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Wednesday, January 8, 2003

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Hope for a better 2003
January 8, 2003
Ron Thornton points out some serious concerns about the way things are going and presents the hope that these are not trends and that we will some hope find a better way.

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* Hope for a better 2003 - Thornton
* "Arriving at a general approach"
* Connecting the dots, or, not!
* Artificial propped up economy
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* Bush's tax cuts and Manley

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Tim's Tip of the Day

Today it was announced that the communicable disease that leads the list of killers in the United States is influenza far exceeding AIDS. The report indicated that the various flu shots seemed to be producing very poor results with senior citizens. The conclusion one has to draw from this is increased awareness of public health, washing one's hands and avoiding those close contact situations.

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It must be something I ate, but yesterday I was incapacitated and still feel pretty lousey but will try to get caught up with the stories that have been contributed.

"arriving at a general approach" unlikely
January 8, 2003
Joe Hueglin is from southern Ontario but he realises the counterproductive approach to the Kyoto Protocol by exempting Ontario's automotive manufacturers.

Taming Flowers

Flowers are not to be tamed
and we never do
we capture, with plant food and light
hoard them, pamper them, to grow into a reminder
of what we miss
each day as we rise.

Or maybe that which we cherish, dearly
so much we bring it in, to face us, as we enter a room
the fresh, real, colorful reality of nature
of wild things growing where they belong
a huge flower in bloom.

Jessica Robinson

Connecting the dots . . . or not!
January 8, 2003
When the hard news becomes implusible rumors and gossip will evolve to fill the unexplained.

The Bush Administration policies of cutting taxes and going to war: an artificial propped up economy and getting ready for another collapse
January 8, 2003
Mario deSantis details what looks very much like wrong headed economic theory that goes behind the United States tax cuts. The hard facts are that the American economy is not performing well and despite predictions of budget surpluses the reality is a big deficit.

Time to end the reliance on grain sales
January 7, 2003
More and more examples of farmers diversifying their operation to include livestock as they adapt to the change in climate and the marketplace.

Fragile: Space Time Continuum
January 6, 2003
It seems like only a few weeks ago that my little boy was waiting for me to come home from work beside these trees, he was three and his head reached half way to the top of the closest tree in the picture.

A letter to Deputy Prime Minister John Manley
January 6, 2003
I was unable to obtain the exact reference from early December but Major Baxter brings a serious matter to our attention as he explains that the government of our country has been unable or unwilling to draft a clear foreign policy which would guide both planning and decision making with regard to Canada's underfunded military forces.

The joy of childhood
January 6, 2003
Mark Allan Whittle of Hamilton launches the new year by celebrating the way children look at thing and enjoy them for what they are.

Journalist Helen Thomas, George Bush's NoFault and Saskatchewan's NoFault
January 6, 2003
Mario deSantis points out the methods of the United States President and the anti-social behaviour of Saskatchewan's Insurance company.

The Greenwater report
January 6, 2003
Gerald Crawford tells us about the rising level of snow and snowmobilers at the park and shows us the adventure of a family raising livestock.

January 5, 2002
Petroleum prices at the pump are beginning to show serious instability.

Heat Containment
January 5, 2002
A glaring example of wasting fuel brings the whole concept of conservation to focus.

New Years Chinook
January 4, 2002
Its still winter in Tisdale but for all of the Southwest of Saskatchewan and most of the area South of the Yellowhead above freezing temperatures now for the third day. This story includes twenty pictures and with a dial up connection will require a moment to load.

The 2003 New Years Predictions
January 1, 2003
This is a very long winded piece that gives you a review of how last year's predictions turned out and gives you a view of 2003.

A Visit to Saskatoon's Forest Farm
December 31, 2002
We ride along with Kevin and Sandra McIntyre as they show us the enormous light display in Saskatoon.

The Bush administration's linear thinking mentality of wars and profits: problems are rooted in the axis of evil or in the devil
December 31, 2002
The American government's pursuit of war is suspect and the importance of oil both in its economy and determination of foreign policy undermines whatever moral authority it might once have enjoyed.

December 31, 2002
Joe Hueglin is wondering just which story should be his final statement on the affairs of 2002, gun registration, the books school districts choose to ban or immigration policy.

Taxpayers start to fall behind (again) in 2003
December 31, 2002
Walter Robinson tells us what many of us have already suspected and that is that in this new year we are not going to see our earnings improve as personal income taxes remain the single largest expense in every person's budget.

A little bit of snow for us all
December 30, 2002
Sunday was a snowy and blowy day, Monday time to dig out. This page has 24 pictures and make take a moment to load if you are on dial-up.

The Greenwater Report
December 30, 2002
It was indeed a White Christmas at Greenwater Provincial park with skiing, snow machine and skating activities and sites in prime condition as Gerald Crawford tells about the end of year activity and visits by wolf and mule deer.


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