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Friday, September 27, 2002

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Greenwater Report


Parkland Photography September Meeting
September 27, 2002
Mary Wright's third place image is seen here as the thirteen members enjoyed an evening together and Gerald Crawford tells and shows us what the meeting was about.

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- Parkland photography Sept. meeting
- Federal Inaction must end -fishing
- Throne speech preview

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- Cold Drop leaves in the back yard
- Is this Bad? - Saskatchewan Health
- Leave a fair and balanced budget

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A considerable amount of your brain's ability is focused on identifying and interpretting the faces of others. So, put your best face forward, smile.

Ensign Notes

Ensign will be posting late today again as I am once again on a road trip but hope to get all of today's stories up. By the way the professional health workers strike has come to Tisdale with the School community health worker and the physio-therapist both on strike.

Federal inaction must end
September 27, 2002
It looks like the oceans, especially the one abundant Atlantic Grand Banks are running close to empty and it also looks like many countries are determined to finish off what's left. David Jackson, of Ottawa demands that the government of Canada do something about the impending disaster.
Throne Speech Preview
September 27, 2002
Walter Robinson has some serious misgivings about the prospects of the federal government's spending intentions and tosses out some suggestions about aboriginal problems.
Tisdale School Division Official Grand Opening of Welding programme
September 26, 2002
This morning at 11:30 TMSS saw the official launch of its partnered programme with Northern Steel Industries and Beeland Co-op Association who are participating in developing the new industrial welding programme.
Where are the great orators?
September 25, 2002
In other times the words of individuals have inspired those who heard them changing their lives forever. Ron Thornton longs for a Canadian speaker who will step forward and do what others have done in other times and places. Included on this page are the full QuickTime audio track of a Winston Churchill speech and the magnificient "I have a dream" speech of Martin Luther King.
Does Paul Martin share the blame? I wonder!
September 25, 2002
Rebecca Gingrich and Ross Vaughan from Ontario suggest that Joe Hueglin left out a few things in his Monday article.
Challengers instead of SeaKings
September 25, 2002
Richard P. Neumann tells us about the dangers of the old Helicopters which the government has had nine years to do something about.
Summer 1946
September 24, 2002
The war had ended officially but in the minds of these young people who had grown up in the 1930 and held their breath through the war, was it time to exhale? (This page includes a QuickTime music clip)
The Greenwater report
September 23, 2002
As fall sweeps over the countryside we get to check out the agricutlure scene as winter wheat is being planted.
Does Paul Martin share the blame?
September 23, 2002
As so many Ontario and Quebec Liberals want to defer sainthood on the former finance minister, Joe Hueglin points out that we must on ignore what he did in office.
The First official day of fall
September 22, 2002
Yesterday it was blustery, with an icey wind, squalls and almost violent sunshine.
The bad economics of the Bushes: The new doctrine of a never ending war
September 22, 2002
Mario deSantis suspects that the world is dealing with a repeat performance as Bush junior follows a similar militaristic pattern and the consequential economic fall out will be similar to that produced by his father's leadership.
Inflation calculator
September 22, 2002
Ken Styan spotted an interesting web site that will figure out what something would cost new today when you input the cost at its vintage date.
Sylvania the fall of 2002
September 21, 2002
Harvest is in progress, the leaves turning and children well into the new school year. A look at rural life in a Saskatchewan village. This page includes a 620K Quicktime VR panorama image.
Paul Martin no financial wizard
September 21, 2002
Rudy Fernandes of White Rock B.C. gives us the quick review of the former finance minister's achievements and it isn't pretty.
Why Now?
September 21, 2002
The auditor general asked the RCMP back in May to check into GroupAction but it was this past week that they got around to it but this story is one that will not go away. Even though the parliamentary committee looking into it was closed down by Liberal MPs, something smells here. Bryan St. George from Kelowna is wondering why now.
September 21, 2002
The lives that touch our own and those lives that we touch are not species specific as dogs and horse often define who and what we are. Bear was Mike Townsends fellow traveller.
The Albertan Response to the Kyoto’s Issue: Instant Democracy against True Democracy
September 21, 2002
Mario deSantis explains the vulgar self interest of Alberta and its campaign for its private business interests as it goes all out against the Kyoto Accord.

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Eleven this morning green leaves fallen as the new Zimmer house rises.

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