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Sunday, October 20, 2002

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One Up one down
October 20, 2002
As the sun set last night the moon was rising these pictures tell the story. But there is much more to all this than meets the eye.

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If you treat everyone like they are criminals you are almost certain to turn some into criminals.

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1950 Ford Custom sedan
October 19, 2002
On October 29 this car and several other classics will be sold at auction but first here is a look at this fifty-two year old car.
And . . . then it snowed
October 18, 2002
The trials and tribulations of the crop of 2002 are not over as what is left in the field was covered with a fairly heavy layer of snow yesterday.
The right to education
October 18, 2002
Be sure to check the reference on this story as it fills in the details about a strike of the educational assistants in Hamilton Ontario. Mark Alan Whittle explains the action he is taking to attempt to get something close to fairness for his disabled son. This discrimnatory strike only affects the disabled children and clearly is an issue that we all need to be concerned about as it is how we treat those least fortunate that a society is judged.
Our new car
October 18, 2002
The RCMP has put some Chevy Impalas to work as police cars ending the domination of the rear wheel drive Ford Crown Victoria.
Kyoto’s many questions all lead to the same answer: Referendum
October 18, 2002
If you haven't already figured this one out, the reason the Prime Minister is going for ratifying the Kyoto Accord is because he knows already from polling that Canadians want something done about pollution. Walter Robinson of the Canadian Tax Payer's Federation has spotted the need for Canadians to be informed and to discuss this issue because it will certainly affect each and every Canadian's way of life.
St. Matthew's fall sale
October 17, 2002
The church hall was crowded this morning as the fall rummage sale got underway.
Paul (and now John) borrowing to appear to have paid.
October 17, 2002
Joe Hueglin points out the glaring reality that the Federal government's apparent surplus of almost $9 billion has been produced by charging excessive amounts for the money taken from employees and employers in Employment Insurance which is now considered another form of direct taxation.
What about the dinosaurs?
October 17, 2002
Scarborough Progressive riding president Peggy Merritt feels that the Federal government has been distracted in its handling of the Kyoto issue and feels that without cooperation between North American governments little can be achieved.
Cut back on unneeded "other" spending
October 17, 2002
Mike Reilly points out a very disturbing factor that has been raised by the auditor general as taxes have risen, services reduced and debt reduction unchanged yet the government continues to spend and keep on spending and spending 12% of the country's Gross Domestic Product on "other" budget items.
October 16, 2002
If you share a fascination with machinery these pictures of this on and off railroad CN crane will definitely interest you.
The strike that will not end
October 16, 2002
Though some are hopeful that maybe the strike will be over soon there is really no reason for such a belief and even if the strike ends the damage to the health care system is extremely severe. So severe it will simply limp running as it does now with the strike in progress even after the strike concludes.
Hometime: God Bless America
October 15, 2002
The local flock of geese are still hanging out around Tisdale unwilling to take to the skies and head South until the very last possible minute as the danger of that passage from here to the Texas gulf is a gauntlet across the least civilised part of the known world.
Re-forming the spirit of Reform
October 15, 2002
Ron Thornton is definitely not alone in feeling the discomfort of the way the idealism of the Reform movement was bent by internal difficulties in the evolved Canadian Alliance Party. In the light of former Reform leader Preston Manning's new book being released yesterday it is interesting as Ron discusses the basic ideals and political needs of this region of Canada.
The Greenwater Report
October 14, 2002
Gerald Crawford tells us this week about helicopters, traffic tickets and shows us with some excellent pictures, the forest now lit up with colour.

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The lamps are getting together at Schapansky's getting ready for the sale a week from this coming Tuesday.

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