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Friday, October 25, 2002

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Ice, fog and four wheel drive
October 25, 2002
Only enough snow settled during the very early morning hours to give the street a white coat but that is more than enough to turn friction to non-friction.

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- Ice, fog and four wheel drive
- What's with "IT"? - Stu Innes
- Parkland Photography report
Sunday in Ensign, no posting Saturday:
- Paul Martin the hypocrite!
- Fascism not dead in Italy

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Tim's Tip of the Day

Today's release of the Kirby report is important but it really fails to address the primary problem. Medical health care needs to be administered by professionals and the real problem with the system is with government attempts to control rather than pay for the system.

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The multimedia link page (left and column) has been added to with fresh material since February 2002, we have also added a new Education link page that goes back only to February.

Saskatchewan Government turns to EDS to look after the computer stuff
October 25, 2002
Stu Innes, like the rest of us is wondering just what the heck is going on as the Provincial government pours enormous amounts of money into American companies to develop computer systems in this province. This latest move to pay out more millions to the Texas based EDS corporation, the company that provided its services to ENRON has us wondering.

Parkland Photography October meeting report
October 25, 2002
This month's theme was "leaves" and three remarkable images are included with this month's report.

Mr. Freggi and the healthy lunch
October 24, 2002
Archerwill Co-op pitches in to promote healthy lunches at Archerwill school throughout this week.

The Metis Nation of Saskatchewan
October 24, 2002
The regional office of the Metis Nation is located in Archerwill and this is an opportunity to look at a brief history of this part of society and see how is growing and changing.

Why the sudden change?
October 24, 2002
Last night once again several Canadian television networks carried interviews and commentary about the "road to Damascus" convesion of Liberal leadership hopeful Paul Martin as he chattered about reforming parliament. Brandon teacher Jeff Harwood is not buying Martin's conversion.

Archerwill a well kept secret
October 23, 2002
You pass through the village of Archerwill in a few seconds never once realising the beauty and business that lurks behind those trees.

SaskEnergy makes its mark
October 23, 2002
A new line on the South side of Tisdale results in digging a hole near the busiest piece of Saskatchewan highway in this part of Saskatchewan.

Tisdale School Division signs partner deal with RM of Tisdale, Credit Union and Metis Nation of Saskatchewan
October 22, 2002
Tisdale Middle and Secondary School's alternative programme has been identified as a very positive educational concept for the community and three partners have stepped forward to purchase a storefront location and provide the place with equipment and support.

The Free Market has corrupted the balance between public and private interests: Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and Lo Statuto dei Lavoratori
October 22, 2002
Mario deSantis is back after a one month trip to Italy. Seeing the land of his childhood drastically altered as even the post office is privatized and experiencing first hand the deep unrest and potential trouble brewing as the people of Italy feel the pinch of the President's Americanisation of their country.

Words and deeds don't match
October 22, 2002
Mike Reilly notes that having being the most powerful cabinet minister for the past nine years it is a bit late for Paul Martin to start talking about the democratic deficit.

Looks like winter to me
October 22, 2002
Here are set of pictures that show what it was like at 10:00 this morning with the frost on the trees and sun dogs in the sky.

Prince Albert at 7:00 Sunday night
October 21, 2002
This is a hard look at downtown Prince Albert, a place with the architecture and setting to a beautiful city. This pages includes a 2MB QuickTime VR panorama of Central Street.

The Greenwater report
October 21, 2002
Gerald Crawford's spectacular pictures of the arrival of what looks a lot like winter to Greenwater park. Time for dinner theatre and travel through the changing weather of the season.

Asking the questions others de-Klien to
October 21, 2002
Ron Thornton is perturbed with Alberta's premier who seems pretty quiet lately about his province's need to protect their pollution making nest egg when faced with the federal government's political agenda of signing the Kyoto Accord.

Agricore replaces UGG
October 21, 2002
Time to change the sign. Agricore and UGG announced their merger last November and now the Valparaiso terminal has switched its signage.

One Up one down
October 20, 2002
As the sun set last night the moon was rising these pictures tell the story. But there is much more to all this than meets the eye.

1950 Ford Custom sedan
October 19, 2002
On October 29 this car and several other classics will be sold at auction but first here is a look at this fifty-two year old car.

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