Chronological Index of Ensign Articles for
July of 1998

Canada Day - 1998
Wednesday, July 1, 1998
Cal Cavendish's song celebrating our country's birthday.

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Wednesday, July 1, 1998
Louis Dreyfus progress Aerial spraying & TMSS playing field
In Search of the Wonders of Old
Thursday, Jule 2, 1998
A chance encounter with some old trucks on a flat bed at a truck stop poses some interesting questions.
Little Wings Big Fun
Thursday, July 2, 1998
Explore the world of radio controlled model aircraft flying
CFL Season Opener
Thursday, July 2, 1998
Bombers lose to the Allouettes as Canadian football gets underway for another season.
CyberCafe - Internet and Capacino
Friday, July 3, 1998
Visit two locations in Winnipeg for this interesting form of business.
Shirley Holmes - Winnipeg
Satruday, July 4, 1998
YTV television series The Adventures of Shirley Holmes is being shot in a former sugar mill in Winnipeg
Oakes Schmaltz Wedding in Carrot River
Sunday, July 5, 1998
Marriage is an important thing, this is a picture album of Carlene and Cory's wedding.
Just another Sunset
Monday, July 6, 1998
QuickTime VR panorama of a red sunset
Carrot River - Economic Paradox
Monday, July 6, 1998
Housing in short supply economy strong yet businesses closing?
Roadside Weed Cleanup
Tuesday, July 7, 1998
Department of Highways does their bit to reduce agricultural pests.
Petunias - Common as Grass
Tuesday, July 7, 1998
The flower that can stand up to any ridicule in any colour
Crooked River
Tuesday, July 7, 1998
Crossroads community where roads and railways lead elsewhere.
Melfort Car Show
Wednesday, July 8, 98
Here is a look at last year's car show
Pictures by Matthew Shire
Metal, Motors and Money
Wednesday, July 8, 98
This week's editorial considers the car culture of North American
Kit Roadster
Thursday, July 9, 1998
Homebuilt cars are not a thing of the past, check this one out.
Know One Well
Thursday, July 9, 1998
A common sense approach to the wide range of learning to use computers and computer software.
Balloon Gives People a Lift
Friday, July 10, 1998
This page appeared last year on our picture archive site and tells the story of hot air ballooning in Tisdale, Sat. July 12, 1997
Tisdale Honey Festival Parade
Friday, July 10, 1998
Today is parade day and if you missed it here is a page showing last year's parade.
Early Birds get the Ride
Friday, July 10, 1998
SaskTel Calling Card hot air balloon kicks off Tisdale Honey Festival 98.
St. Therese Hospital Commemorated
Saturday, July 11, 1998
Cairn erected at former hospital site
Honey of a Parade 98
Saturday, July 11,1998
Hot afternoon,
cool parade.
Smoky's New Wheels
Sunday, July 12, 1998
Prince Albert RCMP Highway Patrol get new 98 Camero
Tisdale Roman Catholic Community Celebrates 100th Birthday
Sunday, July 12, 1998
Hundreds attend outdoor mass, grotto dedication and luncheon.
Computer Selection
Monday, July 13, 1998
Computer purchasing advice in an audio format to hear this story you need QuickTime 3.0
Tuesday, July 14, 1998
As part of our continuing Hometown series we visit Bjorkdale, the village in the valley with two QuickTime VR panoramas.
Tuesday, July 14, 1998
Newly renovated Wheat Pool Elevator in Bjorkdale, Closed!
Melforts 97 Parade
Wednesday, July 15, 1998
This is our perspective of the Melfort Parade last year. Melfort has its fair on this weekend.
Summer Destinations - LaRonge
Wednesday, July 15, 1998
Just a hint of the beauty of the huge and inviting Northern Saskatchewan lake.
Thanks for a Parking Space
Thursday, July 16, 1998
Saskatoon Funeral Home comes to FTLComms assistance
Thursday, July 16, 1998
CKBI Prince Albert makes an appearance shooting a news story at noon Wednesday in Tisdale.
Saskatchewan River Still Running High
Thursday, July 16, 1998
South Saskatchewan Rivers needs to go on diet. QuickTime Panorama.
Saskatoon Leads Saskatchewan in New Housing Starts
Thursday, July 16, 1998
QuickTime Panorama of John Avant in one of the newer portions of growing Saskatoon.
Environment Minister Lorne
Friday, July 17, 1998
The people's plane was in town today as the minsiter had what he described as a "look around" at Greenwater.
Tisdale Museum
Saturday, July 18, 1998
Heritage and History but a good deal more to see and experience.
Unconventional Knowledge
Sunday, July 19, 1998
By Mario deSantis
So how is business and business managing with the new Information age. Mario examines the problem and let's us consider the thoughts of some experts on the problem.
World Government, Already!
Monday, July 20, 1998
World court established, the sign of the times, a serious look at the development of global world trends.
Tuesday, July 21, 1998
Magnificent prairie church North of Humboldt
Big Move
Wednesday, July 22, 1998
Bungelow attached to two story attachment moved into Tisdale
Hogs and Clean Air
Wednesday, July 22, 1998
Humboldt manufacturer turns out hog barn ventilation equipment including large plastic moldings.
Two Weeks to Go
Thursday, July 23, 1998
A photographic field tour of local crops
Regina Number One for Violent Crime in Canada!
Friday, July 24, 1998
A little outrage showing here in an editorial about the disgraceful situation with urban crime in the province's two largest cities.
Wilf and Alvina Wiser Celebrate 50th
Saturday, July 25, 1998
Fifty years is a long time for anything but a landmark in marriages and today this couple celebrate with friends and family a full fifty years.
Sharlene and Kevin Become Mr. & Mrs.
Saturday, July 25, 1998
A time for weddings and anniversaries, Look in on a Regina wedding of a teaching couple from La Ronge.
To A Higher Level: Day One, Ascent to Camp
July 26, 1998
Michael Townsend takes us with him in a six part day by day journal to mountaineering school, this is the first article in the series.
Sunday, July 26, 1998
Mario deSantis raises our awareness of the growing and developing trend toward "e-commerce"
Early Evening in a Sleepy Town
Monday, July 27, 1998
A three part QuickTime VR Panorama. This one takes some time to load because of its multiple portions.
To A Higher Level: Day Two The Curse of the Knees
Monday, July 27, 1998
First day of climbing.
We are Pretty Much Alone
July 28, 1998
Timothy Shire expounds on his theory of aliens, dinosaurs and asteroids as they relate to the important things in life.
To A Higher Level: Day Three, Mount Gordon
July 28, 1998
Michael Townsend's saga continues with dramatic images from atop the Canadian Rockies.
When is a Prize Not a Prize? When its a Sales Promotion!
July 29, 1998
5 days and 4 nights in Orlando Florida
and there's more. . .
To A Higher Level: Day Four: Mount Rhonda
July 29, 1998
Michael Townsend's Journal from Mountaineering school takes us along up Mount Rhonda.
Day By Day Digging
July 30, 1998
Tisdale town crew install new sewer line between 100St and 99th
To A Higher Level: Day Five:Crevasses and Knee Caps
July 30, 1998
Michael Townsend tells his story of crevasse rescues and trauma.
Tisdale Museum Heritage Village
July 31, 1998
Visit the outstanding authentic village on the ten acres that is part of the Tisdale Museum.
To A Higher Level: Day 6, Duct Tape to the Rescue
July 31, 1998
This is the last in the breath-taking account of Michael Townsend's journal from mountaineering school