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Tuesday, June 17, 2003 Ensign Front Page Volume 7, N. 22

0900 Tuesday - Ceiling and visibility unlimited, 19º, wind 12 knots at 320º, altimeter 30.11, 1/10th last night---------------WeatherLog

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Glasair: SH-2F
Tuesday, June 17, 2003
by: Timothy W. Shire
Amateur built kit aircraft are a standard feature of the present general aviation world and the two place composite speed demon that we see here performs well beyond any commerically mass produced aircraft.

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Tim's Tip of the Day

You know how Gerald Crawford blows about the food at Fisherman's Cove at Greenwater, well the food is very good but the coffee is a blend of pavement and industrial waste.

Ensign Notes

Summer holidays: That's right, 2003 is the first year since 1991 that we have had a chance to take a holiday. During June, July and the first two weeks of August we will have some intermittant days when Ensign will not post. Our plan is to do some tripping and camping here in Saskatchewan.Three days at Madge Lake, will be posting today, tomorrow and may be Thursday, then off on another camping trip.

The Greenwater Report
Tuesday, June 17, 2003
by: Gerald Crawford
On a bus tour this week as we see some of the highlights of Gerald's trip up to Flin Flon.

Ontario Courts Okay Homosexual Marriage
Tuesday, June 17, 2003
by: Ron Thornton
Canadians of all parts of the country are a bit purturbed at the recent Ontario Court ruling and may even be more so with the Cabinet decision today to desolve the exclusive heteerosexual meaning of the term "marriage."

Cessena 140: the beginning
Thursday, June 12, 2003
by: Timothy W. Shire
The most popular aircraft in history is the Cessna 172 but it was with the 120 which evolved into the 140 that the story really began.

Sidewalk Sale day in Tisdale
Thursday, June 12, 2003
by: Timothy W. Shire
What a fabulous day, sunlight, gentle summer temperatures, pizza and hamburgers, yes, a great day.

A'less Auto Repair
Thursday, June 12, 2003
by: Timothy W. Shire
A new automotive repair shop has openned in Tisdale.

Making Reality out of the Fiction of the Free Market
Thursday, June 12, 2003
by: Mario deSantis
The political predisposition of so many leaders both at home and around the world is determining governmental action rather than basing administration on the needs of the real world.

Liberals goad regionalism
Thursday, June12, 2003
by: Richard P. Neumann
Political power in Canada flows from the regional issues that produce separatist parties like the Bloc and the Canadian Alliance. But there is a solution.

Satisfying all save the extremes.
Thursday, June 12, 2003
by: Joe Hueglin
The issue of same sex marriage has been steaming away for five years. Parliament and the courts are at odds and its time to look for a way out of this rather than rehash the same tired proclaimations.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003
by: Timothy W. Shire
The alfalfa swathers got into the fields today and tomorrow Tisdale Alfalfa Dehydration will start picking up the crop of the first cut of 2003 and these stacks will come to life for another season of cooking.

Auster MK VI
Wednesday, June 11, 2003
by: Timothy W. Shire
When is a Piper Cub not a Piper Cub? When its an Auster, made in England based on the Taylorcraft design with a deHavilland Gipsy Major engine and at the Tisdale Aviation Association flyin-breakfast last weekend.

While Harper does the talking, MacKay does the walking.
Wednesday, June 11, 2003
by: Mike Reilly
The Canadian political scene is substantially changed with the election of Peter MacKay as leader of the Progressive Conservative after having agreeing not to make a deal with the Canadian Alliance. Alliance leader Stephen Harper sees his Alberta party as becoming nationally irrelevant.

On the street where we live
Tuesday, June 10, 2003
by: Timothy W. Shire
Yesterday afternoon the town crew were preparing a damaged valve for excavation the following day and it errupted flooding the street above.

Right behind the bar
Tuesday, June 10, 2003
by: Kevin McIntyre
Here is a peek at th outside of the office of Melville's Grant Schmidt who was turned down as candidate for the Saskatchewan Party after having 1,200 supporters at the nominating convention and will be running in the upcoming provincial election as an independent.

Camouflaging Racism in Saskatchewan and in the Saskatoon Police Association
Tuesday, June 10, 2003
by: Mario deSantis
Racism is an ugly thing but we are not going to make any progress with it as long as we done come out and deal with the issue. Police Chief Sabo has acknowledged that two decades ago a least one Saskatoon police officer was reprimanded for leaving a woman out on the city's outskirts to die, the police association has proclaimed their lack of confidence in him. There are games being played here and its time to call it what it really is.

Flushing Out Yet Another Vision Of Senate Reform
Tuesday, June 10, 2003
by: Ron Thornton
A truly lame idea for reforming the senate has come from Margret Kopala, a one time reformer and now a Canadian Alliance hopeful who thinks that it would be nice for the provincial governments to look after senate appointments.

Beechcraft Bonanza A36 (1977)
Monday, June 9, 2003
by: Timothy W. Shire
This six place, 193 mile per hour chariot of the sky can hustle for 802 miles. Many believe this version of the Bonanza the ultimate private single engine aircraft.

The Greenwater report
Monday, June 9, 2003
by: Gerald Crawford
Gerald's first grand child got married this past weekend. But Gerald has time to tell us about the wildlife at the park. Then he tells us about a going away party.

Entitlement Program Report
Monday, June 9, 2003
by: Walter Robinson
Our annual budget continues to grow each year with almost 1/5th of it going to pay interest on the national debt. Essentially we have to sort out expenditures and the place to start is reform of Employment Insurance.

Tisdale Aviation Association Fly-in and breakfast
Sunday, June 8, 2003
by: Timothy W. Shire
Brilliant sunlight splashed through the tattered early morning cumulus to make a perfect setting for local people and flyers from all over Saskatchewan who came to share breakfast this morning.


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Between Canora and Good Spirit Provincial Park a church is seen here and photographed yesterday as a weather vane.

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