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Monday, November 19, 2002

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Penguin Walk 2002
November 19, 2002
Each year the grade eight art classes produce a penguin each at this time of the year and then last Friday they took them for a walk. This page includes a 27 picture Flash presentation that is 1.5MB to download.

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- Penguin walk 2002 - Judy Shire
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Joe Hueglin
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- Stobart Nutrition - Darcy Schill
- Security Bill - Mario deSantis
- Martin and Tamil society

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Check out David Letterman tonight and see Shania Twain do her "Gonna Getcha Good."

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Action belies words
November 19, 2002
Joe Hueglin points out that the empty stage show by Liberal leadership hopeful about the democracy deficit while in real life he and his backroom henchmen have begun a series of take overs of riding associations.

A November Chronicle
November 18, 2002
This story is a series of images captured between 4:30 and 8:00 last night as I went to and came home from Prince Albert.

The Greenwater Report
November 18, 2002
A trip to Alberta and back and a fashion show in Kelvington as Gerald Crawford tells us about coyotes and ice fishing.

It's All About Security, Stupid
November 18, 2002
Ron Thornton believes that the action or inaction, of the federal government is a threat to Canadian citizen's security. He believes that the Kyoto Accord, underfunded military and criminality all pose threats to he and his family.

Cranberry Corner 2002
November 17, 2002
We should have visited the great craft show on Friday but missed it and alas it was only open Friday and Saturday so you will have to wait until next year to get in on these unique items but we have pictures.

Bush's No Fault Insurance and the Right to Work: Corporations' Profits before People's Lives
November 17, 2002
Mario deSantis waves a serious flag of concern that if the US government proceeds with its tort reform legislation which would of course spread to all NAFTA jusidictions power would take yet another giant step to corporate America.

Tisdale Mall comes of age
November 16, 2002
Time to mark the mall's eighteenth anniversary as merchants and customers enjoy some cake and share some smiles.

Kyoto Ugly: Protocol to cost $2,700 per Canadian family
November 16, 2002
The Canadian Taxpayers Federation has completed a study that indicates the Kyoto Accord could cost each Canadian family $2,700.

Adjusting: Always adjusting
November 15, 2002
The question is: What is like in Tisdale today? The answer today and every day, adjusting, always adjusting. This story includes a flash image of downtown.

Fascism is here to cut costs, save money and save lives? The creation of 850,000 jobs in the Bush Administration
November 15, 2002
Little by little the affects of September 11, 2002 are moving through our society, border tension, American Homeland Security and what's this high tech World War II Germany like identification cards for Canadians. The discomfort grows and this is a warning.

Taxing Questions
November 15, 2002
Rebecca Gingrich is alerting us to a rather inappropriate tax on a tax situation that promises were made about and appear to have been unkept.

Habitation Fog in November
November 14, 2002
Unusually low temperatures in the northern grain belt this year and today something we normally only see in late December or January.

Music Pick Me Up
November 14, 2002
This story began as a simple editing exercise of a piece of music but lead to a discussion on one of the most popular music artists of all time. This story will autoload two pieces of music neither are long but require QuickTime to play as streaming audio tracks.

The Road to War
November 14, 2002
Richard Neumann explains the scenario as the UN moves into the inspection process of Iraq and outlines what looks like the reasonable expected circumstances.

SGI's No Fault Insurance, and now Tort Coverage: the work of the experts
November 14, 2002
Mario deSantis asks us to look critically at the attitude and behaviour of the government operated insurance company which seems to be denying what is pretty widely known to understand its outrageous activity in the past.

Random: The impossible occurrence
November 13, 2002
Neither mathematical nor philosophically possible, yet we have this unusual idea that chance plays some part in reality.

Confusion about debt repayment
November 13, 2002
We welcome Member of Parliament Scott Brison, conservative finance critic to this web site as he expresses his concern about the federal government's accounting practice of taking employment insurance premiums and applying them to the National Debt.

A personal abuse of the Bell Curve in Education: Is learning associated to the Bell Curving of the marks?
November 13, 2002
Mario deSantis tells us about the ways the good ole' Bell Curve can be used to create some distortions.

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Above zero this afternoon lead to construction projects, this guy exceeds six feet tall.

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