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1700 Monday - Ceiling and visibility unlimited, 22ºC, wind 8 knots at 300º. altimeter 29.84

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An imature Canola crop just southeast of Tisdale at 3:50 this afternoon.
The Greenwater report
August 17, 2009
by: Gerald Crawford
Back into Saskatoon for a brief rest the Crawfords did not enjoy the rain but were rewarded with yet another great grandchild. Gerald like the campground in Churchbridge and is proud of the appearance of Wynyard. Next week off to Little Loon Lake.

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Tim's Tip of the Day

Face with prreditors this Jack has to be ready to take of in a split second. As intelligent beings we need to bring our brains to a similar level of readiness both to survive and achieve our goals in life. (Click on thumb nail to see full size.)

Kevin's find of the day

Palestine problem hopeless,
but not serious

Palestinians have been refugees for 60 years so why haven't they left? The simple reason is Palestine is away better than all of its Arab neighbours in every measuree all because of aid from UN, USA and Arab countries.

Happenings In Tisdale:

Stephen Harper: A Homer Simpson in the making?
August 17, 2009
by: Eugene Parks
Victoria, British Columbia:
Mulroney's privatisation of the Medical Isotope processing resulted in the confusion with the Maple reactor project. Now after several law suits all lost by the government they own the non-working reactors. Time to sort them out and get isotope production back on line.
What once was Kenosee Lake
August 14, 2009
Images by: R. W. Shire
Kenosee Lake, Moose Mountain Provincial Park:
For many who grew up in South Eastern Saskatchewan, Kenosee Lake was the centre of the universe. Outstanding golf course, great dance bands, swimming, fishing camping and a great beach to hang out but some sort of geological accident has made the lake just a fraction of what it once was and mostly we just have the memories.
Housing start 13, a triplex
August 14, 2009
by: Timothy W. Shire
Located on the south side of what was only a little more than a decade ago, the primary school playground a new triplex has taken shape. Twenty-eight pictures tell the story of its construction so far.
Still a way to go before harvest
August 14, 2009
by: Timothy W. Shire
That cold spring was followed by an equally cool summer and the crops though looking good are weeks behind normal. In a simple drive through the country north of Tisdale this morning it looks like two to three weeks before the process begins.
The Greenwater report
August 13, 2009
by: Gerald Crawford
Souris, Manitoba:
Since Ensign did not post last week we get a Greenwater report two days in a row. This report takes us across the province to Kennedy then on into Manitoba to Souris and then to Winnipeg. Besides the pictures and story most of the place names have links that allow you to check out the details of the Crawford's adventures.
The Greenwater report
August 12, 2009
by: Gerald Crawford
Red Deer Alberta:
This report is last week's report which we did not post as we at Ensign were taking a holiday of our own. The Crawfords tell us about visiting a woolen mill in Carstairs and Ellis' Bird farm near Red Deer. He also clears up the images in the week before's report of a Waco byplane.
House number ten standing
July 31, 2009
by: Timothy W. Shire
This project got underway May 22nd with the destruction and removal of an old house as the lot was cleared for a new dwelling. Shortly after the project got underway there was a change of house plans that lasted close to a month. Now the walls and garage of the new house are standing across the street from the RCMP detachment.
Waldron celebrates centennial
July 28, 2009
by: R. W. Shire
Saskatchewan has an enormously rich heritage despite the rural depopulation in recent decades Saskatchewan people where ever they are appreciate their roots and we are proud to help the East-central community of Waldron, near Melville celebrate its centennial with this outstanding set of 49 pictures.
The Greenwater report
July 27, 2009
by: Gerald Crawford
Big Valley, Alberta:
A visit to Archerwill then off to Cutknife then to Alberta with stops in Wetaskiwin, Wainwright, then to southern Alberta with a train ride from Stettler to Big Valley. Some great pictures to go with this week's report.
So, what about a deck design
July 23, 2009
by: Timothy and Judy Shire
For about four months of every Tisdale year we can enjoy the outdoor experience and a patio or deck make a perfect addition to every home and yard. The issue is, what is the best design for a deck? The answer is in these pictures of an outstanding example of how to skip the worry and trouble of complex design and construction and get the most out of your outdoor living space.
Eckart family celebrates a 99th birthday
July 22, 2009
by: Timothy and Judy Shire
Harvey, North Dakota:
In a world that seems to be changing even as we text on our cell phones it is important to recognise the importance of family and the part our families play in determining our self awareness and understanding our origins. This story is not about a Tisdale family but a Saskatchewan family from the Maple Creek area that traces its origins back to North Dakota, South Dakota, near Odessa in the Ukraine and indeed back to Germany. On July 5th we celebrated with the Eckart family as Louise Eckart marked her 99th birthday.
House 6 arrives
July 21, 2009
by: Timothy W. Shire
This project began on April 23rd with excavation started that day and susequently a foam form concrete basement was created but it was not until today that the house was moved into town. As few as two or three houses migrate to Tisdale each year. One of those that moved here last year was moved because contractors were unavailable to build a new house.

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