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Friday, December 13, 2002

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Christmas Shopping in Tisdale Part V - the Mall - continued
December 13, 2002
Some times I bite off more than I can chew and so today we pick up where we left off with a look at Christmas shopping in the Tisdale Mall.

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* Christmas Part V - Mall continued
----Brothers Fine Jewellery
----Extra Foods
----My Way Restaurant
----Craft Sales
----Wentz Sports
* Lawyers and SGI
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* Smoke Mirrors and Smog
* Global warming & discount ec.
* Official Grand opening of A& W

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Ensign Notes

Just not enough time yesterday to plow through projects intended but will try to get caught up today.

Brothers Fine Jewellery
December 13, 2002
The sparkle of gold, diamonds and crystal, timeless treasures for Christmas on the corner in the Tisdale Mall.

Christmas at Extra Foods
December 13, 2002
One of the main reasons Tisdale people really have no need to leave town to shop are the two fine well stocked food stores in the community. Extra Foods holds down one end of the Tisdale Mall.

My Way Restaurant
December 13, 2002
Tisdale Mall's very own fine dinning place is one of those places to put on your shopping list in Tisdale.

Craft Sales at the Tisdale Mall
December 13, 2002
The Tisdale Mall has the retail outlets that most of us need to finish off that Christmas shopping list but it also has a regular and varied group of crafts people with their various unique and special items for sale.

Wentz Sporting Goods
December 13, 2002
From the hottest looking runners to ski jackets that turn winter into spring better take a look at Wentz Sporting Goods in the Tisdale Mall.

Saskatchewan social justice as the controlling medium of the Free Market: A case for lawyers and SGI
December 13, 2002
Mario deSantis points out the disconcerting evidence that our lives and what we want to do with them is really the issue and with SGI definitely its is about control.

Christmas Shopping in Tisdale Part V - the Mall
December 12, 2002
So far we have looked at Christmas shopping downtown and today we turn our attention to the Tisdale Mall, though Santa Claus and a reindeer are on had later today these pictures were taken this morning before they arrived.

The Clothesline
December 12, 2002
Ladies wear makes a great gift but it also is an enormous challenge. Here is how to meet the challenge.

TSL Computers
December 12, 2002
CD burner and Scanners on sale but more than that local expertise and local service, find out why that's important.

Valle Mens Wear
December 12, 2002
A shop with a large inventory of exceptional quality clothing and styles to match all and every taste.

The Dollar Store Plus
December 12, 2002
One of the busiest stores in the Tisdale Mall. Time to drop in and look around.

Zellers at Christmas
December 12, 2002
Here is a visit to Tisdale Mall's department store anchor as we take a good look at the toy department.

On Screen
December 11, 2002
A discussion about web browsers and what we are looking and doing.

So, What about a tree?
December 11, 2002
Each year I put it off wanting to delay the rush to Christmas so that I can truly appreciate the meaning of the event and each year I put the family under a lot of pressure. Nothing's changed.

How Fast?
December 11, 2002
The speed limit on highway three running from end to end through Tisdale is a mere forty kilometres per hour and for a very good reason.

Daylight decorations
December 11, 2002
Here are a couple of homes that their owners have made an effort to create the attractive Christmas appearence during daylight hours.

Christmas newsletters
December 10, 2002
An interesting phenomena that at this time of the year with the old year on its way out and a new one about to begin organisations and individuals sum up the past year and put out a news letter. Can we do this better?

A letter to Allan Rock
December 10, 2002
Francis Smith from Lethbridge has written a letter to Allan Rock in reaction to his recent comments on television and has a rather different take on the whole gun registration issue.

The culprit for the enronization of Canada: A matter of politics, of public policy, of Free Market structure?
December 10, 2002
Mario deSantis discusses the remarkable affects of the assumption that the Free Market economy actually works.

Liberal Incompetence
December 10, 2002
Jeff Harwood from Brandon laments the condition of our country as we are faced with two more years as the Liberal government devotes its time, energy and attention to the establishing of a new leader leaving most things to fall apart.

December 9, 2002
Caught in a time warp continnuium, fields remain unharvested in a season of neither winter nor fall.

The Greenwater Report for December 9, 2002
December 9, 2002
Gerald and Doreen Crawford have been under the weather a bit but fortunately they have survived and Gerald tells us about the ice on the lake, more details about the trip to Branson, Sturgis, a junco and some one looking for a book.

Recent announcement of Maritime Helicopter Replacement Program
December 9, 2002
Former military helicopter pilot from Surrey, B.C. discusses the failure of the federal government to deal judiciously with the extreme to replace the senior citizens of the helicopter world the SeaKings which require thirty hours of maintenance to sustain a single hour of flight.

The values of money and life in a war against Iraq: President George Bush versus Robert Kennedy
December 9, 2002
Mario deSantis points out that the US government is doing a cost benefit analysis of the imminent war with Iraq and contrasts that to Robert Kennedy's statement about Gross National Product.

Another Billion Bucks Shot To Hell
December 9, 2002
Ron Thornton shares our mutual condemnation of the federal government and the latest screw up that has seriously torpedoed Edmonton's Anne McLellan's chances for a leadership run or even re-election sharing Allan Rock's fate.

Christmas hayride
December 8, 2002
The past and present merge as horses and hay wagon clatter through the streets.

Christmas lights / first look
December 8, 2002
From now until the new year we will have pictures of some of this year's Christmas display lighting. These are the first ones for this year.

What's with Allan Rock
December 8, 2002
Kevin McIntyre points out the fall from grace of what could have been the most likely contender to give Paul Martin a run for his money. The links on this page give you the background to this story.

Parkland Photography Club November meeting
December 8, 2002
Gerald Crawford shows us the top three images in the monthly theme contest and some pictures from a "showcase" presentation.

Christmas at the post office
Decenber 7, 2002
In the decades when the post office was the centre of all life it was also the centre of Christmas activity. But now in this marketing world we can even go Christmas shopping at the Post Office.

Corporate Threat?
December 7, 2002
Kevin McIntyre is taking a commerical at its word and the world looks different.


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