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Saturday, October 12, 2002

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Volume 5, N. 143

0900 Saturday - Scattered alto stratus, visibility 15, -6º, wind 18 knots at 290º, altimeter 30.09- ------WeatherLog




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Greenwater Report




Automated round bale handling
October 12, 2002
An Alberta manufacturer is turning out equipment that allows the pickup of those huge bales fright from the field and then set them in the farm yard.

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- Automated round bale handling

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Tim's Tip of the Day

There have always been good music performers male and female, but you are now alive at the time of what looks like the best performer of all time, Canadian Shania Twain having only two huge albums out has released the first hit from her third mega album. No perform in the past has ever shown such enormous popularity from all genres of music and combined it with such simplicity and well presented audio and video.

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Thanks giving weekend we are taking it easy with one story on the bale truck today and tomorrow some fabulous scenery and sky images.

Sprinkle of colour
October 11, 2002
With the odd year we have had the trees have changed colour species by species so that now the shrubs has turned scarlet.
Her Majesty the Queen
October 11, 2002
Rudy Fernandes of White Rock, like so many people across Canada have been upset at the very bad manners shown by both the Deputy prime minister and some reporters. Letter's to the editors pages have been swamped with letters like this one by Mr. Fernandes.
Investment rather than welfare
October 11, 2002
Mike Reilly emphasises the positive aspects of finding value added use of Canadian lumber with the export of pre built building components rather than raw logs to create employment for Americans.
Canola, golden beads
October 10, 2002
A hardy oil seed crop that has delivered outstanding food value and could be the source of abundant renewable energy.
Auditor General issues another "wake up call" government still snoozin'
October 10, 2002
Walter Robinson reports the concern we all should have about the government's extremely slow reaction to problems brought up in other reports by the Auditor General.
Once proud military
October 10, 2002
Jason Inness laments the now glaring fact that even at the miserable level our armed forces are now at in eighteen months we will no longer even be able to support the present low and poorly equipped soldiers, airmen and sailors now in service.
United States election in November and Iraq
October 10, 2002
Richard Neumann shares his thoughts on the relationship between George Bush's desire to thump out Saddam and his dire need to retain seats in the Congress and Senate as the election is only a couple of weeks away.
No pressure for publics' interest
October 10, 2002
Joe Hueglin points out the odd ideas that the government has about ethics when it comes to coming down hard on MPs and Senators and ignoring cabinet ministers and their behaviour.
Construction updates
October 9, 2002
A month ago we went through the various project underway in town and today we have individual reports on houses under construction, the A&W, expansion at Nuform and Northern Steel's upgrade to the Fripp plant.
Canada's Armed Forces unprepared, under supported and over committed
October 8, 2002
Richard Neumann points out the foolishness and downright dangerous nature of the present course of inaction by the federal government. Canada, the very definition of our land as an independent country is now openly in question as we appear no longer a viable entity.
Children stealing from children
October 8, 2002
Two abandoned bicycles mar the normal outstanding level of trust in this Saskatchewan rural community.
The Greenwater Report
October 7, 2002
Gerald Crawford has some fabulous eye candy pictures of the snow last week and all the details in this week's report.
Careless Disregard
October 7, 2002
Derrall Bellaire from London Ontario reflects what so many Canadians feel as they worry about the credibility and safety of Canadian Armed Forces when the federal government seems so disinterested in their needs.
It was a throne speech we all could relate to
October 7, 2002
Ron Thornton is trying hard to curb is wild enthusiasm for the Prime Minister's throne speech a week ago today.
Manley and the monarchy
October 7, 2002
The minister of finance, the deputy prime minister and candidate for leadership of the Liberal party does not have the option of voicing personal views and when he spoke out in Montreal against the monarchy the reaction has been very strong. Here are three views from White Rock, Niagara Falls and Victoria. This story has extensive background stories using PDFs so the information will remain with this story long after they disappear from the media web sites.
"Through thick and through thin, all out or all in we're goin' to go through it together"
October 6, 2002
What can you expect if you are a really short person in this world?

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Harsh cold winds whip across the country this morning at 10:00.

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