her with a jail term.   New years is on March 21, traditional game is buzkashi, 90% of country has cell service, people are big on poetry, Alexander the Great had an Afghan son, boys like Arnold and much more in the BBC article.  

It is pretty clear that the NATO adventure in Afghanistan is a total failure. Peace has not been achieved, there is still a worth threat from the Islamic extremists and the fighting continues. Perhaps this story from the Telegraphtells us why..

Lightning kills 18 schoolchildren and their teacher as they shelter in classroom after lessons end   At least 10 killed in attack on landmark hotel in Kabul   Canada's new plastic banknotes will be nearly impossible to fake
June 29, 2011 - Daily Mail   June 28, 2011 - Hamid Shalizi, Reuters   June 21, 2011 - Jeremy Torobin, Globe and Mail

Besides those killed there were as many as 38 others injured. Apparently this is not a rare accident as death from lightning is extremely common in Uganda. At least 40 others have died recently from strikes  

With Canada leaving Afghanistan this summer and the US reducing forces next summer things should be better in the troubled country but violence is actually more severe then any time since the NATO led invasion to oust the Taliban began.

  The Canadian mint revealed its newly designed $100 and $50 bills that are now printed on plastic. With transparent and metal strips they can not be copiedand will last much longer.
Vancouver kiss couple 'were knocked down by riot police'   Welcome to the bneginning of the end of the PC era   Ag-firm trio unites to form firm in city
June 17, 2011 - Dominic Rushe, Guardian   June 10, 2011 - Harry McCracken, Time   June 9, 2011 - Martin Cash, Winnipeg Free Press

Photographer Richard Lam caught an unusual moment in the middle of the riot following the Stanley Cup final a couple were seen kissing in the middle of the violence and chaos., But there is more to the story of Scott Jones and Alex Thomas   Its been 30 years since we bought our first computer and now this week it seems the personal computer time has come to an end. This Time magazine story conservatively points out the clear signs that the door has closed on that portion of the electronic age.   Tisdale's Walker Seeds is joining forces with Roy Legumex from Manitoba and the American PCC canola crushing company to form a new company and will be selling shares on the market to launch their canola crushing plant. 15% of the new company will Swiss owned.
Newest Manitoba flood victims face months from homes   Water in the Sea of Tranquillity? Oh yes there is. . .   A country without libraries
June 1, 2011 - CBC News   May 27, 2011 - Steve connar, The Independent   May 19, 2011 - Charles Simic, New York Review of books


The flood season of 2011 is still far from over as 800 residents near Lake Manitoba had to flee their flooded homes on Tuesday. The lake is still rising and high winds did serious damage to properties along the south end of the lake.

  Painstaking research with rocks from the lunar surface brought back in 1972 shows that the Earth and the moon are remarkably similar with almost exactly the same amount of water embedded in the moons subsurface rock.   The recession that seems more and more like depression in the United States is seeing towns and cities across the country shutting down their public libraries for want of money to operate them.
Robert Fisk: Was he betrayed? Of course. Pakistan knew Bin Laden's hiding place all along   Minorities work fine - under better leadership   Election 2011, a dark fiction
May 4, 2011 - Robert Fisk, The Independent   April 27, 2011 - Dan Gardner, Vancouver Sun   April 20, 2011 - Margaret Atwood, Globe & Mail

Certainly Bin Laden was well known for some very bad stuff but the American murder of the man was not a matter of justice. Bin Laden was a failure his actions resulted in the invasion and occupation of two huge Arab countries with really nothing to show for it all.   This story appeared in today's Vancouver Sun and Dan Gardner points out that Canada and other democracies have done very well with minoritiy governments, better than most majority ones. It just requires a good leader willing to work with others for it to be successful.   Canada's most distinguished and popular writes gives us her take on the federal election of 2011. This story appeared in today's Globe and Mail.
GCC sonsiders establishment of confederation   Birds' sense of smell improved from dinosaurs'   Census analysis reveals growing gap between aging whites and young Hispanics, Asians
April 17, 2011 - Dr Jassim Taqui, Pakistan Observer   April 13, 2011 - CBC News   April 6, 2011 - Andrea Stone, Huffington Post

Saudi Arabia and its other troubled Gulf states are considering forming a confederation. This would essentially provide a unified government structure for defence and foreign affairs.   Some years ago there was some discussion on this web site if Ravens can smell things. Well it looks like they can. Albeit that Ravens and Crows are not as good at as other birds they indeed have the sense of smell.   This is a fascinating look at how American's see themselves. It appeared in the Huffington Post in Washington and notice that it does not class Hispanic people as "white". Apparently language is now consider a "race" in the United States.
Identical twins not actually identical shocking Canadian research finds   Paintballs and pot keep police busy   Hollywood's 3D revolution is falling flat
March 30, 2011 - Mark Iype, Montreal Gazette   March 24, 2011 - CBC News   March 23, 2011 - Dominic Rushe, NZ Herald

University of Western Ontario Shiva Singh has discovered that genetically with each year of life twins become more and more different from one another. This discovery has enormous implictions for the study of hereditary disease and how genetics make every individual unique.   Tree pruner in Regina hit with a paintball calls police and two guys charged with a whole list of things including marijuana trafficking.   Though Avitar was a great 3D movie it was really just a great movie and not the way of the future. 3D movies are dim and in general just a way for the industry to get more money for their product. The majority of the latest 3D movies are losing money
Hang the rich: Great war inevitable pundit predicts   Book on sex: It has 200 blank pages   Killing over blasphemy law deepens misery of Pakistani Christians
March 14, 2011 - Kieron Lang, CTV News   March 4, 2011 - Deccan Chronicle   March 2, 2011 - Omar Waraich, The Independent

Here is a remarkable and sensible theory by Gerald Celente that explains the wild unrest in Egypt, Tunisia, Lybia, Yemen, Barain and many other parts of Africa and the Middle East.   Sheridan Simove's book has a catchy title and has be selling in huge numbers. What started as a joke has blossomed into a major fad.   The assassination of Shahbaz Bhatti, the only Christian government minister in Pakistan illustrates the dire conditions Christians face in this intolerant Islamic country. He and two other ministers opposed the blasphemy law only ofe of the three is still alive.
How robots are transforming war   Tripoli: a city in the shadow of death   First a tweet, now an invite Gaga to city girl
February 24, 2011 - Leslea Mair, CBC News   February 23, 2011 - Robert Fisk, Indepeendent   February 19, 2011 - Lindsey Wiebe, Free Press

Though 42 countries are known to be using robots in combat situations the United States is leading the way with 7,000 active and another 12,000 in the arsenal. A CBC documentary considers the concept of robotic warfare tonight at 9:00   The famous reporter Robert Fisk gives a first hand account of Lybia's capital last night and describes the chaos in the streets and at the airport. He considers Gaddafi's defeat just a matter of time as the people have turned against him.   Grade five girl from Winnipeg's Isaac Brook school has a powerful and developed voice. Plus she has 72 videos on You Tube one viewed more than 2,000,00 times. Listen for yourself.
Harper's contempt shows in ad   Thousands protest against Berlusconi   Motorway maaximus: Unearthed, a stunning Roman super-highway built 1,900 years ago
February 16, 2011 - Francis Russell, Free Press   February 8, 2011 - Financial Times of London   February 4, 2011 - Daily Mail

The prime minister and his office have been steadily turning his role and other Canadian institutions into American style operations. The move to Presidentialise may not be reversible.   The protests in Tunisia and Egypt have increased the tension on many governments and the scandal plagued government of Italy is in danger of toppling largely because of the wild private life of their president.   Archeologists in Britain have uncovered a large 85 ft wide road built in a Dorset forest that was built 1,900 years ago and is remarkable intact. It has been declared one of the country's first roads.
Changing face of festival   The tearful origins of China's stealth   Lightning and fire: Japan on alert after volcano's biggest eruption in 50 years
February 2, 2011 - Shan Juan, China Daily   February 1, 2011 - Peter Lee, Asia Times   January 27, 2011 - Daily Mail

Thursday is the Chinese New Year's Eve and this story explains how this spring festival has been changing with the growing affluence and improved conditions in the country. While the people still cling to the traditions and rituals of the week long holiday.   China has developed a remarkable large and perhaps the world's most advanced fighter aircraft. This story explains how China obtained the technology and the link with the deliberate CIA bombing of the Chinese embassy in Servia in 1999.   Mount Kirishima on the island of Kyushu has erupted with a spectacular 5,000 ft plume causing the Japanese government to issue warnings and a travel bane in the area. Some internal Japanese flights have been disrupted.
In fields and city streets, Cuba embraces change   More than 40 die in India's cold wave: official   Italians invent transparent cement
January 26, 2011 - Reuters   January 10, 2011 - AFP   January 7, 2011 - Deccan Chronicle

Many reforms have begun to have effect in Cuba as government workers are laid off and going into private business for themselves or for others. Agriculture and entrepeneurial projects are flourishing.   In northern India and the Indian capital itself schools are closed and bonfires burning to warm tens of thousands homeless as temperatures drop to +3. Railwy and airline schedules have been disrupted by the unusually cold weather.   Only used at the Italian Pavilion in the Shanghai World's Fair this remarkable material uses plastic resins to let the light pass through. Besides this article you can click here to see pictures of the product.
Watch for hidden sugars, Canadians advised   N.B. girl youngest ever to discover a supernova   Iconic face of Rosie the Riveter poster dies
January 6, 2011 - CBC News   January 5, 2011 - Regina Leader Post   December 30, 2010 - Saaskatoon Star Phoenix


Would you believe that there are 585 calories in a large slurpee? It seems that there is a lot of sugar in a lot of things so that we may eat in a week 2,100 calories more than we intended. That slurpeee has 39 spoons of sugar.

  Talk around the dinner table about finding a supernova led grade five Kathryn Aurora Gray to attack the problem and on her first try she came up a winner. The fine was verified and she is credited with the find.   Geraldine Doyle was 17 when her face was used to create the American patriotic poster for Rosie the Riveter. The image was created from a photograph of her in 1942 in an Ann Arbor Michigan factory. It is interesting to note that whie the poster was used during the war it also was used in the 1980s.
Melting City feels the heat, almost 40º degrees   Camel beauty pageant draws thousands of contestants   Klingons learn the meaning of Christmas
December 27, 2010 - Buenos Aires Herald   December 23, 2010 - The Jerusalem Post   December 21, 2010 - The Toronto Sun

It has become dangerously hot in the Argentinian capital with the temperature hovering near the 40º mark even at night. Officials are warning the public warning of the risks to the elderly and newborn infants.   Over 20,000 camels and their owners are participating in the camel beauty contest at Dhafra in the Emirates. The top prize is a staggering $9.5 million. The contest has no specific time and sort of makes its way along as the contestants are eliminated. There are almost 16 million camels.  

For the second year the Klingon version, in Klingon, of Dicken's Christmas Carol, has been presented to a sold out audiance. The production was staged in Chicago this year and closed on December 19th

Woman whipped in public for wearing trousers   Girls who walk, bike to school do better in tests  
December 15, 2010 - SkyNews   December 13, 2010 - Regina Leader Post   December 11, 2010 - The Western Producer

The video of this incident is posted on YouTube and is very disturbing. A Sudenese woman is being punished by being publicly whippedd for having worn trousers under her Islamic clothing. This sort of thing is said to be a regular frequent occurance in Sudan.   A study of teenage girls in Spain was duplicated in other places reaching similar conclusions. Girls who walk or bike to school do better and the further they walk or ride a bike the better their scores. Oddly enough similar findings were not the case with boys.   Researcher Stan Peacock discovered by accident that common stinkweed (pennycress) produces excellent quality oil, superior to that of Canola. For marginal land and northern short growing season this could be a great cash crop without reducing acreage used for food production.
Study links receipts, cash to cancer and obesity   Chile's worst prison fire kills 83 inmates, Pinera arrives on site   Canadian education ranked among world's best
December 9, 2010 - Vancouver Province   December 8, 2010 - Buenos Aires Herald   December 7, 2010 - CBC News


The culprit is the plastic chemical BPA which has not been adequately controlled. It is found in high concentrations on thermal cash receipts. The chemical is transferred from receipt to cash and is a seriouys threat to a person's health linkted to cancer and other illness.
  Inmates in a crowded prison near the Chilean capital set a fire. Fire fighters arrived on the scene but the guards would not let them in to the prison to put the fire out. The fire burned for three full hours. Though 83 are dead that number may rise. The prison is designed for 1,100 but has 1,960 prisoners.  
The Organization for Economic Co-operation has been rating education around the world for 15 years and the Shanghai area of China came out on top with South Korea, Finland, Hong Kong and Singapore then Canada. Interestingly Canadians all seem to do well regardless of background.
Streaming video could strain Internet's capacity   Look how we've changed - New Zealand 38 years on   Harman call to tackle global violence against women
December 2, 2010 - Regina Leader Post   November 30, 2010 - New Zealand Herald   November 25, 2010  - BBC News

The dramatic move of Television and movies from cable to the Internet and the pourchasing of streaming boxes like xBox, WII, iPad and Apple TV is endangering the Internet. Though the main trunks can handle the streaming and downloads your local provider can not.   A remarkable look at life in the 1970s and another now illustrates the changes that have come to the people of New Zealand in their every day family lives. This a big longitudinal study and really looks like the sort of thing many countries should do.   A Labour Party politician called on the British govern-ment to appoint a women to the cabinet as Foreign Secretary.  All over the world women are being killed, raped and abused. In the Congo it is more dangerous to be a woman than be a soldier.
Chinese dairy harnesses cow-pat power   Atwood launches assault on gov't with razor-sharp wit   Cockpit drama: Qantas crew faced 54 alarms
November 24, 2010 - ABC news   November 22, 2010 Edmonton Journal  
November 19, 2010, New Zealand Heraald

A huge Chinese dairy in Liaoning province has installed a system that utilises the cow manure by turning it into methane then using the gas to produce electrical power. The system converts the waste from 60,000 cows into six megawatts of electricity or enough to supply up to 3,500 American sized houses.  
Canadian literary giant, Margaret Atwood, is concerned about he fascist tendencies of Canada's Prime Minister and is wondering what has happened to democracy.
  Two weeks ago when the inboard left engine on an Airbus 380 exploded there were three pilots and two co-pilots in the cockpit and they worked as a team to save the aircraft and the lives of the 450 people on board.
November 18, 2010, AFP
  November 16, 2010, Reuters
  November 10, 2010 , BBC

  This was a surprise. Scientist discovered through DNA testing that there is substantial evidence that the Vikings brought a woman from present day Newfoundland to Ireland in the tenth century.     Womens rights everywhere are being ignored and a group od 200 Kiev University students have decided to draw attention to the lack of women in their government, sexual exploitation and other women's issues.     The Legion in the UK has published a piece of music that is utter silence. This is to commemorate Remembrance Day and in and of itself carries a powerful message. This BBC explains other examples of silence.
November 8, 2010     November 3, 2010     November 1, 2010  
  Author Vera Held has written a book that details the remarkable effort by the people of Albania who not only protected Jews in their own country but harboured more than 2,000 from neighbouring countries.     An 18 month old toddler tumbled out of window from the sixth floor apartment. A boy saw her falling alerted his father who caught the child as it bounced off an awning over a resteraunt below. The child was completely unhurt and the catcher was a doctor Phillippe Benseniot. BBC story.     Measuring the amount of energy in food with the unit called the "calorie" has been around for about 200 years but it looks pretty much out of date as in most cases your calculations will be out by more than 25%. Other more appropriate means for measuring food intake are available.
October 27, 2010     October 25, 2010     October 20, 2010  
  Antares Pharma is developing Nestorone gel which can be applied to a woman's skin in sparing amounts and prevent ovalation. It does not produce the other side affects associated with the use of contraceptive pills and test have been 100% successful.     A Nipawin family have come up with a remarkable plan for value added agriculture. They are growing and producing a unique product which has a world wide demand. More importantly their business plan and operation is model for valued agriculture.     Real estate in China is an outstanding investment so there is no shortage of capital to construct new complete and modern cities. The problem is some of these great places have virtually no inhabitants despite being located near enormous natural resources.
October 14, 2010     October 6, 2010     October 5, 2010  
  Here is a rather scary report on the dangers of the most commonly used artificial sweetener. Though this story seems authentic it would be wise to give it some thought and do some additional research into the issue. Nutrasweet is in so many foods it is pretty hard to avoid.     Trend setter Michelle Obama tops the list with Lady Gaga at 7 and Ellen DeGeneres at 10. The list considers influence, wealth, power and leadership so it is no surprise to find Killary Clinton, Australia's prime minister and Germany's chancellor on the list for this year.     It appears as though the White House has decided enough is enough and the war in Afghanistan is expanding into Pakistan. The idea of  the Taliban having a safe haven just doesn't cut it and Pakistan is unable or unwilling to act against the forces operating in their country and attacking NATO forces in Afghanistan.
September 30, 2010     September 28, 2010     September 23, 2010  
  This is a Chinese report on the ending of Canada's Governor General Michaelle Jean with her message to the people of Canada and a summary of her achievements while in office. The detailed report also describes the emotion commitment that she had to her office for five years.     In an effort to cut down on the cost of wasted paper the Saskatchewan government is issuing Apple iPods to the 18 members of cabinet. Even buying the most expensive version  with taxes and fees it amounts to $23,000 but the government expects to recoup the cost in a single year.     A recently published book by a relative of a person on the Titanic's bridge at the time of its collision reports that the Captain's misunderstood "hard to starboard" resulted in a right turn instead of a left turn that turned the Titanic into the iceberg that sunk the vessel April 10, 1912.
September 21, 2010     September 16, 2010     September 14, 2010  
  December 30, 2009 Four Canadian soldiers and Calgary Herald reporter Michelle Lang were killed when their vehicle was targetted by an IED. Foreign Affairs officer, 26 year old Bushra Saeed of Ottawa was severely wounded losing most of one leg and damaging the other. This is her story.     Pakistan's wealth not only pay low taxes most pay none at all. U.S. Envoy Holbrooke explained to Pakistan officials that they must shoulder responsiblity and pay taxes. Pakistan's economic is completely dependent upon foreign aid as it begs the world for assistance in their flood disaster.     A computer programmer from England, Chris Tarttelin and his family moved to Saskatoon in 2008. In a required medical exam he honestly said he had tried marijuana  almost twenty years ago as a teenager. Immigration Canada has demanded he have a psychological assessment by Sept 20 so he and his family have moved back to England.
September 9, 2010     September 3, 2010     September 2, 2010  
  It costs 40 pounds an hour for an English tutor but only 12 pounds for one from India. So, the brits are having a go with out sourcing educational services to students at what would be grade five and six here in Canada.     There are about ten drownings in the United States each and every day. Most Black and hispanic people can not swim
Through the ages of segregation an social neglect learning to swim is not a priority as it is in the UK where it is part of the school programme.
    The direction of advertising and sales promotions of the Apple iPad has been toward young people and geeks but the reality is that the transparently easy device to surf the web and exchange e-mail is perfectly suited to seniors. Families are finding them so popular they need more than one.
September 1, 2010     August 31, 2010     August 30, 2010  
  Some UK doctors are using their iPhoes to do more than the work of a stethoscope. A free app for the iPhone lets the user position the phone on a person's chest then give it a shaake and see a cardiogram for the last 8 seconds.     An Ontario study has concluded that kindergarten should be a full day for students. In this information age the demand for a head start is important and most surprisingly money spent on education has a huge multiplier affect.     Because nuclear power in America, Russia and France was so closely tied to the production of weapons grade material the nuclear industry has not pursued the use of other materials for power production. Thorium is cheap and an excellent alternative.
August 25, 2010     August 18, 2010     August 16, 2010   General and scholar test reform waters
  Business analyst Charles Nenner says that the Dow is going to slide down to 5,000 over the next two years with rough economic times expected for the next ten years. Unemployment and deflation are the big issues.     When the RCMP went to raid a Christina Lake grow opp they discovered a large number of very laid back black bears laying around the property. They discovered a lot of illegal maijuana plants and lots and lots of dog food which the operaters were providing to the contented bears.     A retired Chinese General who has been known in the past for not necessarily singing the party tune has released an essay urging the government of China to move quickly to reform itself into an American like democracy otherwise it will vanish into chaos as did the Soviet Union.
August 11, 2010     August 9, 2010     August 8, 2010  
  Twice a day at 10:00 in the morning and 3:00 in the afternoon government workers in China's capital must participate in an eight minute exercise session that is directed by radio. The programme had been cancelled for three years due to the Olympics but now it is the order of the day.     Divorce rates are casting a nasty pall over young people seeking permanent relationships and more and more are going to counselling before they marry. Many States in the United States now require engaged couples to attend pre-marriage group counselling to try inprove the failure rate of marriage.     Several American universities run special summer camps for gifted children. John Hopkins and Duke have such camps that challenge the gifted kid in a whole range of subjects and skills. Most require a grade seven kid to have past a SAT test with 50% or better and cost between $4,225 to $2,195. Lady Gaga attended several summers.
August 4, 2010     August 2, 2010     July 29, 2010  
  The tradition is to wash chicken before cooking but health authorities are now urging cooks not to do it because 60% of chicken carries bateria which is killed by cooking but washing just spreads around the kitchen. Better that chicken be washed with an antimicrobial wash before market.     Using a device that looks like head phones the wearer can command virtually anything that can be plugged in. It will be miniturised and should be in common usage within two years. Just think what you can do with it.     At the expressed wishes of the Minister the Department Jason Kenney of Immigration is requiring Professors of English to take an English test so they might obtain the right to remain in Canada.
July 27, 2010     July 26, 2010     July 23, 2010  
  The conflict in Afghanistan was entered by the US and NATO while ignoring history. Now it is clear from the leaking of documents that the whole process is a failure with no hope of success in any form. The issue of Pakistan is out of focus.     During the ice age humans may have been almost entirely wiped out but there was an area in Aftrica where Homo Sapiens survived in what was then a garden of Eden. Scientists believe that the population might have gotten down to a few hundre explained the narrow genetic nature of our species.     A touch screen solar powered panel device like the iPad using Linux operating system and aimed at providing students with Internet access and word processing. India hopes to have this new computer available in 2011. The device does not have a hard drive but uses memory card like a mobile phone.
July 20, 2010     July 15, 2010     July 13, 2010  
  Head of the assembly of First Nations declared in Winipeg today that it is time to get rid of the Indian Act which perpetuates poverty and the unhealthy relationship between First Nations people and the Federal government. He wants to see ministries set up and the act gone in five years.     Of all the promises to help Haiti only Brazil, Norway, Estonia and Australia have paid up. The US promised $1.15 Billion and paid nothing. Canada is also one of the countries that is just all talk and has not put their money where their promises have gone. Aid agencies like the Red Cross and others have only spend a fraction of the money donated.     University of Calgary Joan Vickers has developed a putting technique called the Quiet Eye that dramatically improves a golfer's score as a putter. Using this technique will not make you into Tiger Woods but it will significantly improve your score as putting amounts to 45% of golf
July 12, 2010     July 8, 2010     July 7, 2010  
  The UK's health secretary Andrew Lansley announced a major overhaul of Britain National Health Service. The system was set up in 1948 and this is the biggest shake up in its history. Emphasising local control and a massive reduction in management and administration.     The United States has taken four of its 18 nuclear ICBM carrying submarines and converted them to cruise missile carriers and deployed them in the waters around China. This action is a sort of push back move as China is more aggressive in the area.     Researchers have discovered that in June of 1969 when North Korea shot down a US recon plane that President Nixon put the airforce on alert to launch a massive nuclear strike against North Korea. It was considered that an retalliation attack on the North would amount to all out war.
July 5, 2010     June 30, 2010     June 29, 2010  
  Investment analyst Robert Prechter is telling people not to wait for the market to rebound but to get their money out of long haul stocks now as the Dow could easily continue its current slide all the way down to a 1000 points.     TV shows, movies and novels all deal with the possible air attack on Iran's nuclear programme by Israel. This story in the Asia Times goes to work on the scenario and spells out the facts and the fiction of such a possibility and probability.     The competion from major book chains and now the explosion in e-books makes operating a private book store like Regina's Book and Briar Patch which has been in business for 30 years as no longer a viable business. Their sell off of inventory begins in a sale tomorrow.
June 28, 2010   The Third Depression   June 27, 2010     June 25, 2010  
  Nobel prize winning economis Paul Krugman reported in the New York Times today that the reaction by Europeans and American politicians to the latest problems in Greece could lead the world into a dramatic round of deflation caused by high unemployement.     Compared to seven industrialised nations Canada's health care is only better than that of the United States but trails others like Australia, Germany and New Yealand. The many problem is primary care in Canada is poor or late while at the same time Canada's long life leads others but could falter.     Massive changes in the culture and customs of India are leading to serious social problems and that seems to be coming out as some elements resist change and try to role back time. This story is of the murder of two woman who were cousins and the husband of one who was of a higher caste.
June 24, 2010     June 15, 2010     June 14, 2010  
  In a surprise move just as an election is on its way the Prime Minister of Australia has been forced to resign and the job taken over by his deputy leader making Julia Gillard Australia's first female prime minister. Rudd's outspoken way did him in.     British Broadcaster Stephen Fry pointed out last night that many TV programmes on the BBC and elsewhere are good shows but they are infantile. He makes the point that television executives demand to much watering down of content that most shows are beneath adult intellect.     The Star Phoenix reports that the municipalities of Tisdale and Connaught have declared an agricultural disaster as about 70% of the fields have not been planted and those crops in the ground will not germinate because of the flooding. Politicians and crop insurance have wadded into the issue.
June 10, 2010     June 3, 2010     June 2, 2010  
  This NASA web site sets out the recent changes in the sun and its operation which is expected to have profound affects on life here on earth. Particularily since we are so dependent upon wireless communication systems.     Get rid of the bedspread, clean the TV remote and the telephone handset and rinse the glasses for two minutes with hot water. Basic stuff to check to make sure your stay in a hotel is safe. Check matress for brown a sign of bed bugs.     An extensive British study has discovered that the coffee drinker is not perked up by his or her morning coffee but just regains their sense of well being that placed them at the same level as the day before. The addictive quality of caffiene is the issue.
May 28, 2010     May 26, 2010     May 25, 2010  
  A second much larger volcan buried under an icecap is showing signs of life and the government of Iceland had taken measures to prepare for a possible eruption while the government as issued a warning to other European governments of a possible and much larger event.     From the Globe and Mail here is a summary of the House of Commons question period today at which the opposition accused the government of bullying and the government accused the opposition of bullying. Then it came out that the government is spending a billion on a 3 day conference     The former prime minister's portrait now hangs in Ottawa and at the unveiling ceremony he paid respect to people who go into public life as politicians. Chretien spent 40 years in public service and commands respect by fellow politicians and the public for his record of service not just as prime minister.
May 21, 2010     May 17, 2010     May 13, 2010  
  Using a computer to prescribe the materials for a genome for a spell, added some markers and created a living cell just to prove that it can be done. Though a milestone in science it also is a highly controversial thing because of potential errors.     The crisis in Greece is creating a crisis for all of Europe and even more. Germans are extremely vocal in their outrage in having to pay so much to stabilise the Euro. But the Bank of England says the United States may be in for the same problem.     Russia's official news agency Pravda has an interesting take on Canadian politics. This story about Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff appears in the Moscow paper today giving a good deal of history to the family that fled Russia during the revolution.
May 12, 2010     May 11, 2010     May 10, 2010  
  Many people come to Ensign each day and check the web cam that surveys our driveway. Now you can go to Kevin McIntyre's back yard in Carrot River and see what it is like there. The camera is 25 feet from the south [farthest] rail of the deck and the LED infrared, well, you too can see in pitch black night.     While damage to habitat and pollution causes huge numbers of wildlife species to be endangered and many becoming extinct. These same factors seem to be working in favour of the Canada goose which has become a major pest in Europe.     U.S. mothers are waiting until they are older to have children but not necessarily having a husband. The UK has the highest teenage pregnancy rate in Europe. These to facts seem at odds with one another given that the pill has been around for half a century.
May 4, 2010     May 3, 2010     April 29, 2010  
  Environment Canada has radar and satellite images of western Canada but this one by CBC's weather service is much better and gives you a chance to see the cloud cover and various storm tracks. Today's display shows the band of rain and snow sweeping across the province.     Lt.-Col. Maryse Carmichael was the first and only woman pilot to fly with the Snowbirds and now she is the first commanding officer of the group in its 40 year history. In her late thirties she is married to a fighter pilot and they have two daughters. " When you're flying and you have a helmet on your head it doesn't matter whether you're a man or woman."     Nav Canada has a web page with a map of Canada, on the map is a little camera for each site across the country where they have a camera pointed at the sky. In most cases in more than one direction. One of these sites is Nipawin so with this camera you can see what the sky is like over Nipawin at any time.
April 28, 2010     April 27, 2010     April 22, 2010  
  In a new documentary British astrophysist Stephen Hawking warns against interacting with alien beings should we come into contact with them in the near future. He says that they most certainly must exist and would pose a serious threat to the planet and its inhabitants.     CNN reports on a study which has discovered a remarkable close link between depression and eating chocolate. It is uncertain if the chocolate is the cause or depression makes the individual crave chocolate.     Normally we only list stories in this space that will be around for a while. In this case we do not know how long these dramatic images of the Icelandic volcano will remain on line. But despite that while they are available here is a good set of volcano images from Boston.Com.
April 21, 2010     April 19, 2010     April 15, 2010  
  The president of France has decided to bring for laws to prevent Muslim women from going out in public all covered up. There are 8 million muslims in France but only a small minority wear various forms of face covers.     Cross the Atlantic by air seems like the only way to travel but it is not. You can travel on Cunard's Queen Mary II leaving New York on April 29th. You can also cross on Cruise ships and if you want a slow trip consider a container ship. The cost of these trips is about the same as if you go by air. Cunard crossing is six days.     Islamic radicals in Somalia banned music from begin played on radio, they banned musica ring tones on cell phones and now they have banned the use of school bells because they sound like Christian church bells. Somalia has not had a functioning government since 1991.
April 14, 2010     April 12, 2010     April 7, 2010  
  After spending almost two weeks in that 99¢ range the Canadian dollar closed the day of trading at 100.08. The price of oil moved up $1.79 to close at $85.84 US and that among other things moved the Canadian dollar over the brink. All of Canada's banks expect the dollar to continue to rise a few cents more then back down in 2011.     Not only the Polish President and his wife but the head of the Polish bank and the head of the military and a number of leading opposition leaders. The crash occurred at Smolensk in an attempt to land in serious fog conditions.     Upset that he is under pressure by the US and other NATO countries the Afghan president said he feels like quitting politics and joining the Taliban. 141 Canadian Armed Forces people and four civilians have died trying to gain peace in his country.
March 31, 2010     March 30, 2010     March 29, 2010  
  A Beruit radio personality went on a pilgrimage to Mecca and was charged and convicted of socery because he made predictions on his radio show in lebennon. Though there have been appeals he is scheduled to executed Friday of this week.     As little as one small dark chocolate easter egg could reduce a person's chance of a heart attack, stroke and cholesterol problems. Though more research is needed and eating more chocolate causes weight gain this is hope for chocolate lovers.     Two bombs exploded in Moscow's subway system killing 38 and injuring more than a hundred. The two attacks 40 minutes apart were carried out by two woman suicide bombers believed to be of the Caucasus area.
March 26, 2010     March 24, 2010     March 19, 2010  
  Between  92 and 150 million Chinese have contracted type II diabetes so much so that about one in ten Chinese are affected. An aging population and radical changes in lifestyle including diet seem to be related to a serious public health issue.     St. Petersburg Russia has suffered through an abnormally cold winter and now clearing ice from rooves of city buildings is posing considerable peril to pedestrians.     As the Canadian dollar approaches par it has been discovered that Canadian retailers are ripping off their customers on average of 12% but much more on some products. In Canadian dollars a Malibu is almost $2,000 more in Canada
March 18,, 2010     March 17, 2010     March 16, 2010  
  This Wired story from Austin Texas tells about a disgruntled car dealership employee who set to work and raised havoac with customers cars using a disabling box installed in the cars by the dealer.     Large numbers of Brits have quit looking for work or gone back to school but one in four adults in Britain are not earning a living. The staggering affects of such high numbers of umeployed make life there very difficult.     Canada's independent safety board is upset that recommendations about adding 300m to many Canadian runways has not been done. Government is being accused of dragging its heels on this major safety issue.
March 15, 2010     March 11, 2010     March 10, 2010  
  Fargo and Moorhead politicans are recruiting volunteers to prepare for the river's crest this coming Saturday when it is expected to reach 38 ft. President Obama declared a state of emergency today.     A 17 year-old whirlwind of activity having spent time in both the Arctic and Antarctic doing research and lving a more than full life in Montmartre has won a scholarship over four years to Simon Fraser.     The Bank of Canada is expected to raise interest rates and that will even further bolster the close to par loonie. With increase interest and higher commodity prices look for $1.02 by September then back to 97¢ by year end.
March 9, 2010     March 8, 2010     March 4, 2010  
  Jim Sikes of San Diego passed a car then his Toyota Prius kept on accellerating to more than 90mph. With the aid of the highway patrol he got it stopped using both brakes and emergency brakes and a police car.     New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof warns of a horrific pandemic that could threaten people everywhere. Because of the widespread use of anti-biotics in agriculture bacteria resistent to everything are developing.     Using several shots to create a clear landform composite NASA has released outstanding images of earth with clearly defined land and ocean. Taken from 435 miles up these images are really spectacular.
March 2, 2010     March 1, 2010     February 26, 2010  
  India's moon radar satillite orbitting the moon has found siignificant quantities of water ice in craters at the Moon's North Pole. The ice is more than a metre thick and the craters range from one to nime miles across. This means that human colonisation is possible.     The recession that hit the United States would definitely been a depression had the government no taken the role it did. Americans are receiving more money from their government then it is receiving in taxes.     Though Canadian women made up only 43% of the Olympic team they have so far won 80% of the medals. 52% of Canadians are women but only 22% are in Parliament and Status of Women minister Helena Guergis is an embarassment to all Canadians.
February 24, 2010     February 23, 2010     February 22, 2010  
  This story pretty much explains why the United States is a country without a future. Yesterday in Rhode Island all 93 people who worked at a high school were fired over what amounts to a pay dispute. With their high unemployment rate they can replaced anyone.     Argentina lost the military struggle for the Falkland islands in 1982, a group of islands held by Britain since the 1830s. Now Britain is drilling for oil 60 miles north and Argentina wants sovereignty over the area.     Vancouver has the largest Asian population in North America and it is no surprise to discover that they are solidly supporting Canada's Olympic efforts, especially their undying support of Canada's hockey teams.
February 18, 2010     February 17, 2010     February 16, 2010  
  This is a fascinating web site with radio shows, country music, video commentary and a rural Montana Saskatchewan flavour. It even has Saskatchewan cattle prices.     Melville's King George Hotel was to undergo rennovations but this morning a fire broke out in the kitchen and the landmark in downtown Melville was completely destroyed.     You can keep tabs on BC's Sea-to-Sea highway that leads from North Vancouver up to Squamish and Whistler. Four web cams show the conditions for the road and level of Olympic traffic around the clock.
February 10, 2010     February 8, 2010     February 4, 2010  
  Automobile safety experts think that Toyota's problems are not over but are just beginning because the evidence is mounting that uncontrollable accelleration and brake failures are not mechanical but electronic.     Margaret Wente of the Globe and Mail points out that most of the hot air has gone out of the global warming debate because scientists at the UN and otherwise have cooked up their data and over stated their case to the point that few journalists have much respect for the whole business.     Having already lost a four-year-old daughter a Beijing rickshaw driver chains up his little boy. He and his disabled wife are from a rural province and live in an 8 x 9 room and can not afford care for their child. They were reported to authorities but do not know what they are going to do.
February 3, 2010     Febrruary 2, 2010     February 1, 2010  
  Various leadership styles have had their time in business and other affairs but now is the time for the gentle leader. The leader who can empower his people to contribute effectively and constructively knowing their work will be recognised and contritute to the overall good. Outstanding article by Gregg Thompson.     Oscar is a 5 year old cat in a Rhode Island nursing home and is more capable than the nurses in identifying patient approaching death. Though normally not that friendly Oscar lies down beside a patient about to die.     The massive recession that affected the financial and economic climate of the world began in the United States caused primarily by loose banking regulations. Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman points out that the problem did not affect Canadian banks because they are better regulated.
January 29, 2010     January 28, 2010     January 27, 2010  
  The polls are showing that the Conservative government's popularity has slipped and the Canadian public is no longer afraid of an election. The situation now if an election were held would see a Liberasl minority government with about 30 NDP members and 46 Bloc.     The much anticipated Apple Computer's iPad was announced yesterday and it seems there is an even split between those excited about the product and those disappointed. Over all it is the marketing and background to the product that will make the difference.     Though well known among historians the American people were surprised to learn from movie maker Oliver Stone the important part played by US bankers in bringing Hitler to power. Report on press conference in Bangkok yesterday.
January 26, 2010     January 25, 2010     January 18, 2010  
  An apartment with kitchen and bathroom the size of two parking spaces will rent for $675 a month in a rather seedy part of downtown Vancouver. Created in a condemned building with the help of the city these micro apartments are inteended for people earning $25,000 a year.     The suspended RCMP officier charged with the murder of an Ottawa policeman had a very difficult in the last ten years beginning in Cumberland House where he was charged with assault and was acquitted but things went downhill for him from there.     The reason why Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere is not something that we are aware of. This brief history points out the part the United States played in handicapping the country and even in recent times has supported dictators rather then democratically elected government in Haiti.
January 13, 2010     January 12, 2010     January 11, 2010  
  The earthquake on Tuesday and subsequent aftershocks has almost entirely levelled the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince. All services are paralised with hospitals flattened. Thousands trapped or dead under the rubble.     China decided today to tighten up its bank reserves and that in affect warned the financial world that this world economic powerhouse is putting the brakes on the slide of the US dollar as they hold so many US dollars in treasury bills. Fearing a slowing in recover put pressure on Canadian, Australian and New Zealand markets.     China's attempt to curb its population growth and limiting families to having only one child in urban areas is paying off. The population of the country is slowing down but selective abortion is causing what will be a massive social problem by 2020 when there will be 24 million young Chinese men with no propspects of finding a mate their age.
January 8, 2010     January 6, 2010     January 5, 2010  
  A picture of Sara Green was messed up by anti-seal hunt activitist and Sara is not amused. She says she has a hunting license and a fire arms permit and this year she is going to personally take part in the seal hunt to identify with the seal harvest that is a part of New Foundland and Labrador tradition.     You can call off school when it snows but for adults real life goes on and on and just shutting things down as the Prime Minister has done just doesn't work. Rick Mercer points out that our soldiers are dying in Afghanistan for democracy, the Afghan parliament is sitting but the one in Ottawa is closed down for two months.     After shutting down parliament until the end of March there was speculation that the Prime Minister was intent upon forcing the opposition to force an election. This story refutes this idea but thre more you read about it the less of what the Tories have to say is to be believed.
December 30, 2009     December 23, 2009     December 22, 2009   Digital cameras: a decade of revolutionary pictures
  In the years past both radio and television networks carried the annual Christmas message from the Queen. This year I did not see it but here is a chance for you to see the slick production and quality production of our Monarch.     The Dutch 14 year-old who was determined to break the record for being the youngest sailor to circle the world solo  was prevented by a Dutch court from carrying out her adventure and recently dashed off to the Antilles to buy a new boat. The court has ruled that she can remain in her father's custody.     In 2010 digital photography will be thirty-five years old. After Bell Labs developed the CCD chip that convert light to an electronic record was given to Kodak engineer Steven Sasson who's tast was to create a working camera from the invention. This complex invention has revolutionised the way people document their lives.
December 21, 2009     December 18, 2009     December 15, 2009  
  US regulations to take effect wid way through 2010 amounts to passengers rights to deplane after three hours in a stranded aircraft awaiting departure.     University of Toronto researchers have been able to quantify what we consider the perfect female face. It comes from a ratio of distance between the features and Shania Twain turns out to be perfect.     American television has been relied upon to self police the level of audio between programming and ads now laws are on their way to control what is out of control.
December 9, 2009     December 8, 2009     December 4, 2009  
  The price of crude oil has fallen to $70.87 a barrel mainly because there is a real slump in the demand for petroleum products. The U.S. national average for gas is now at 71¢/litre.     Public Complaints Commissioner Paul Kennedy sounding condemns the action of the officiers and the follow up investigation in the death of Robert Dziekanski.     The predictions for the Internet is to see more of what is already the big news. Things like Facebook and Twitter that are so much a part of iPhones and other smart phones were big this year and it looks like next year even moreso.
December 3, 2009     December 2, 2009     December 1, 2009  
  The Burt Rutan develop edge of space exploration system consisting of  a space shipe and lifting mother ship is about ready to go operational charging $200,000 a seat in a two hour flight up to about 100 miles high. The machinery rolls out on Monday, Dec. 7th.     Only a few of Canada's major cities are included in the Google "Street View" now Vancouver, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Sudbury, London, Victoria, Nanaimo, Sherbrook and St. John's will be available.     News papers depending on advertising revenue are in deep trouble so the owner of the World's most important newspapers want to charge Internet users to see the stories and he considers Google theft.
November 28, 2009     November 24, 2009     November 23, 2009  
  Cameron Chapman spells out the complex process that led to the Internet and the dynamic ongoing evolution that we know it to be. This is an important web site and really helps a person understand the Internet's development.     The recession and rise in the value of the Canadian dollar have steadily moved Ontario's standard of living from its former high in the country to a point where resourced based Saskatchewan is doing better.     A research involving Canada's major cities will attempt to find if adequate housing is one of the main issues facing mentally ill individuals who are so often homeless and account for so many problems in the country.
November 21, 2009     November 20, 2009     November 19, 2009  
  America's Metropolitian Museum has published online a marvellous collection of early American paintings. Each one is accompanied by an explanation of the image and outlines the story it tells.     These remarkable images by Dr. Bowen depict high altitude images of the earth. They are remarkable in detail and something quite different from Google Earth or NASA images. Definitely an impressive resource.     An Arkansas policeman was called to a home because a ten year old girl was out of control. She had a history of behavioural problems. The officer tasered her put in handcuffs and arrested her for disorderly conduct.
November 17, 2009     November 10, 2009     November 9, 2009  
  Transparency International has rated the countries of the world and Canada is right up there near the top of the list with Afghanistan and Somali at the bottom of the list. The US is way down the list because of the way its legislators accept bribes.     The H1N1 virus appears not to pay much attention as to what species it infects. Has been detected in cats, flocks of domestic birds, pigs and of course humans. This remarkable ability of the virus that makes it so dangerous.     Slashing from the East coast of Africa across Ethiopia this is a massive rift occurring as the continent of Africa will split in half over the next million years but as it occurs there will be earthquakes along the forming rift.
November 6, 2009     November 5, 2009     November 4, 2009  
  Australian courts and politicians believe that a live performance should be live and with the price of tickets being what they are people who pay for a live show should see one. Britney Spears is scheduled for 15 concerts in Australia.     For the first time in the history of the United States their president has met with America's First Nations peoples in a huge conference this week as he is living up to promises he made during his election campaign.     The rural mdiwest of United States has been depopulated and a flood of immigrants have moved in to do the work and fill the communities. Some are okay but some suffer from immigration policies.
November 3, 2009     November 2, 2009     October 29, 2009  
  Seguro Ndabene of Airdrie Alberta is finally getting his $17 million that he won in January. This is his fifth major lottery jackpot and there was an investigation and it went to court but the guy's just lucky.     Struck by a Honda at about 75mph on the Nevada-Utah border the car proceeded through to San Juan California a full 600 miles. At which time the animal was discovered embedded alive and unhurt in the front of the car.     Leader Post writer Jana Pruden points out that since more and more adults are dressing up for Halloween the costumes have become more and more adult. She is suggesting that its time we turn the heat down a bit.
October 28, 2009     October 26, 2009     October 23, 2009  
  Jessie James former wife has been released from prison for income tax evasion and is launching a suit to get custody of their five year old daughter from Jessie and his wife Sandra Bullock.     The eyes of the mantis shrimp of the Australian Great Barrier Reef are able handle both linial and helical polarized light and they can do this with all forms of visible light. The simplicity of their capabilities has industrial technological applications     Egypt has become quite alarmed at the growing trend by Egyptian women to wear the niqab associated with radical Islamic sects from Saudia Arabia and has set forth decrees banning of the garment in many places.
October 22, 2009     October 21, 2009     October 19, 2009  
  Accusations keep on flying as the Liberals suggest that the incentive money is going mostly to Conservative held ridings. Tories claim that's just because the Tory held seats are larger.     This remarkable editorial by Hadley Freeman was printed in today's Guardian and takes a satirical look at the way actors talk in interviews. The press tends to be a perpetual cheerleader to showbiz but here's a critical look a the blah, blah, blah.     Surprisingly TVs account for 10% of the amount of electricity used by households and California regulators want televisions used in the state to be regulated similar to other appliance which have had restrictions since the 70s.
October 16, 2009     October 15, 2009     October 14, 2009  
  The first country  in the world to put a computer in the hands of every student in primary school with the plan to expand the programme up to high school next year.     The remarkable search engine company Google is showing marked improvement in its value and economists suggest that the advances the company is making is related to comsumer optomism as they are activity looking positively in the market.     The problem is a big one. Scientists simply do not have all or even most of the answers about climate change and the debate rages on as the statistics do not exactly match observable phenomena.
October 9, 2009     October 87, 2009     October 7, 2009  
  In a surprising announcement the U.S. President Barab Obama has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Though he has been in power only since February he has turned around the direction of his country and hence the world as it considers world relations     Rosetown native Bob Bowen quit his job with SaskPower to spend three years learning to be an animator now he works as a director for both Futurama and American Dad.     British Columbia Cancer Agency scientists have mapped the genetic make up of the mutations involved in breast cancer as it spreads through the body. This research is considered a major leap forward in finding a treatment.
October 6, 2009     October 2, 2009     October 1, 2009  
  Norway, Australia, Iceland and then Canada is the ranking for the world's highest quality of life. Well ahead of 13th placed United States while Niger, Afghanistan and Sierra Leone made the bottom of the 182 country list.     Late night talk show host David Letterman reported to his audience last night that there had been an attempt to blackmail him and he went to the police and the cluprit a CBS news producer has been charged.     There are six lobbyists for every member of the US Congress and Senate as the health care industry has spent over $380 million to influence legislators not to change the lucrative business that costs the public about twice the money spent by other civilised countries like the UK and Canada
September 30, 2009     September 29, 2009     September 28, 2009  
  Bar and restaurant owners in Arizona faced customers carrying concealed weapons today unless they have a sign posted banning the carrying of guns. 41 US states now allow people to carry gus where alcohol is served.     A former roomate took out credit cards in a fellows name, forged his signature on cheques and neither the RCMP or the banks will do anything about it and Mark Gorst owes over $15,000 for things he never bought.     It may be that historians may have to re-write the last day of Nazi Germany as a skull fragment found by the Red Army and thought to be that of Adolph Hitler turns out to be the skull of a woman and not Hitler at all.
September 25, 2009     September 23, 2009     September 22, 2009  
  A 65-year old Montreal taxi driver is in trouble and facing a series of fines for having specific stuff on the dash of his cab even though his customers do not complain but the man is in court over the issue.     The Guardian's Jeffries Stuart interviews and discusses a remarkable French artist who has made a career out of making books about her truly unusal and quirky way of looking at life.     Belinda Stronach makes a good case for the funding of education and development projects for girls and women in developing countries.
September 21, 2009     Sepember 10, 2009     September 9, 2009  
  Lawsuits by angry individuals who have had fake Twitter pages posted supposedly by them has forced Twitter to clean up the mess and thus avoid further court loses.     Canada's Magna has won the sale of Opel and Vauxhall, GM's European companies with the help of a Russian bank and the support of the German government. Not everyone is cheering.     Just like the muscles in your body your memory and your brain's operation is one of those things that you either use it or lose it. This CNN story has some great suggestions of practical things you can do.
September 3, 2009
September 2, 2009
September 1, 2009
  CNN reports on a 17 year old girl from Ohio who has fled to Florida to seek refuge in a church for fear of being killed by her Muslim father after she became a Christian. She is now a ward of Florida until she is 18.
    In Columbia South Carolina two men attempted to hold up cell phone store. One of the robbers, a 24 year old, had spray painted his face then developed breathing problems after the crime and died.
    China has made a huge deal to develop oil sands projects. Don Martin of the Financial Post says it a good thing and will create some competition for Canadian oil rather than the US considering it all theirs.