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Wednesday, October 30, 2002

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Disgruntled passage: the rebellion of youth
October 30, 2002
Every teenager enters a period in their life where they resent the responsibility being thrust upon them by their advancing age. Some never get beyond that point.

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Tim's Tip of the Day

I told you so!!!!!! Researchers announced yesterday that they had isolated a gene responsible for obescity.

Ensign Notes

So far we have posted countless stories about the Kyoto accord most more or less informed. I can not recall a topic in my lifetime where the issue was less well understood or where the arguments so far from anything I can grasp as reality. Best example: the vital component of all plant respiration is carbon dioxide and it is now being considered a form of pollution.

Carrot River's new web site
October 30, 2002
Kevin and Sandra McIntyre have just completed a super Carrot River web site with loads of information and the potential to grow.

Warm fuzzy words and taxes
October 30, 2002
Rebecca Gingrich wrote her comments on the Liberal government's tendencies with the economy before Mr. Manley made his speech today but her comments clearly indicate some concern and discontent with the use of tax money.

Kyoto Accord: An act of faith!
October 30, 2002
Joe Hueglin makes a reasonable argument for have doubts about proceeding with the Kyoto Accord and he is not alone. Wouldn't everyone like to know what the future holds for us all?

Meeting two crooks in Rome: Berlusconi's trickle down corruption
October 29, 2002
Mario deSantis takes us along on his trip to Italy with some amazing pictures and one of those trip spoiling episodes that he was able to turn into a smile and a couple of pictures.

No more taxes . . . not even for health care
October 29, 2002
Walter Robinson and the Canadian Tax Payers Federation draw the line and make the case against more taxes despite Senator Michael Kirby's report and the Romanow report.

Ring The Dinner Bell...They're All Out To Lunch
October 29, 2002
It seems that Ron Thornton is suffering from a fairly heavy dose of disillusionment as he comments on the ways seem to be headed nationally and in his home city.

The Greenwater report
October 28, 2002
As this picture of the lake shows it almost frozen over with a fault line stretch out across the ice. This and more stories from Gerald Crawford in this week's column.

No end to more tragedies in the private world of the Free Market: Russian Forces storm the theater in Moscow and Senator Wellstone dies in a plane crash
October 28, 2002
Mario deSantis comments on the unusual and unfortunate events of this past weekend.

The bad economics of the Bushes: The new doctrine of a never ending war
October 28, 2002
Mario deSantis gives us a first hand look both through his eyes and those of his camera as a country marching toward continued confrontation.

Paladin of democratic reform
October 28, 2002
Joe Hueglin brings out the facts, item by item he shows us the serious hypocracy of Paul Martin casting himself as some defender of parliament.

Paul Martin is a hypocrite
October 28, 2002
Jason Inness shares the opinion of many Canadians as he points out that the man's claw marks are on clearly authoritarian rules within the Liberal party designed to benefit his campaign.

University of Saskatchewan Fall Convocation
October 27, 2002
Degrees and awards were handed out in a ceramony Saturday morning almost entirely devoid of the context in which this event occured.

Ice, fog and four wheel drive
October 25, 2002
Only enough snow settled during the very early morning hours to give the street a white coat but that is more than enough to turn friction to non-friction.

Saskatchewan Government turns to EDS to look after the computer stuff
October 25, 2002
Stu Innes, like the rest of us is wondering just what the heck is going on as the Provincial government pours enormous amounts of money into American companies to develop computer systems in this province. This latest move to pay out more millions to the Texas based EDS corporation, the company that provided its services to ENRON has us wondering.

Parkland Photography October meeting report
October 25, 2002
This month's theme was "leaves" and three remarkable images are included with this month's report.

Mr. Freggi and the healthy lunch
October 24, 2002
Archerwill Co-op pitches in to promote healthy lunches at Archerwill school throughout this week.

The Metis Nation of Saskatchewan
October 24, 2002
The regional office of the Metis Nation is located in Archerwill and this is an opportunity to look at a brief history of this part of society and see how is growing and changing.

Why the sudden change?
October 24, 2002
Last night once again several Canadian television networks carried interviews and commentary about the "road to Damascus" convesion of Liberal leadership hopeful Paul Martin as he chattered about reforming parliament. Brandon teacher Jeff Harwood is not buying Martin's conversion.

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Wind chill -21ºC this morning in our fall/winter.

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