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Friday, April 18, 2003 Ensign Front Page Volume 5, N. 320

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Rebecca Clements Holte (July 7, 1968 - April 14, 2003)
Friday, April 18, 2003
by: Ron Thornton
A young woman's life ends and the memory of her lives on as Ron Thornton tells us of the joy of having shared life with her.

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* Rebecca Clements Holte - Ron Thornton
* Tisdale Good Friday 2003 - TWS
* Winning Peace - Mario deSantis

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Tim's Tip of the Day

Ben Johnson used drugs was caught and lost his medal to Karl Lewis who used drugs and the American Olympic committee hushed up his positive drug tests (three prior to the 1981 Olympics) moral of this story. Professional wrestling is fixed but entertaining Olympic athletics is just fixed.

Ensign Notes

Ensign may be somewhat spotty over the next week as tomorrow we head for Winnipeg and will be there until next Friday. Will do our best to keep the stories coming but there will be times when will not be able to post. Hang in there we will do what we can.

Tisdale - Good Friday 2003
Friday, April 18, 2003
by: Timothy W. Shire
Here is a look around town this morning as the sun brought its people back to life once more. This story includes a 644MB QuickTime VR.

Winning peace will be our victory as Bush&Co. cannot have a final victory by waging wars
Friday, April 18, 2003
by: Mario deSantis
The contracts to fix this rebuilt that all over Iraq are already let and American and some British companies will begin to see the profits flow their way from the invasion of the country. The country that was plundered and today the medium of exchange in Iraq is the US dollar.

Paper Art
Thursday, April 17, 2003
by: Judy and Timothy Shire
Churchill school in la Ronge has long had a developmental and full spectrum art programme in its high school these projects seen in this story are produced by grade eleven students.

Here we go again
Thursday, April 17, 2003
by: Stu Innes
Stu Innes had his camera in hand and gives us a look at Regina as it was slapped with a late winter or spring snow storm.

Bush&Co. cannot export democracy as they are a bunch of hypocrites
Thursday, April 17, 2003
by: Mario deSantis
While praising the American armed forces the United States president cuts veterans pensions. If we accept the weapons of mass destruction story there will be more stories.

Extreme Education
Thursday, April 17, 2003
by: Michael Townsend
Pushing back the edge of the frontiers is what this site and this technology is all about. Mike Townsend put together a "flash" presentation to promote the course he teaches in his Kamloops high school and you will get a kick out of what he has produced. If you are dial up you need to know this one as is 740KB to download.

One thing leads to another
Wednesday, April 16, 2003
by: Brian Marlatt and Timothy W. Shire
Noticing the unusual design of the little house in the story yesterday Brian Marlatt tells us about its design and origin of that design. But he also tells us about some fascinating characters who were inextricably linked to the history of this country. This story includes a brief summary about these men and a good number of references that will let you dig in and find out much more.

The depression
Tuesday, April 15, 2003
by: Timothy W. Shire
Perhaps in time the 1930s may cease to be the primary and most influencial factor in shaping our lives and culture but despite all that has past that era is still in the back of everyone's mind no matter how old or young.

Big auto blackmail: What’s next …a minister of minivans?
Tuesday, April 15, 2003
by: Walter Robinson
DaimlerChrysler, Ford and others are threatening to move their manufacturing operations elsewhere unless Canada and the provinces fork over cash, lots of cash.

Yorkton Mall
Monday, April 14, 2003
by: Timothy W. Shire
With more than 15,000 residents and a huge rural population in surrounding towns villages and the city of Melville, Yorkton is a very active business market place. This story includes a 400K QuickTime Virtual reality panorama.

The immigrants who came home
Monday, April 14, 2003
by: Timothy W. Shire
Their home land is just over a decade old yet their culture and their traditions have carried Canada's Ukrainians through the good and the bad times. Here is the story of how they got here.

The IMF and World Bank: Poverty Reduction and Growth? Or the Same Old Formula?
Monday, April 14, 2003
by: Mark Weisbrot and Debayani Kar
The International Monetary Fund and World Bank wrecked the economy of Russia and Argentina but that is not holding them back from taking on Sri Lanka and trashing the progress that it has made as they plan to enforce urbanisation of a rural country.

Carrot River Spring
Monday, April 14, 2003
by: Kevin McIntyre
Routinely each spring the rivers and streams in the North Central part of Saskatchewan swell from the melting snow and over flow their banks. But in the last few years there has been very little spring run off. This year Kevin caught the Carrot River doing what it is expected to do with five outstanding images.

Nasty Feelings
Monday, April 14, 2003
by Edwin Wallace / Mel Hurtig
Edwin, like so many of us has been feeling discomfort over the negative anti-Canadianism that we are seeing and hearing about and then he discovered the text of a speech by Mel Hurtig from Edmonton. Here is Edwin's introduction to Mr. Hurtig's speech given in Victoria.

The Greenwater Report
Monday, April 14, 2003
by: Gerald Crawford
Readers in Armstrong B.C. are going to start seeing this report in their local paper as spring arrives at the park. But there is always time for another fishing story and the geese have reclaimed their territory. Great pictures this week.

The End Does not - - - - -
Monday, April 14, 2003
by: Rebecca Gingrich
Reflecting on the points made by Brian Marlatt on Friday Rebecca points out that the taking of human life in Iraq by either the former dictator or the Americans amounts to the same thing and ultimately the issue is the conquest and economic activity that is prompting the United States in its Imperial activity.

On the road to Sussex Drive
Monday, April 14, 2003
by: Joe Hueglin
The former minister of finance is haunted not only by his Burmuda bank accounts but by his actions as minister as he makes his way to the prime minister's residence.

Baring our truths and taking back our rights: Our lawyers in a world where Might is Right
Monday, April 14, 2003
by: Mario deSantis
The pictures that accompany this story are not directly related. Mr. deSantis is dealing with the generalities and the specifics of the legal system as it protects itself and often avoids any conflict that might cast shadows upon itself. The pictures tell about a similar story that surfaced early this morning as CBC has been digging into the death squad cases and Saskatoon Police force.

Its a Ukrainian Thing
Sunday, April 13, 2003
by: Timothy W. Shire
Saturday night the Ukrainian dance group at Ituna held their season show for their home town crowd. This story includes a QuickTime Virtual reality picture of 656K and requires QuickTime installed to be seen. This is really three stories, the community celebration of its heritage, show highlights and some insight into the impact of the culture we know as Ukrainian.


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