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Friday, December 20, 2002

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0900 Thursday - Overcast, cumulus, ceiling 1,500, visibility 15, -6º, wind 9 knots at 290, altimeter 29.83-----WeatherLog

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Lumpy country
December 20, 2002
Yesterday's wind and drifting conditions pretty much messed up this community's streets with only main street clean, even walking is difficult.

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We all know the advice we get when we are ill, "get plenty of bed rest and drink lots of fluids." Good advice when you're not sick.

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Community Action Co-operative Collective Kitchen holds Christmas Dinner
December 19, 2002
Last night amidst a wonderful feast for more than ninety people the Moore Family from Valparaiso warmed the spirits of all.

Winter's here, snow and blowing snow
December 19, 2002
Today we are declaring it the official arrival of winter, no more combining and suntan lotion. Don't worry about shovelling the drive way the wind brought the stuff there and it will take it away.

Hamper Haven
December 19, 2002
Tisdale's Salvation Army is working hard once again this year putting together hampers for families in this area.

A chance to understand each other
December 19, 2002
Stu Innes from Regina gives us his impression of the David Ahenakew speech and its aftermath as he sees this indicent as a positive thing that could benifit us all.

December 18, 2002
A nostalgic look at living on the great central plains and what the railroads meant when the plains were important.

Long gun registry must be scrapped!
December 18, 2002
Jason Inness from Calgary figures that there is no alternative to dealing with the wasteful Liberal government but to replace them with a Progressive Conservative government.

Learning to think in circles: arrows of causal relationships Side effects of both tax cuts and wars waged by the U.S.
December 18, 2002
Mario deSantis clues us in on the serious problem of conservative decision making that involves repeating errors because of the inability to adopt better decision making methods.

The only good Indian . . .
December 17, 2002
David Ahenakew's apology this morning was pretty conclusive but so much about this issue is unsaid and burns like a glowing piece of molten metal into our collective unconscious. We have to talk about this.

The Daily by Statistics Canada: on the move to double our standard of living in 25 years!?
December 17, 2002
Mario deSantis reports on the way the Canadian Statistics agency views the Canadian economy without reference to the lives of Canadians.

The Greenwater Report
December 16, 2002
Gerry Crawford gives us some tips on putting up the lights. Shares a tale or two about beaver stealing a fishing shack and worries about oats.

Hello Santa!
December 16, 2002
Saturday Santa was at the Tisdale Mall as Christmas shoppers dropped by to visit and get a picture taken with the old guy.

Chicken Delight takes up the challenge
December 16, 2002
The complexion of the fast food business in Tisdale has been altered considerably with the success of A&W but in general the competition has not had a negative effect on most businesses. However, Chicken Delight is putting up a fair fight.

New Box on the desk
December 16, 2002
Michael Townsend tells us about his new computer and the use to which he will put his machine and its new flat LCD 17" screen.

Making a new home for Student Support Centre
December 16, 2002
Work has begun as the store front downtown is being transformed into the new Student Support Centre for Tisdale School Division.

When It Comes to Explaining Politics, Just Give Me Sex
December 16, 2002
Ron Thornton wonders about how he could make a plausible explanation of some of Canada's political realities to his twin grade three boys.

A prescription to reverse the trend of a divided society: Focus on living wages and full employment
December 16, 2002
Mario deSantis explains the business, government and economists are compounding the problems they have created instead of reversing their actions are making things exponentially worse.

Is there a roadside test for impairment?
December 16, 2002
Joe Hueglin is disconcerted with the possibility of wider use of marijuana and is disturbed that this could pose a mortal threat to everyone using our highways.

Nipawin's Parade of Lights
December 15, 2002
You may have heard of this unusual Christmas parade but here is your chance to take a look at one of Saskatchewan's most unusual parades as Kevin McIntyre lets us take a quick look at some of Nipawin's home decorations and the remarkable parade which took place last night.

SYSTEM DYNAMICS: A tool to understand our world
December 15, 2002
Mario deSantis takes us along with him on a journey into understanding the whole process of conceptual modelling that will allow us to understand the dynamic processes that involve interactive and interrelated systems. Mario provides us with real life examples of how these concepts come into play in the real world.

A & W Tisdale Grand opening
December 14, 2002
At ten this morning it was time for the official grand opening ceremony but the crowds have been on hand all day with CJVR there to celebrate the official opening of this outlet.

Smoke, mirrors and smog
December 14, 2002
Kin Wilson from Nelson B.C. voices the deep distrust most Canadians feel about the Kyoto Protocol. Most Canadians realise a need to do something but with the gun registration crowd running the show there is cause for concern.

Global warming and the discounting of our economists
December 14, 2002
Mario deSantis points out that the economists of today have a tendency to view the possibilities only through their eco-political point of view therefore developing remarkably different results from scientists considering the same problem.


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