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Thursday, December 5, 2002

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Fairlight Studio and Gallery
December 5, 2002
As part of our continuing Christmas shopping suggestions how about a family or individual portrait or a gift certificate.

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* Bush turning attention to Venezula
* Ministerial Accountability
* Ready, Fire Aim . . .
* Terrorist funding and guns
* Mistakes were made
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Tim's Tip of the Day

Sometimes numbers are a little confusing, let me help you with this: Some one offers to shovel your driveway for $2 and then you find out that they gave the bill to your wife and she paid $1,000 for the job. That is the size of the over run on the gun registration programme carried out by the federal government and they need more money because the $1 billion is not enough.

Ensign Notes

Heah, I thought I was catching up yesterday then I got involved in testing software and a little animation thing, but today no fooling around, onward and upward. Check our letters page today.

Bush Administration Pushes "Regime Change" in Venezuela
December 5, 2002
Mark Weisbrot the co-Director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research in Washington points out the ominous direction of the United States government to decide to depose a democratically elected government and its leader of another "oil rich" country.

Ministerial accountability
December 5, 2002
Mike Reilly is shaking his head like the rest of us at the way the government has hidden the incredible cost overruns and side pocket deals from parliament.

Ready, Fire, Aim . . . Canada's new billion-dollar boondoggle
December 5, 2002
Walter Robinson of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation identifies some of the most troublesome items in the Auditor General's report. Links on this page will take you to the actual report.

Terrorist funding and guns
December 5, 2002
Member of Parliament Peter MacKay points out that terrorist groups raise money in this country then at times get into terrible battles with their countrymen here in Canada while we are wasted a billion dollars trying to register hunting rifles.

Mistakes were made
December 5, 2002
Jason Inness from Calgary considers the pattern of confusion that has been the federal government and leaves us with a ominous concern.

Beeland Co-op pays dividends to over 65 members
December 4, 2002
It was time to celebrate at Beeland Co-op yesterday as cheques were handed out for a very successful business year.

The Economic Garbage of Tax Cuts and Privatization
December 4, 2002
Mario deSantis lays down his cards and he wins. The free market system of thinking that tax cuts improve things for everyone is wrong. But don't take Mario's word for it check out the references and you will discover that what is continuing to be world economic policy has failed and more of the same will cause more of the same.

Billions short without consultants cutting more
December 4, 2002
Derral Bellaire from London Ontario explains the dire need our country has for a well equipped and well funded military and is disturbed to discover the minister is looking for ways to cut even further the force that is already an international embarassment because of the failure of the government to support the responsiblities we have around the globe.

The iMac revisted
December 4, 2002
Find out about the new flat screen iMac and its new UNIX based operating system. Faster Than Light Communications is no longer an Apple VAR and sale of these machines is almost always direct from the manufacturer.

Memory Lane Monograms
December 3, 2002
A new business has opened in business offering custom clothing and promotional products. Talk about a made to order Christmas gift.

Christmas shopping in Tisdale part III
December 2, 2002
Last week we took a look at several stores downtown to check out the kinds of merchandise available for Christmas shoppers this year. Today we take a look at four more and toss in a suggestion for lunch.

Sonia's Menu
December 2, 2002
This morning I dropped in to Sonia's for coffee and enjoyed the conversation and atmosphere.

December 2, 2002
Local Christmas shopping has some interesting varieties of things to discover like the cool bunch of hockey collectibles in Pharmasave.

December 2, 2002
Year round Pearson's department store has great values and a large stock on hand but their Christmas stock is excellent especially in the toy department.

December 2, 2002
Shopping at home may be more than looking for ornaments and toys so here is a visit to Martin's to check out the furniture.

Family Furniture
December 2, 2002
Here is the place to go if you are looking for a classy easy chair or sofa.

The Greenwater Report
December 2, 2002
Ever wonder what it would be like to take a bus tour of Branson taking in the country shows. Gerald Crawford takes us along on the trip and tells us the details.

My 2¢ Worth On Romanow's $15,000,000.00 Report
December 2, 2002
Ron Thornton feels that the Romanow Commission was to expensive for the results it delivers and maintains that it is advocating an infringement on Provincial rights.

Bush's model of freedom: citizenship being replaced by ownership
December 2, 2002
Mario deSantis worries that the American media being so concentrated is no longer willing or able to perform the function needed in a demcratic society.

A state of mind
December 1, 2002
So what if you mobility is limited does that really matter in what you make of your life. Here we examine what it means to be "not handicapped" with the help of Kevin McIntyre.

Facing the demons head on: booze
December 1, 2002
Mark Allan Whittle discusses the struggle he has had for the past nine years to stay successfully sober.

We are in this together
December 1, 2002
A scene prompted some thoughts on the important concept of working together. To hear the song for the day you will need to have QuickTime installed in your computer.

Fat Boy
December 1, 2002
A custom made tank was produced in the early part of November by Northern Steel Industries.

December 1, 2002
Nuform Packaging continues to pump out the production as raw materials flow into the plant for recycling.

November comes to a close
November 30, 2002
Each year we pack so many events into November that it seems to be a monumental task just to get through it and now its time to put it behind us for another year. You will need QuickTime to hear the song of the day,"Adagio" by Lara Fabian.

Fighting the Bastards of our Plutocracy: Recognizing the work of Lorie Terry and Sheila Steele
November 30, 2002
Mario deSantis recognises the commendable and tireless efforts of two Saskatchewan women who have decided not to roll over but stand up for Saskatchewan people who are suffering from the rough behaviour of SGI and the Saskatchewan Department of Justice.

Tisdale Barber / Stylist
November 29, 2002
Now we know the secret of why Mr. Mann looks so good. He has A. Paul Van Oene tiding up.

November 29, 2002
Clothes of all kinds but especially unique western gear set this store apart from the big box noise factories in the cities. Shopping at home makes cents.

LaCroix Drugs
November 29, 2002
Here are some pictures of one of Tisdale's businesses with lots of selection for the hometown Christmas shopper.


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Just before nine this morning it was pretty quiet in downtown Tisdale.

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