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Friday, November 8, 2002

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0900 Friday - Scattered stratus 5/10ths, est. ceiling 6,000, visibility 15, -15º, wind 11 knots at 130, altimeter 29.59--------WeatherLog

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Country Gifts and Crafts
November 8, 2002
Several rural folks have put together an outstanding craft and gift market in the Oddfellows hall that will be open today and tomorrow. Here is a chance to look over some of the unique items for sale. (17 pictures will take a moment to load)

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The more automation and the more simplified developers attempt to include in products the greater the chance of failure and the more helpless the user when failure occurs.

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Water Break under highway #35
November 8, 2002
A surprise for town work crews was that the break was not deep below the flooded ditch but somewhere under the highway. Here is the solution.

Water break near South carwash
November 7, 2002
No chance of this being spring, no one has seen this much water in a ditch for what seems like years as this morning the town crew set to work to repair a line that is no longer holding water.

Very slow moving traffic
November 7, 2002
Electrified wheel chairs are open wheelled racers compared with the lady and her walker.

Northern Steel makes a big one
November 7, 2002
A custom product is coming off the Northern Steel line this week as it is dramatically larger in circumferance than standard products.

Last Tuesday's US election: Furthering a no fault, more righteous, streamlined and warrisome Bushism
November 7, 2002
Mario deSantis exposes his grave concerns about the sharp turn from moderation taken by the few American voters who turned up to register their votes.

Forces at work
November 6, 2002
The laws of nature, the behaviour of humans and the law of the economic jungle are all getting together to clobber Canada's agricultural industry and you appear to be in the cheering section.

Public Safety Act, Bill C-17?
November 6, 2002
Rebecca Gingrich warns us of the failure for some limitation of time on the latest version of the Public Safety knee-jerk legislation produced initially to satisfy American paranoia now turned to served Quebec polical needs.

Town increases size of lagoon
November 6, 2002
Bigger lagoon and less smell go together as the town makes a huge increase in the volume of the first lagoon.

They voted it down
November 6, 2002
The minister of defence, the former minister and head of the commons standing committee on defence each vote against a resolution to increase defence spending. So much for their big talk.

Greenwater Report
November 5, 2002
Winter has come to the park and Gerald Crawford is adjusting as usual as he bring us up to date and happening there and the sad loss of the former owner of the Cove.

Paul Krugman's understanding of irrationality Let's cast our vote: America's future depends on your irrationality
November 5, 2002
Mario deSantis calls our attention to New York Times columnist and noted economist Paul Krugman who voices his concern about the extremely low voter turn out in US elections and why that is the case.

Not in mandate!
November 5, 2002
The Canadian Wheat Board directors elections are now in progress, Joyce Neufeld of Waldeck reminds everyone of the oddity this past summer when the wheat growers association rejected help from the Wheat board to move feed to Western Cattle producers.

A & W opens today
November 5, 2002
The fast food giant has its doors open and lots of customers parked on the pavement and ordered up their burgers and root beer and every single one as asked if they wanted fries with their order. They ordered fries you can bet the waiter tried to sell them something else, after all its what they do.

Agri-business undermines Canadian Wheat Board
November 5, 2002
Canola growers, former politicians, former director of UGG all seeking office as directors of the Canadian Wheat Board all claiming to represent farmer's real needs. They are members of CARE a big business financed organisation set up to wreck the Wheat Board and the work it does. Henry Neufeld of Waldeck clues us in on this remarkable take over attempt.

Banning terrorist groups a start
November 5, 2002
Mike Reilly believes that Canada's failure to ban Hezbollah and hold up its end in defence of North America is justification for the American lack of manners.

If This Is Justice, Then Just Call Me Buford
November 5, 2002
Ron Thornton does not share the Supreme Court of Canada's opinion that federal convicts should enjoy the right to vote.

Melville wins Provincial semi-final 35 to 7
November 3, 2002
A monster crowd on hand with supporters of both teams out to cheer their teams as Melville dominated play to win.

So Edwin, How Does the Canadian Wheat Board work?
November 3, 2002
To hear Ralph Klien and others you would think some horrible fascist state system were in play with Alberta growers electing to serve jail time for exporting grain with out a permit. Edwin Wallace runs through the process so we can understand how the Wheat Board works.

Poppy Day in Tisdale
November 2, 2002
The Tisdale Air Cadets are looking after this year's poppy drive in Tisdale downtown and at the mall.

Dehy turnaround
November 2, 2002
Pulling the bad crop into pellets was an excellent example of flexibility and resourcefullness benefitting both the dehydration company and farmers a like.

Warm enough for windows
November 2, 2002
After two weeks of prolonged miserable weather the sun came out and the temperature almost rose above freezing for an hour or two Friday afternoon.

Mr. Manley goes to Halifax: The taxpayers reality check
November 2, 2002
Walter Robinson of the Canadian Taxpayer's Federation brings the facts to compare with what Finance Minister John Manley told the Finance Committee on Wednesday. It seems the man was painting with a pretty broad brush.

A solution for Canada's health care? Reduce the financial disparity between the rich and the poor
November 2, 2002
Mario deSantis reveals a secret we should think very carefully about. Public universal health care will only be as good and fair as the society in which it is found.

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