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Sunday, October 6, 2002

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"Through thick and through thin, all out or all in we're goin' to go through it together"
October 6, 2002
What can you expect if you are a really short person in this world?

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Tim's Tip of the Day

The primary and most sustaining inspiration you have in your life is "hope" the expectations we have are more responsible for what happens to us than any other factor.

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In explicably the front page failed some time today, sorry about that we have no explanation, gremlin attack.

Exotic auction sale
October 5, 2002
A big crowd on hand for today's exotics sale at the Tisdale Livestock Centre.
New autobody shop
October 4, 2002
Work began today on a new shop beside the Tisdale School Division Bus shop.
Lutheran rummage sale
October 4, 2002
On for today and tomorrow the Lutheran church is holding its fall sale, definitely worth a look.
Okay, maybe it will be an 8.5% GST
October 4, 2002
Walter Robinson of the Canadian Tax Payer's Federation is concerned that governments will decide just to spend more money rather than examine the way they are currently spending money on health care.
Second Day
October 4, 2002
The leaking water line turned into a two day project as they had to replace the entire intersection.
Water line leak
October 3, 2002
The cast iron line that runs North and South by St. Matthew's Anglican church has sprung a persistent leak and there is nothing to be done but go down there and fix it.
"Do as I say not as I do"
October 3, 2002
Joe Hueglin notes that the Liberal backbenchers are not particularly impressed with the latest proposals to clean up the ethical problems in government and parliament in general.
The Impact of the Saskatchewan health care system
October 3, 2002
Stu Innes of Regina has been looking at the Saskatchewan health care system and the issues that have come to light with the present strike.
Professional Health Workers Strike drags on
October 2, 2002
Pickets went up in front of Tisdale's hospital and this afternoon around the Regional adminsitration office.
Ramsey Clark letter to UN: Do not support attack on Iraq
October 2, 2002
The former United States Attorney General has for many years distingquished himself as a humanitarian concerned about the oppressed of the world and used his well known name to promo a number of causes. This remarkable document explains to the United Nations the reasons that there should be no support for US adventures into Iraq.
$500 million credit
October 2, 2002
Mike Reily tells us what was touted as savings to balance the budget looks like it was just short sighted politically motivated measures that will ultimately result in much larger costs while having reduced the country's cababilities considerably.
Prime Minister's decision must be reconsidered
October 2, 2002
Joe Hueglin maintains that forging ahead with the Kyoto Protocol is not a good plan because of the trouble it will cause within the confederation. Joe does not dispute the need for us to do something about the environment but that should not be a political event.
It Snowed
October 1, 2002
What a way to end September and begin October. Snow began to take over the rainfall last night at about 9:45 and there was two inches on the ground this morning. Lots of pictures of the look around town this morning.
Big Cabbage
October 1, 2002
Despite this morning's snow there were still lots of customers for the vendors on hand at this morning's farmer's market.
Auction sale today
October 1, 2002
Bruce Schapansky Auctions had a sale today with some very interesting items offered. This page has twenty or more pictures and will take a moment to download on a modem connection.
It rained all night
September 30, 2002
This rain should be good news but that is not the case with almost 50% of the crop in some areas still in the field this looks like yet another final blow to the crop of 2002.
We can not blame the poor for terrorism
September 30, 2002
Rebecca Gingrich considers the Prime Minister's September 11 remarks and those at the United Nations about the world's poor as "inane"
This land is my land, too
September 30, 2002
It has been called Western Alienation and with the Canadian Alliance leader an avowed Alberta separatist, most Canadians, who do not live in Alberta, will have a difficult time understanding the Alberta view point. Ron Thornton is trying give you a peek at how Albertans feel about Kyoto and the very centralised for Ontario/Quebec/only form of federal government that we have had since the country was formed.
The Greenwater report
Sepember 30, 2002
To wet to combine so Gerald Crawford tells us about geese, beavers, wasps and another form of wildlife the folks who are called hunters.

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